The Good News Journal, Volume VII: The Wonderful Lucky Wednesday Edition

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Once again, this Post Will be brief but I wanted to chime into the Universal Song to share a little about what I am learning from My research.  I did have an opportunity to do a little more studying after My Post last night and I am prepared to share information that does support philosophies I have previously discussed – after all, this is the Good News Journal, I’m here to remind You that things are not necessarily how We perceive them to be.

I also mentioned in My last Post that if I had done all of this seven years ago, I believe I would have done okay.  Not perfect, but okay.  One of the reasons I believe I would have been okay is because I do believe in the Justice system overall.  Again, it’s not perfect, but I do believe that for the most part, Good people Will get Good results.  As such, when I presented My Self to the Court in Toronto with My brother for the first time, I believed the Judge was My friend and that the Truth of the events would eventually provide remedy.  And, although I addressed the Justice with a fiery tone, My sentiments were never directed toward the Justice.  I simply said, “Your Honour, I have been as King to defend My Self since the time of My arrest and they [big difference between ‘they’ and ‘You’ – a small Word can make a big difference in court] won’t even Give Me My disclosure, so I have no Idea what I am being accused of.”

Once again, paraphrasing, though I think it was probably pretty clear by the tone of My Voice that I was angry or at the very least, frustrated – and I was!  I wanted to know why they were Giving Me such a difficult time when I had always presumed that a man had a right to know the charges against him and to clear his own name in a court of law, never Mind presumption of innocence till proved guilty by a jury of competent, unbiased peers.  The Justice did not scold Me for My tone but instead adopted the same tone, as King of the prosecution why I had not been Given My disclosure and to get it for Me immediately.  The Court was even adjourned for about two minutes while prosecution ran out to get it for Me.  True story.  I felt I had immediately gained the sympathy of the court and was so thankful to finally be able to see with My own eyes what kind of story was being told about Me and I know My Gratitude for what the Justice had Ordered was evident in My body language and tone when court resumed.  I felt the Justice was there to provide Justice, and I still believe this is true.

This is highly contrary to many of the philosophies in the ‘law movement’, which often suggest that the Judge or Justice of the Peace in Our Courts are corrupt.  Like any profession, I don’t doubt that there are corrupt Judge’s and Justice’s out there, but for the most part I believe they got into their line of work to do Good; to make sure that Good people stay out of jail and that ‘bad’ people are not a danger to the public.  I really just don’t think there are a lot of Judge’s and Justice’s out there who study several years at law school so they can put Good people in jail for no Good reason to satisfy some kind of sadistic intent.  I believe that most people begin their law studies because they have a fundamental belief in Justice, not ‘just is’.  ‘Just is’ won’t stand in a court of law, One must prove One’s claim.

Most of what I am learning now supports these philosophies.  The Judge or Justice is neither One’s friend or foe, they are simply a Magistrate of the Court, there to make sure paperwork is ‘properly’ filed and issued into the Court.  My determination is to find remedy and one of the maxim’s of law is ‘there shall not be no remedy’, meaning that these matters Will be resolved.  The onus is on the prosecution to prove their claim, which is going to be very difficult (if not impossible) for the prosecution to accomplish.  All I have to do is file My Claim and I Will become the plaintiff, the injured party Seeking (see King) remedy, prosecution Will have to prove they had the right and authority (jurisdiction) to trespass on My inalienable (God Given) rights.

The reason I placed the Word properly in parenthesis above is because the system of laws governing commerce are very specific in language, code and forms that are submitted to the courts.  Sean Kearney specifically said in his letter to Me that My letter does not appear to have been issued by or filed into a court of law and as such, his intention was to take no further action in response to it.  I knew these things before I sent the letter and I figured the last thing Sean Kearney or the Attorney General would want would be for Me to properly file or issue My claim into a court of record because Sean Kearney (and/or the Toronto police service) would have some very serious explaining to do and I as King of them for eleven million in compensation for unlawful trespass on My common law rights.  The only reason I as King for the money was because I figured they would never want Me to file My claim into a court of record and that they would just make all the charges disappear.  I am Writing from My court, I can determine any value I see fit for trespassing on the laws of My Kingdom, and once again the onus would be on the crown to prove they did not exceed their jurisdiction.  Keep in Mind, this was before I had Created the Coin of My Realm.

Sean Kearney’s commercial jurisdiction is inferior, man has supreme right over any corporate/commercial fiction and My complaint is prima facie evidence of fraud and breach of public trust which are serious criminal offences.  Sean Kearney has a duty and responsibility to provide remedy when a man complains that his rights have been infringed upon, even if his only responsibility was to properly file or issue the claim into a court himself.  It is not the duty or responsibility of the common man to understand all of the procedures, statutes and codes of law, even the best attorneys and lawyers don’t know them all.  The common man’s duty is to expose fraud and crimes that trespass on the Sovereign rights of the Canadian people by Writing letters of the offences to those who do have a duty and responsibility to know these codes and procedures so that the Crown can prosecute.  Sean Kearney has breached the public trust by failing to administrate My paperwork effectively.  It is also worth noting that I did file the paperwork into the Superior Court the day after receiving My letter from Sean Kearney, once again demonstrating My determination to administrate My own paperwork effectively, communicate My intentions, and have still not received a response.  When I bring this paperwork into a Court of Record, My complaint Will officially (office I ally) be a properly issued claim and they Will be obliged to respond, “there shall not be no remedy”.


Well, so much for a short Entry.  It might sound as though I am revealing some of My strategies for My day in Court, but I assure You I’m not.  I have much bigger Ideas for My next day in Court.

I hope this day finds You well,

Love and Blessings,








The Good News Journal, Volume VII: The Marvelous Monday Edition

Good Monday, everyone, I Trust You are well.  If You have been following along with My adventures recently, You Will have noticed I am Writing less often and that is a trend that Will likely continue over the next few months.  I am preparing for My next court performance on May 10th and Will share what I can about how I plan to proceed when I can.  I anticipate that prosecution and perhaps even the Judge Will be paying close attention to what I am Writing here and I don’t want to spoil any of My surprises.  I know I demonstrated enough knowledge in the courtroom on My first presentation to pique ‘their’ interest if I was not on ‘their’ radar already (which is highly improbable).

I have been Keeping My Word, though.  I’m taking it easy and studying for My next performance which also feels like leisure.  The more I study, the more I real eyes (realize) just how much I’ve grown over the last ten years and how valuable all the Time I’ve spent watching videos, listening to lectures, and reading some of the most boring books has been in the development of My Character.  I Find it somewhat amusing that I enjoy studying law so much now.  In fact, I feel obliged to publish another entry and My reward Will be a four hour law video.  I’m not going to discuss My ‘study’ materials too much right now because I benefit from reviewing a lot of information, even though I may fundamentally disagree with many of the philosophies.  I’m also placing My Focus on courtroom etiquette so that I can Present what I already know as eloquently as possible.  My goal is to Present all the information for the foundation of My Case in as short a Time as possible, and in the most Honourable Fashion (remember, it’s all about Style). 😉

What I can tell You, is that I Will only be Writing One more document to Present to the court on May 10, the rest is already done and I honestly don’t have any Idea how the prosecution Will even attempt to rebut any Claim I Will Place into the Court of Record that day.  Not a clue.  I Will be re-Writing some of the documents I already have in My portfolio, but only to make them a more Present-able Gift to the Court.  I am more excited about performing in Court than I have been about anything I’ve ever done in My Life previously.  Quite a turn of events when compared with how I felt about Presenting My Self to the Court some seven years ago in Toronto.  In retrospect, I am thing King I would have done fine, but only fine.  I would likely have won My Case without having accomplished anything else.  Perhaps the practical experience would have inevitably resulted in the same knowledge over the same period of Time, but I feel better knowing I have the knowledge to articulate My Self properly without getting ‘tricked’ by any legal language I don’t fully comprehend.

I’ve also been playing lots of chess.  I’m actually losing more games than I ever have, too – and with great excitement.  I don’t learn anything when I win.  My friend David beat Me for the first time back in January and now We are so evenly matched that one small mistake is likely to cost the game.  We’ve been playing roughly five to six hours of chess a day for the last few days.  It cuts into My study and Writing time, but it is also one of the few things that takes My Mind off My next court appearance.  I’ve been preparing for this for so long, it consumes virtually every waking thought.  Chess helps to Keep Me feeling relaxed and enjoying My Self while Keeping My Mind engaged and active.

I really just wanted to say a short hello to let everyone know I’m loving Life, despite a seemingly unseasonably cold April so far.  It’s My first winter in Ottawa so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but I’m pretty sure all of Canada is unseasonably cold right now.  Walking outside today is a serious hazard; the winds are pretty extreme and everything is covered in a sheet of slick ice thanks to freezing rain.  I remind My Self that the warm weather should return in May, just as I’m preparing for My next Act on the world stage.

I hope and trust You are all well,

Love and Blessings,

The Good News Journal, Volume VII: The Terrific Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  It’s late Monday afternoon for Me and I’m preparing this Post for Tuesday morning.  Although I’m more excited about My next day in court than I am about anything else, I Will not be revealing too much of My strategy before May 10th.  I Will study a lot and that Will help Me to feel more sure of My Self but I am already very confident.  I really have waited a long time for this.

My daily routine is back to the usual busy, too.  I find it a little funny that I am busier now than I was in the ‘Life Skills’ program, (which I can officially say is nothing but a joke and waste of taxpayer dollars) but I’m actually enjoying the freedom.  I don’t have the same security, comfort or storage space I had before, but I’ve enjoyed being outside and this morning I stopped by 454, a community drop in center I haven’t visited since last fall and it was really good to see everyone again.  I felt like My presence there had genuinely been missed and that’s a pretty Good feeling.  When it warms up a little more, I Will get back to painting and 454 has a nice courtyard for that sort of thing – they also enjoy having Me there.

454 doesn’t have internet so I can’t get any work done on My laptop, so I basically spend the morning there, have My shower, get laundry done if necessary, then return for lunch, switch My gear, trading clothes and toiletry items for My laptop and law portfolio.  Lugging stuff around is really one of the greatest plights of the poor, especially the homeless and believe Me when I tell You, it does take a toll on a man after a time.  I notice it more now as anything I do is considerably more taxing with My rib injury, though today is the first day that is the pain seems to be subsiding a little.  However, one rib distinctly protrudes from the left side of My chest and it appears it’s going to heal that way, so it doesn’t look like I Will even need an x-ray.  I don’t Mind having few scars and war wounds, they Give a man more character and tell a Story. 😉

Character is a Word You Will notice Me using more.  The character of the man the police arrested is not the character of the man who Will be Presented and redeemed before the court and the people of Canada, that I can assure You.  The onus is going to be on the prosecution to prove that I am the [same] man on their information, I Will have to prove very little.  Prosecution volunteered to the court that I did not have any identification on Me at the time of the arrest and as King of Me to produce identification for the court that morning.  Although prosecution protested My Cestui Que Vie, when I showed it had been received by the Ministry of the Attorney General Correspondence Unit, he said nothing.  I as King of him if he could pass the two documents to the Justice for Me [please], and he did.  The court accepted My request to have them added to My Case file.  Although it was only a first appearance, a lot of big things happened that morning and I believe I earned the respect of those in attendance, including the Justice.  Not going to lie, a read on the Justice was virtually impossible, he’d be Great at poker, but his disposition was perfectly neutral and maintaining his neutrality after viewing My documents and ‘allowing’ them was a big win for Me.

For now, I am enjoying the Magic each day brings Me.  I enjoy watching court proceedings and preparing for My day, I enjoy already feeling well prepared, knowing I can just kind of chill and relax until May 10.  I Will Write of some of the conditions Canada’s least fortunate are subject to, but not at the expense of any of the organizations who are currently providing support as best they can with the resources available, but to bring attention to the kind of conditions I am hoping to change.   I’m more interested in tall King about solutions that the common man can easily understand.

Tonight I Will be watching YouTube videos and may at some point create a list of ‘recommended’ videos teaching the common law.  In many cases, My theories and Ideas extend beyond most of what I have witnessed so far but the principals and foundation for success remain the same.  Perhaps I Will elaborate on some of these Ideas more, too, though the primary difference between My Self and others who may have disputes in the Superior Court is that I am not seeking (See, King) any financial compensation, I want all debts forgiven.  I believe I have the knowledge to maintain and/or invoke common law Jurisdiction every time I go to court.  A clerk actually told Me once that King’s can only do business in the Superior Court, I should not even be in a court of lesser Jurisdiction (provincial, municipal).  An offence to the common law would be a federal matter, not a commercial charge.  When I add My new documents to the Case file, I anticipate it Will change the venue/Jurisdiction to the Common law [Superior Court] for the following court date.

I have already learned of many benefits to Presenting One’s Self in court, perhaps One of the Greatest advantages is that there is no third party negotiating (and therefor, speaking) for You.  If the Crown wants to make any deals, they have to Present them to Me directly.  I also have the Power to request a Judicial pre-trial and hear for My Self how the Crown plans to Present the information to the court.  I’ll share more as I learn more.

I hope everyone enjoys a Terrific Tuesday and some slightly warmer weather,

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume VI: The Sun has Sean, Sunday Edition

Hello world and Happy Sunday!  I Will have so much Good news to share with You all over the next four and a half weeks.  I watched ‘V’ for Vendetta for probably the fifth time today with a friend I haven’t had a chance to spend time with for far too long.  I’m also still riding the euphoric wave of support I’ve been receiving from virtually everyone in My Universe.  I’m feeling very Blessed, and I hope You are, too.

Because so much of this Blog is about being the change One dreams to see in the world, I figure it is worth sharing what I am doing with My time now, how I am preparing for May 10th (V,X), and what kind of strategy I might be developing.  The whole point to everything I am doing is to demonstrate that anyone can and should do what I am doing.  My determination is to show the world how great it is to be in a country where the common law is protected, and the premise of the common law is that any common man should have the enjoyment of its protections without fear of intimidation by complicated court processes or ‘tough’ prosecuting attorney’s.  If You have done no harm or caused no man loss, You should feel confident that the truth of the events Will provide the Justice One deserves.

Eventually, I Will have the opportunity to Present My Case to a Judge and Jury where I Will make an opening statement for the ‘defence’.  I know My strengths, public speaking and Writing are pretty much top of the list.  There was a time I wanted to be an actor, that’s how much I Love to perform, so I Will enjoy having the opportunity to ‘introduce’ the true nature of My character to the court.  I’ve got an overwhelming amount of information to Present without having to lift another finger.  I could walk into court today and likely enjoy all the success I anticipate in May without having to Write another Word…  But I Will.  I’m just getting started.

Today I spent some time watching YouTube videos about how to make a positive impression on the court.  Thankfully, I’m pretty sure I utilized almost every strategy that was covered, even though it was only a first appearance, I had the opportunity to as King of the Justice lots of questions.  One of the most important characteristics of a successful presentation in court is confidence.  Confidence is first demonstrated before One even has a chance to speak, and I intuitively managed to do this by walking into the court room and making My Self comfortable with the other lawyers, Acting like I belonged where I was…  And knew I belonged there.  My confidence was challenged by the prosecutor, suggesting I should be on the other side of the bar and I defended My position (with confidence).  I also got into character by dressing for the Part.  Not a stuffy suit and tie like a lot of lawyers, but smart, casual, and Stylish – one of the staff here commented on My dress before I left and said I looked as though I was ready to ‘take on the world’… Exactly the look I was going for.

I also have a lot to share about My microcosm at the moment.  My Life is more exciting than ever, that ‘influence’ thing I was tall King about previously becomes more and more tangible as I get closer to My court date.  I’m working on a few strategies I am not going to comment on just yet for My own protection.  With My court date coming up, I Will only tell You that I feel more confident than ever, and I am thing King that My best strategy for the moment is to Keep a low profile until I have a more secure working environment.  That’s a clue. 😉

Well, it’s 11:14 a.m. on My Sunday morning and I would like to get this published before it’s too late in the day.  I hope You are all well, have a wonderful Sunday!

A Magical Trilogy Manifests

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume VI: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition

Happy weekend, everyone!  What a fabulous weekend it is, too!  In addition to Giving My usual thanks to all My readers, I would like to also say a Special Thank You to My Mother and My Brother who started this Saturday with a Sensational Show of support, letting Me know they are reading My Blog and Wishing Me Luck with My legal matters.  Thank You so much, what a beautiful Way to start My Saturday.

It is also a great Segway into what I Will be tall King about today.  The world is doing their research, I can tell You that much.  My most important legal documents are being read almost daily, United States and Canada My main readership over the last couple of weeks.  The arrest has been Good for publicity.  When I Post something new, it is read literally seconds later – nice to know there are people eager to hear what I have to say, and thank You again. 😉

I mentioned that I would have to think about who is accountable for what happened to Me the day I was (unlawfully) arrested, assaulted, kidnapped and tortured (time already served in jail without being Granted presumption of innocence) by the Ottawa police.  Would they treat an M.P. or elected official this Way?  This is how the common man should be thing King.

Is it the fault of the Ottawa Police Service?  Or is it the fault of Canada’s Attorney General for failing to administrate My paperwork to the appropriate Ministries and departments of the Canadian government?  I’m going to let the Crown decide who is liable and responsible.

The only concern I have right now, is that if I say too much the Crown Will withdraw the charges – I’m not about to let that happen.  There are plenty of little details I haven’t disclosed here yet that let Me know the Crown doesn’t have much.  The prosecution has already offered Me ‘diversion’ on the first two charges, which are ‘mischief’ and ‘resisting arrest’.  Diversion means that if I agree to community service, the charges will be withdrawn.  It’s like poker that Way, small blind.  I could fold, or put up the big blind, and You can guess what I Will do.  That would only leave the possession charge for less than a tenth of a gram of cannabis and it actually says that on the information.  If anyone knows just how little a tenth of a gram of cannabis is, You Will have an Idea how likely the Crown would be to prosecute – waste of taxpayer money if they have nothing else on Me.  The trespass charge is only a commercial offence of $65., despite clearly telling the officer that I did not want to participate in any commercial contracts with him but would comply under duress.  So the ticket actually proves that the trespass was a commercial contract, not a criminal offence and that was the reason the police were called.  I don’t believe commercial charges have the power in law to interfere with a right.  Officer Jenkin assured Me I was being Presented with no commercial charges, only criminal offences.  Really, officer Jenkin’s?  Will You say that on the stand, too?

In fact, the prosecution doesn’t have anything at the moment, they have failed to establish joinder and he (prosecution) didn’t want to ‘accept’ My identification.  If they can’t establish joinder and prove that I am the same man on the information, everything that was done to Me is a serious federal offence and trespass upon My rights.  Too bad I can show My Cestui Que Vie has already been accepted by the Ministry of the Attorney General – can’t refuse something that shows it has already been received…

That Will be the Issue (is You?) of the subject matter in this Case.  My hope, is that the prosecution is going to try to get Me to claim the commercial title and I Will have an opportunity to as King of the prosecution if they are presuming to have right to compel Me to contract against My Will.   It Will be very interesting to see how the prosecution handles that one.  At the same time, I do want to Keep spinning these Ideas until I decide how I Will Present these matters to the court, just to see what kind of strategy prosecution decides to proceed with.  Even the Justice said to Me that it sounds like I have a pretty Good Idea how I would like to proceed, May 10 should be lots of time to prepare My Case to Present to the court and I said, “I’m quite sure it Will be.”

In Toronto when I Presented My Self for first appearance, I was only Given two weeks (and I had no clue what I was doing back then), so thirty-five days does seem like lots of time and I Will be well prepared.  I have a lot of people already who have agreed to provide character references for Me and that’s just a start.

Writing on the Wall
More Writing on the Wall
The Golden Rule
The Words of the Prophets

I hope everyone is having a Sensational Saturday.  It’s not as warm as I’d like it to be for April but the next week is looking a little better.  I’ve got plenty more stories to tell, be back soon.

Love and Blessings,






The Good News Journal, Volume VI: The Belated Thrilling Thursday Edition

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is having a Fabulous day.  Once again, I have Good News to report after My first court performance yesterday and I am eager to share it with You.  I did not sleep at all on Wednesday night, My Mind was just too lit up.  By the time I was finished with court Thursday morning and the events that immediately followed, I was way too tired to be thing King about Writing a Post and was happy to have an opportunity to spend the afternoon at a friend’s place, reminiscing My morning and spinning some Ideas on how I might choose to proceed.  It really was a Wonderful day.

It’s probably also a Good thing I didn’t Write yesterday because it was important to have the time to let the events of the day sink in, get some Good sleep and wake up refreshed.  My ribs are still in a lot of pain and this Will be nine days now, I usually heal pretty fast.  My friends really want Me to get the x-ray for evidence but I just can’t be bothered.  It’s about forty minutes to an hour for Me to get to a hospital and I’ll be there for what Will feel like forever.  I also don’t need an x-ray to know what’s wrong, I have visible swelling in My upper chest now, it would really only be for the court and I’m not planning on suing for any money – I have plenty of eye witnesses to the assault having caused Me bodily harm and all of them Will be more than happy to testify under Oath to both the excessive force used by the officers, as well as My efforts to peacefully comply.  The x-rays are not really relevant except for proving the extent of physical damage caused by the excessive force – it’s not going to help Me heal, it’s not going to benefit the taxpayer and most importantly, it’s a waste of the doctor’s time and resources. 

Most of My friends want Me to make this thing about the Ottawa police, the City of Ottawa, and/or the Salvation Army – I have to consider who is truly responsible and that’s why an extra day before Writing about it seems appropriate.  Discovering who or what is responsible Will be Key.

My day in court was as Good as could be expected considering I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I arrived at the court the moment it opened and was there to pick up the information package as soon as the guy set up his little table outside the courtroom.  I did Write a couple of Letters, though I didn’t finish either one of them and knew by the time I was half way through Writing the second that I wouldn’t be Presenting one anyway.  It was really just a means of filtering through My thought processes and I was thankful I did Write them because I had Way too much time to just sit around and wait, so I reread them again before I went into the courtroom.  They helped Me to Focus and I didn’t even have the butterflies in My stomach when I entered the courtroom.

I was thankful for having Presented My friend a few months ago, I knew exactly what I was going to do when I walked into that courtroom.  I walked straight to the front, passed the bar and surveyed the remaining seats where the lawyers and duty council usually sit.  Last time I wasn’t sure where I could sit, this time I could clearly see where the dockets were and took a seat right at the front, bowing as I passed the bar even though the justice wasn’t there yet.  I just wanted to make sure I was being as respectful as I was confident.

The other lawyers have always been really friendly.  The moment I sat down the lady beside Me gave Me a big smile and asked what Letter I was.  I told her I’m “V”, and the irony of it echoed through My Mind – I am ‘V’…  No coincidences.

“What Letter are You?”


Then I turned to the lawyer behind Me, “D”.

“Well, I’m here early because I want to get out of here quickly.”

“How many matters do You have?”, the lady as King of Me.

“Just one.”

Then the prosecuting attorney interrupted and as King of Me who I was, saying he doesn’t know Me.  “Sean von Dehn”

He pretends like he’s looking through the docket and finding My name for the first time, yet it’s obvious (to Me) that he knows he has a matter with Me that day.

“Mr. Sean von Dehn?”

“Uh, no.  Actually, King SeanHouse of von Dehn“.  I could hardly believe I said it, it came out so natural…  And no one seemed to blink or Act as though I’d said anything crazy, though I was prepared for any interrogation.  It didn’t come.

“Well, You’re not allowed to be on this side of the bar.  Only those who have a licence with the law society of Canada can sit on this side, You need to be on the other side and wait for the Judge to call You.”

“Well, I believe I’m in a common law court in a common law jurisdiction and that each of Us are equal before the law.  So I don’t believe anyone has any more right than I do to be where I am and I’m quite happy to wait for the Justice to arrive and see what they have to say about it.”

Seriously, I said all of that and could hardly even believe the confidence and clarity of My own Voice.  The prosecuting attorney held his composure pretty well but I could tell he was rattled, but he didn’t protest.

“Okay, I Will ask but I don’t think the Justice Will allow it.”

I made My Self comfortable, found My number on the docket and opened My briefcase where I had the contents of My information package ready to go.  I felt so perfectly organized, ready for anything.  And I was.

The Justice finally entered the room and the kind lady beside Me and the gentleman behind Me finished their matters in moments and one more lady walked in just before the second had finished.  I would have stood up before the new lady, but she sat beside the prosecutor which threw Me off.  I wasn’t sure what her role was, she looked like any other lawyer or attorney might and her business was done as fast as the other two.  No one else was there yet, next was ‘V’, Yours truly.  I stand up.

“Your Worship, this is Sean von Dehn, he has a matter before the court today but he’s not a lawyer and I advised him he should be on the other side and wait to be called.”

“Is there anyone else before him?”

“Not at this moment.”

“I’ll allow it.”  Looks to Me, “Information number?”


“Do You understand that You have the right to attain a lawyer or duty counsel?”

“Yes, I do.”

“You understand these rights and choose to proceed by Your own Will?”

“Your Worship, I don’t fully understand all the statutes, codes and acts of commerce, but I do know the law very well.  I believe I am in a common law court in a common law jurisdiction and am as King to have all rights Given to Me by God retained.  I also have not had a lot of experience in courtrooms, so I Will need some guidance with respect to etiquette and procedural law – the rest I can handle.”

“Very good.”

Of course, paraphrasing, as no video or audio recording devices are permitted inside the courtroom and it would be impossible to know exactly what I said.  I would Love to have a transcript of the entire proceedings and I Will at some point as King of the court for disclosure of all of it for My personal records.  Everything in common law is available to the public and may be recorded (unless a Judge or Justice has granted and issued a publication ban by request of one or both parties).  So if no recording devices are permitted, then it is not common law court (though the jurisdiction always exists).

From this point I did have a lot of questions.  I let the Justice know that the birthday and the style of the name on the information was incorrect and wondered if the corrections should be made now or at the next hearing.  The Justice said that all of those issues Will be dealt with next time, this is just to set the first court date for presentation of facts.  However, the prosecution did inform the Judge that they don’t have any identification on their file for Me yet and as King of Me if I would be able to produce some ID for the court.

“Oh, yes, that is somewhat important.”  My briefcase is already open to the Page and I hand the prosecutor My [untouched by commerce] Cestui Que Vie.

He holds it up in a Way that would let the entire courtroom see the document, like he was showing it to the room on purpose.  Imagine someone holding something up to the light, looking for watermarks on the paper or something and You Will have a decent Idea of how this looked.  It was almost like he was making it dramatic on purpose.

“This is very nice, I’m guessing these are fingerprints?”

“Thumbprints, left and right on top, toe thumbprints left and right on the bottom.”

“And in blood?”

I laugh, “No, but that would have been a nice touch.”

Then his Games and antics are over.  “I can’t accept this, Your Worship, it doesn’t even have a date of birth.”

Now I’m beaming.  “Really?  Here, You might want to take a look at this one, too”, and I pass him the true copy received by the Ministry of the Attorney General, still stapled to the original document that was sent with it.  Prosecutor speechless.

“Do You Mind passing those up to the Justice for Me, please?”

He passes them to a clerk who passes them to the Justice.  Justice looks them over for a moment and, as poker faced as anything else he said that morning, “would You like these added to the information for defence?”

“Yes, Your Worship.”

“Okay.  Do You know how to add these to Your case file?”

“Yes, Your Honour.”

And that was pretty much that.  The Justice as King of Me if I am happy to go ahead and set My first court date where I Will have a chance to have all of these questions answered and provide My defence.  I was, and My next court date Will be May 10th.

I’m stoked.  Sorry I’m a day (technically two now) behind, but I Plan to catch up again soon.  Thanks so much for being here,


Love and Blessings,





The Good News Journal, Volume VI: The Wonderful “Lucky” Wednesday Edition

Hello everyone and happy Lucky Wednesday!  I have plenty of Good News to Gush about today.  First and foremost, I have My court debut tomorrow!  I am so excited! I have waited so long for this and I’m Feeling all the wonderful butterfly energy One might expect on the eve of a big day.  I can also report that I was allowed to return to My dorm at the Salvation Army yesterday and didn’t get a chance to Write about it as I spent the afternoon retrieving My personal belongings from Gatineau.  By the time I finished, I was ready for a shower and too exhausted to do much else.

Immediately after Writing yesterday’s Edition, I went back to the Salvation Army to speak with Jason to find out what the verdict was.  He said he’d spoken to all the supervisor’s and management and no one had any issues with Me coming back.  I’ll be honest, I was surprised, but pleased…  And it got better.  When I returned to the floor and My dorm, I spoke to the coordinator of the program and he said to Me that he didn’t want Me to think that last Wednesday’s events had any impact on My upstanding character or reputation with any of the staff, even Nathalie, who was the one who called the police.   Nathalie was just doing her job, and I respect that, too.  All of this Will work in My favour in court tomorrow.

The other thing that was truly wonderful about coming back here yesterday was how welcome I actually felt on the floor.  Everyone was so Genuinely happy to see that I was back, and I can’t even tell You how Good that made Me feel.  I’m one of those people who Will tell You never to worry about what other people think, but that doesn’t make feeling appreciated any less wonderful.  My friends are excited about My day in court, too, though they also find My enthusiasm a little humorous.  Again, not really familiar with the procedural stuff and My friends tell Me that tomorrow is a ‘nothing’ day and that My opportunity to say anything won’t happen until the next court date.  I really hope that’s not the case, but I guess I Will find out soon enough.

Right now, I’m not even sure if I Will Write a letter to present to the court tomorrow.  I’ll get My disclosure and look it over, and I’ll be as King of the Judge or Justice a lot of Quest-Ions (questions). “As King and it shall be Given…”

I’m pretty confident with respect to what I know about the law so I can speak for My Self without needing to have anything Writ for tomorrow, though there are specific things I would like to as King of the court for and I’m more worried that if I don’t Write them down I may forget.  I want these matters brought before a Superior Court of Justice and I would like to make that happen tomorrow if at all possible.  I would also like to see if there is anything the court can do about getting Me into more suitable housing.  I may as King of the court to have these things done On Her Majesty’s Service.  I’m not entirely sure what I Will come up with yet, (if anything at all) but I Will be prepared, I Promise You that.  😉

Also, this “Lucky” Wednesday, the topic of discussion for Our ‘Life Skills’ class was citizenship, and what it means to be a citizen.  No coincidences, what could be more appropriate than tall King about what it means to be a citizen the day before I go to court?  We were Given about ten minutes to Write down some of Our Ideas on paper, these are a few of the Ideas that were Presented.

Yours Truly
Honour thy Mother…
Every One has a Divine Part to Play on the World Stage
And this One mimics My own philosophy – make Your City ‘Zen’

I propose that the citizen’s Duty is to do what One can to make their City, Zen. 😉

For now I am going to go, toy with My thoughts, see what I come up with.  I Will share My paperwork (if any) with You before I Present it to the court.  For now, I do have the ‘RECOGNIZANCE OF BAIL’ and the commercial bill (ticket) offered to Me by constable Jenkin, though I clearly stated I was not interested in participating in any commercial contracts and Jenkin assured Me there were none, that I was only being charged with ‘criminal’, not commercial offences.  Then why is he as King of Me for $65.00 if he is not offering Me a commercial contract?  Hmmm…  Anyway, I doctored those up in My usual fashion:

Non commercial, constable Jenkin?.. What’s this, then? Evidence of perjury..?

Perjury by definition means: “the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.”

Jenkin would most likely contest that he has not committed perjury as he Will be presuming that he did not lie in a court of law.  In common law, the world is a courtroom, that is the jurisdiction of common law and why it is called common law – it applies everywhere and every citizen and public servant is under Oath to protect the common law.  So, by lying to Me, he lied in a common law jurisdiction of court before a King.  He is guilty of perjury and breach of the public trust – never mind that he never established joinder between Me and the commercial person on the information he Will be providing for the court, or the fact that he got My date of birth wrong.  My birthday is June 5th, ’73, not May 6th, officer Jenkin’s – who exactly is this ticket for?  Tomorrow should be an interesting day.  Here is the ‘RECOGNIZANCE OF BAIL’:


Oh, My!  I just real eyes that the Ottawa police also got My birthday wrong on the Recognizance of Bail, too!  Wow, this is unbelievable.  I guess that’s because they didn’t have any ‘ID’ to connect Me to the name on the information…

Love and Blessings, I’ll Keep You Posted!!!