Casting Characters for Universal Pictures Greatest Presentation

Hello, world, thank You so much for being here.

We all have a role to Play on the world Stage and I am now Casting characters for the final Act.  My personal, private Journal reads like a Script.  I don’t presume to have any influence over how any of the characters Will Play their Part, but I do have the Power to determine who Will be Cast and that’s what I am War King on now.

Seven Keys became Seven Letters Casting Seven Characters.  These characters Will either Honour their Position and Role as it has been Cast for them, respond to My Letters and agree to meet with Me to discuss their contents like responsible grown ups, or they Will ultimately be subpoenaed into Canada’s Superior Court to explain themselves.  That’s pretty much how it’s going to go down.  How I Will bring these characters into the Superior Court if they do not respond to My Letters or meet with Me is the Part that is yet to be determined.

It already is an interesting Story.  We have Jean-Pierre Kourri Playing the Role of Doctor, Guelph’s Member of ‘Parlour Games’ (Parliament) Lloyd Longfield playing the dis-Honourable politician, Michelle Richardson as Editor in Chief of the Ottawa Citizen, Jim Watson, Mayor of the City of Ottawa, Jody-Wilson Raybould as Canada’s Attorney General and overseer of Canada’s Courts, Julie Payette as Canada’s Governor General responsible for Honouring the Queen and protecting the common law and the rights of the Sovereign, and Justin Trudeau as Canada’s Prime Minister and presumed ‘leader’.  Soon We Will see how eloquently each of these characters chooses to Play their Part.  These Parts were not determined by Me, but by the Grace of God and they all have a Duty and responsibility to Honour the Queen, who has authority over them all.  So far, they are not doing a very good job…

ROMANS 13:1-3

“Let every person be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God.  Therefor, whoever opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will bring judgment against themselves.  For those rulers are an object of fear, not to the Good Deed, but to the bad.  Do You want to be free of the authority?  Keep doing Good and You Will have praise from it;”

I am not opposing authority, I am doing My Duty as a King in Law and calling on the authorities of this world to Honour their Position in the Universe as was determined by God (to Honour God and the Queen).  Every person in My Story has a Duty to Protect and uphold the common law, even Michelle Richardson, though she is likely the only one who has not actually Sworn a Judicial Oath to attain her Position which is exactly why I feel she is part of My story.  No one should need to swear a Judicial Oath to know Good from bad, right from wrong.  See, it really isn’t as complicated as everyone makes it all out to be.


“for it is God’s Minister to You for Your Good.  But if You are doing what is bad, be in fear, for it is not without purpose that it bears the Sword.  It is God’s Minister, an avenger to express wrath against the one practicing what is bad.”

Now, who is going to suggest that My determination to Honour the Queen by protecting the common law to accomplish peace in the world, is bad?  I can’t imagine one person who would be Willing to take responsibility for interfering with a man’s determination to accomplish peace in the world or [his determination to] Honour the Queen – at least, not if they know the world is watching.  And it Will be; I Give You My Word and My Word is My Bond.

The fun Part for Me is My personal Journal and Microcosm, the supporting characters in My Story.  Those who are with Me from the beginning Will celebrate with Me at the end.  The Four whom have been Cast into My Story by Way of a Cestui Que Vie are co-stars, and each of them were also hand picked by God to know Me because they believe in what I am determined to accomplish.  I did not choose any of these characters, they came into My life by Way of Divine intervention, what some would call coincidence.  If I were to consider how many people I have met over the last ten years who also believed I would one day find My Way and accomplish Peace, there would be well over eighty supporting characters.  One of the things I Will do is Honour eighty in My microcosm with a Cestui Que Vie and Portrait of their character; even those I may be forced to bring into court – I like to think of it as positive reinforcement.  Instead of locking them up for dishonour of their Judicial Oath to God and the Queen, I Will pour a pitcher of water over each of their heads to celebrate the Age of Aquarius and reward them with the same unlimited wealth; God’s Kingdom.  I Will only insist that they ask to be forgiven by God for their trespasses.

A Cast of Characters

I may not manage to accomplish completion of all eighty paintings before I accomplish Peace, but I have decided it Will Gift Me with something to do when I am done.

Love and Blessings, I hope this day finds You well.  And so it is. 😉








It’s an Immaculate Concept, Sean! (Part II)

I do re-read every Post I Write before I publish it online, then I actually view the webpage and read it again; sometimes typos that escape Me in My first review before publishing are more apparent when I’m viewing the actual Page.  Sometimes I correct them, sometimes I don’t.  Why?  Because nobody’s perfect and I’m more concerned about the message I’m sharing than I am with how perfect My Spelling or grammar is, not to mention I don’t exactly conform to typical English and grammar rules anyway, I have developed My own Style.  It is also very difficult to edit One’s own Writing because I know how the sentence is supposed to read; the eye can be blind to what the Mind already knows.  Perhaps someday I Will have an editor…

One thing that was apparent when I re-read My last Post was that it was incomplete and not the kind of incomplete that needed a quick edit, but the kind of incomplete that warrants a second Post, a Part II.  You Will notice how II looks a lot like 11 and I teach that eleven is really 1 and 1 (2) and two (II) is always a Door in man’s psyche.  One of the reasons I was immediately drawn to Malcolm Gladwell’s rules of success is because he speaks of Serendipitous learning.  Serendipitous is essentially (essence-I-ally) a beneficial or fortunate ‘coincidence’; and We all know how I feel about coincidences – there are none.  No coincidences is to the Universe, as Serendipity is to God.

I am including the video again so it is easier to reference.  The first rule in Malcolm’s formula for success is Courage, “Have the Courage to Pursue Your Idea”.  He speaks of Serendipitous learning later in the talk and Courage just ‘happened’ to be the theme of this morning’s ‘Life Skills’ group discussion.  Coincidence or serendipity?  Serendipitous learning involves understanding that there are NO COINCIDENCES and this was a Sign for Me that I should speak more about the rules of success and how I apply them in My daily life.

It all starts with a great Idea but one needs the Courage to see it through.  Gladwell’s second point is to try a new approach.  Being unable or unwilling to compromise One’s values for the current market forces One to think ‘outside the box’ and come up with something completely different.  I knew that if I wanted to save the world and put an end to poverty, I was going to need to make a ridiculous amount of money, more than what was realistically achievable in the ‘traditional’ market, despite My natural ability as a sales agent, but I never let that deter My nation.  Instead, I burned a five dollar bill; My Way of telling the Universe what would need to be destroyed in Order for My Quest to be fulfilled.  I lost interest in money and eventually My studies in law taught Me that the ‘human person’ has unlimited commercial value…  Let Me repeat that – unlimited commercial value.  Hmmm…  Seems like I found My solution (Soul, You, Sean). 😉

“When You throw Your Heart and Mind and Soul into something, You get something back!” – Malcolm Gladwell.

Malcolm’s third rule is to ‘Believe in Meaningful Work’.  A lot of people might say they don’t want to work or don’t like work.  But if One was to as King of their Self if they would like to pursue their Passion, I think most people would say ‘yes’.  I believe the only reason We are here it to pursue that which We are most passionate about but the perceived need for that passion to be profitable gets in the way.  If it were My list, this rule would be number One.  I think it’s pretty clear that I am deeply passionate about what I am doing and if determined enough, One Will almost always find a Way…  And if not, One Will make a Way by forging a new Path.

Malcolm’s fourth rule for success is to ‘Constantly Revise Your Conclusions’.  This is another reason I felt these rules were relevant to what I am Writing here on My Blog.  I may not necessarily be constantly revising My conclusions, but I am constantly revising My strategy to achieve the result that I want.  I have said before that My goals have never been a question of ‘if’, only ‘how’ – and it’s the how that is constantly changing.

Right now, there are almost countless ways for Me to proceed to achieve My goal.  I have great Ideas for Blog Posts, I could take those who have not answered My letters into the Superior Court, I can report dishonourable politicians to the Queen and advise Her that Her Honour is in jeopardy, I can invest in My Blog and website by using an SEO and other marketing tools to increase social media influence, I take all of My documents and letters to the media, or I can just start paying for things with the value of My Life (thumbprint) which Will either accomplish My objective outright, or get Me into a court of law on My own terms (which is generally more favourable for Me) and Will accomplish the same.  You might guess which strategy or strategies I am ultimately considering, though I have not yet made up My Mind, which is, in part, responsible for My procrastination and one of the reasons I am sharing these ten rules of success.  This step in particular is highly relevant to where I am now in My own personal Quest as I revise My final Plans.

The next point is to ‘Distinguish Yourself from Others’.

“You have to very consciously differentiate Your Self from where Your professional peer group is going.” – Gladwell

I think it’s pretty obvious that I incorporate this strategy in My Work.  I don’t Spell the same Way other writers do, I use Word Play consistently, capitalize letters in an unusual Fashion and even the Foundation of everything I am doing is the virtual opposite of what everyone else is doing.  I have no desire to compete with anyone, I want each of Us to recognize the unlimited value of their Life and Dream, and I have no interest in monetary wealth whatsoever as I have never felt it was a measure of a man’s success.  I use the Word Style to reflect this Idea and (no coincidences) the Style of a man’s name determines his capacity in law.

The next rule is ‘Practice’.

“I’m not interested in natural gifts.” – Gladwell

A friend of mine believes I am genetically ‘gifted’ because My body adapts quickly to training and I learn things faster than most of My peers…  Or I seem to in the eyes of those who don’t truly know how hard I actually work.

I was very determined to win a local road cycling circuit.  A girlfriend of mine had suggested that thirty-two was too old to begin racing bicycles.  She knew the moment she told Me I couldn’t do something that I would be determined to prove her wrong.  As much as it infuriated Me at times, I know [now] that she did it to motivate Me.  I cycled a lot and felt I was pretty fast, so I went out to a local club race.  I didn’t know a thing about racing and, as much as I believed I was fit, I was not competition level fit and I was absolutely humiliated in My first race – lapped twice by the main group.  I remember wishing I could just disappear.  Instead, I started chatting with one of the guys who managed to place in the top three and as King of him how much he trained.  Soon I was friends with a couple of guys who had some great cycling routes and was out riding with them several times a week.  When I wasn’t riding with them, I was riding on My own, continually and gradually increasing the kilometers every week.  The following year, I was riding out to the final race of the year, in second place overall for points in My category and as We were riding to My race, My girlfriend said to Me, “So, do You think You can win?”

I was furious!!!  “I did NOT come here to lose!!!”

We didn’t speak for the rest of the ride there, she knew how angry I was and again, I’m sure she did it to motivate Me.  I was one of the last guys to pull up to the start line before the race and there were plenty of spectators.  I won every point available that night and was the champion of My category that season.

I didn’t win because I am genetically gifted, I won because I was resolute, determined and I worked much harder than the guys I was training with, one of whom was naturally gifted.  This philosophy is as relevant in My life today as it’s ever been.  I was once immersed in the study of law, now I am immersed in the study of social media marketing for My Twitter and WordPress accounts.  And when I do reach My goal, it won’t be because I had a natural gift for marketing, law or even Writing, it Will be because I have been War King relentlessly at achieving My goal.

‘Explore’, is rule number seven.

Malcolm is a reporter and journalist so he is tall King about exploring NYU library journals, but I think this concept is very important, too – whatever Your goals may be.

When I decided to embark on a cycling trip across the country in the spring of 2015, part of the reason for doing it was because it had always been something I wanted to do.  The other reason for doing it was because I felt like I didn’t really know where I was going in My studies.  I had been seriously studying law for about five years and wasn’t really sure where I needed to gain more knowledge, I only knew I wasn’t there yet.  I could probably have handled My Self in a courtroom well enough at that point, but I hadn’t put the last few pieces of the puzzle together.  One would not expect that cycling across the country would help a man develop a greater understanding of law, but it did.  The knowledge was there, I did have all the pieces, I just hadn’t put them together.  The trip helped by allowing My Mind to wander and eventually, the last few pieces fell into place.  I didn’t know how long it would take Me to put the epiphany into action but I wrote this Post the following morning to Mark the ‘okay, Sean!’ (occasion/epiphany).

The ninth rule is to ‘Understand the Rules of Business’, and this applies even if You are not for profit (like Me).

“Those are the rules of the modern economy and the Ones who grasp those rules are the Ones who thrive and succeed and are capable of transforming the industries they are a part of” – Gladwell

Even if the modern economy is the greatest force standing in the way of My goal, it would be impossible for Me to transform the economy without grasping the rules of commerce.  This One seems pretty obvious but it’s still worth mentioning.

‘Outwork Others’, is rule number ten, though I am making it rule number nine because I feel [Malcolm’s] ninth rule is the most relevant in My personal Quest now and best saved for last.

Outworking others is probably the rule most people who know Me would contest, suggesting I’m not working at all because they don’t see Me working tirelessly at a mundane job that has nothing to do with My true potential.  They also don’t see how much time I spend studying, making notes and working toward that which I am most passionate about with unwavering dedication.  Once again, I am finishing this entry late at night because it is important to Me and the quietest time for Me to work is after everyone else has gone to bed.  It’s 3:44 a.m. and I Will be exhausted tomorrow morning but I know there Will be plenty of time to rest when My work is done.

Finally, Malcolm’s ninth rule which I am listing last, is ‘Patience’.

The same friend who Gifted Me with the passages that inspired the Seven Keys to Kingdom also Gifted Me with a bookmark inscribed with the Word, ‘Patience’.  I said to My friend that Patience is perhaps one of the most important virtues for Me to be Mindful of in My Quest and that His Gift was greatly appreciated.  It continues to be a virtue I am consistently practicing.  Malcolm also equates the ten thousand hour rule to mastery of any task to ten years at any craft.  June 5th of this year Will be exactly ten years that I gave up My job and the typical approach to the modern market and set out on My quest to revolutionize the world’s economy.  Anything is possible but revolutionary concepts are not likely to take root overnight.

I also saved patience to the last because I appreciate Your patience, also.  I Will have been War King at My Quest for ten years this June and am very focused on making My Dream a reality for My next name day.  Hang in there!

Finally, I am going to add an eleventh rule to Malcolm’s rules of success.  One thing I believe is extremely important in achieving success at anything is visualization (visualize ‘a’ Sean).  I was roughly three quarters of the way through Writing this Post when I realized that it is somewhat ironic for a man to Write about the rules of success with any conviction without having achieved it yet…  But in My Mind, I already have.  What once was a ‘how Will I achieve My goal’, to ‘which strategy Will I implement first to achieve My goal.’  ‘If’ never enters the equation.

I also re-Posted a Blog Entry I Writ several years ago which is My most read Blog Post which might help with the visualization of Your Dream – whatever that may be.

Becoming a Student of the Universe

Love and Blessings,














It’s an Immaculate Concept, Sean!

Happy Lucky Wednesday, everyone!!!  And it is an especially auspicious Wednesday in Deed!  Before I get too far into this entry, I am going to share with You a YouTube video I was watching last night by a journalist that was previously unfamiliar to Me.  Turns out he is Canadian, too, so I wanted to share some of his wisdom on success which emulates many of My own philosophies.

“It is not enough to have a great idea and the focus and conscientiousness to see it to fruition, You must have the strength and the resolve and the courage to pursue that idea even when the rest of the world thinks You’re insane.  Time and time again, if You look at the stories of extraordinarily important entrepreneurs, there is almost always a moment when they are the only ones who believe in the value of what they are doing.” – Malcolm Gladwell.

Immaculate means for something to be untarnished, pure, perfect, or, in Roman Catholic theology, free from sin.  A concept is an idea.  So an Immaculate Concept is the perfect Idea, and what could be more perfect than God’s Idea for man, the establishment of His Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven?  The Immaculate concept, God’s Kingdom, has found a Sean.  I hope You have as much fun with My Spelling of Magic as I do Casting it.

I have always believed that money, and CAPITALISM specifically, stand in the Way of man’s progress, evolution, and trespass on Our unalienable rights Gifted Us by God.  The United Nations even states in its preamble that the highest aspiration of man is to be removed of want and fear.  Virtually everything in a CAPITALIST society promotes want and fear.

I have said for many years now that one day I would put an end to the financial system as We know it today – I have vowed to My friends that I Will make money obsolete.  I have also said that I Will one day put an end to war.  I have promised My friends and family that one day I Will accomplish Peace.  And now, My Kingdom comes…

“You must have the strength and the resolve and courage to pursue that Idea even when the rest of the world thinks You’re insane.”

Many people would say that I must be insane if I believe I can accomplish these things, yet I not only know that I Will, I can now visualize how it Will all come together.  That’s why I am ‘vondehnvisuals’ because I have always been considered a visionary, not a realist.  And so, as Malcolm points out later in his discussion, “the disruptive outsider is the One who is incapable of meeting the market needs as the traditional market needs are defined; they can’t do it, right?  So what do they do?  They try a brand new, half-ass approach that doesn’t work, right?  But by that very nature of trying something completely outside the mainstream, they end up ‘up-ending’ the, ummm [traditional market]…  But were they any good, they would never have been forced to do that.”

I know how close I am to achieving My goals and I know that when I do, it Will seem as if I am coming from nowhere, ‘zero to hero’, virtually overnight and people are going to want to know how I managed to accomplish this seemingly incredible task.  How many people would say I am insane to believe what I am Writing now?

I have been a relentless student of the Universe, I have never believed that anything could Keep Me from My destiny so it was never a question of ‘if’, only how.  That has always kept Me on something of a steady course, though arguably it would be fair to say I tried a lot of different things that were not working, though the experiences were always forcing Me to come up with new ideas and work harder at My studies.

As a relentless student, I never really took to traditional teaching methods, it is difficult for Me to ‘limit’ My studies to one field or subject, I am interested in far too many things.  Before My spiritual awakening I had once worked as a sales manager for a telemarketing company.  Even then I was applying virtually all of the principals that Malcolm talks about in his rules of success.  First, I believed I would succeed in My new position.  Then I began incorporating My own, unorthodox and unusual strategies, the first of which was showing up for My first day after being promoted to manager in My usual, casual clothes – the rest of the managers wore suits.  I was immediately called into the office but I had signed a contract for My new position and I had taken the time over the weekend to review the requirements of the contract and the objectives of My new role.  There was not one mention in the document that a suit was required, so long as I managed to hit all My sales targets.  The general manager resented My argument and tried very hard to sabotage My position.

The next day when I showed up for work, all the teams had been ‘reshuffled’ and I had been given all of the least productive agents.  My entire team would be less likely to generate as many sales as the top agent on either one of the other two teams on any given day, and there were weekly and monthly cash incentives for whatever team could generate the most sales.  The look of despair on the faces of My team was almost heartbreaking.  I knew they had done this to Me to break Me, perhaps hoping I would walk out or offer to wear a suit, begging for a better team.  Instead, after fifteen minutes of virtual silence while the other two teams were Writing sales every minute, I pulled My team off the floor and into the board room for a pep talk.

It would be wonderful if I had recorded the Words I shared with My team in that meeting.  I know I started by as King of My group why they all looked so glum and I remember the first thing anyone said was something like, “We all suck, We’re never going to win against either one of the other two teams!”, which is what I was more or less hoping someone would say.

I apologized to My team and told them that this was not a reflection of them, it’s a reflection of Me and My determination to not wear a suit, this is managements way of getting back at Me, they want Me to quit or beg for a ‘better’ group.  I told them I was not going to do that because My job is to teach people how to sell and although I had never managed before, I was one of the top producers in the company before I was promoted and I believed I could teach anyone to do what I did.  I also told them that My determination to not wear a suit was for My team, so they did not perceive Me as being above them, I wanted them to know I was the same man I was the previous week, I was just in a different role.  I explained that as an independent agent, My goal was to maximize My sales and I was determined to succeed, so I did.  I said that I planned to approach this scenario exactly the same way and that potentially I could turn the entire group into top agents.

I was already a good twenty minutes to a full half hour behind the other two teams by the time My little board room lecture and pep talk was over but My team came out happy, motivated and energized…  And I could feel the other managers watching Me.  Sure enough, We started getting sales.  I started making noise to rally My team and it worked.  The energy grew and My team became more and more energized; they started believing in themselves.  Over the next two or three months, I read virtually anything I could get My hands on that dealt with either sales or leadership and would make little queue cards for My team with motivation quotes on them to greet My team members every morning.  The best part of the entire experience, is that I got the highest possible bonuses available to managers that first month because the stats of all the representatives of My team were so low.  With the lowest average sales per hour of all three teams, My bonus as a manager was relative to how much I was able to improve the average sales per hour of My group, which was substantially better than either one of the other two groups were able to achieve, even though We did not win any daily sales bonuses as a team for the first two weeks.  So the managers determination to sabotage My success backfired, actually making it easier for Me to achieve My objectives.  The moment My team started winning, the teams were once again reshuffled, and this time it was done fairly.

“When You throw Your Heart and Mind and Soul into something, You get something back….  The Idea of meaningful work is embedded in their consciousness” – Malcolm Gladwell.

I believe My Work is meaningful and had said that this was an especially auspicious ‘lucky’ Wednesday because My day started with an inspirational Facebook messages from a couple of My Facebook friends.  First, it was Queen Nina at exactly 8:37 this morning, telling Me how much she loved My last Post.  That Sacred number is My Way of knowing She was hand picked by God to know the Power of the Living Word – anything I have said I Will do Will be done for Her and anything She as King of Me for Will Manifest.  This is true of anyone in My microcosm who is shown the number 37.  Only a few moments later, another Facebook friend messaged Me to tell Me that they had also read My last Post, “You are so wise and so Articulate and your imagination is beyond ordinary , I wish you could write a Novel!!!!!!!!!!”, copied and pasted directly from her message.

I speak to the Idea of Writing a novel in the prologue of My Book.  I talk about how I would have loved to Write a fantasy novel of some kind where the unlikely hero accomplishes some incredible task against all odds – which is pretty much the theme of most fantasy novels.  I even crafted several outlines and began creating characters but the further My Idea developed, the more I realized that all of the concepts I was incorporating in My Book are all strategies one must embrace in their own life to accomplish their goals and My determination is to merge fantasy with reality, to make dreams come true.  So I Writ My Prophecy for Peace and began Writing this Blog which is a living Work of how the unlikely hero Will ultimately accomplish His task and fulfill the Prophecy.

Now that I am in the final stages of My Quest, I know I Will have to accept My role as an international character and transcend My fear of losing anonymity.  I can’t save the world and remain unknown and I have accepted that, though I am not sure I Will ever truly be ready; I don’t think it is something one can prepare for, especially if it happens as fast as I imagine it Will.

However, I came across the video I have shared here today because I know that increasing My influence on social media is critical to My success.  A year ago I had said that one of My greatest weaknesses is marketing and social media, something I would need to work on.  I still consider marketing and social media one of My greatest weaknesses, yet I have grown My Twitter account on from 55 followers to 4,317 in only ten months, which is pretty impressive by any standard for a self start up that isn’t selling anything.  I had mentioned to a friend recently that I can’t take any credit for the dramatic increase in My Twitter followers and influence as I believe that some highly influential personalities have taken an interest in Me for whatever reason.

“Have You ever considered that maybe people just like Your Ideas and Your Writing?”

The truth is, I hadn’t really.  She gave Me a brief but loving lecture about how I should learn to take credit for what I am doing and believe in My Self more, ironic as that sounds.  I believe in My Work, I believe in My Writing, but I don’t believe I know a thing about marketing so I was not willing to take any credit for the dramatic increase to My influence on social media platforms.  Just to give You a vague idea, even though I still don’t really understand the analytics, I received 636 impressions for the entire month of April last year, and I am now averaging 3,400 impressions per day so far this month and earned 143,000 impressions last month!  Every now and then I Will ‘tweet’ something and receive over 1,000 impressions in a single HOUR!

The video I shared today was one I came across while I was researching how to improve My social media influence.  I have actually done a lot of research into social media and marketing related to entrepreneurship and realized that I do employ most of the strategies used by those who are experts in social media, branding and marketing.  Exposure to examples of those who are starting social media campaigns from scratch have helped Me to realize that growing a Twitter community of more than four thousand followers in less than a year is already something of a success story and every single example has emphasized that the root of a successful social media campaign is a great Idea.

Although I may not be a social media guru, I do believe that a loving, peaceful world where all of man is equal is the perfect Idea and the driving force behind all of My success, though as Gladwell points out, a great Idea alone is not enough.  After watching the full video, I discovered I have employed every strategy Gladwell speaks to anytime I have achieved success, including number ten, which is ‘outworking others’.  I had no intention of Writing so much but this entry was important to Me, so I am finishing an entry that started early Wednesday afternoon, at 3:40 a.m. Saturday morning.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not only a great Idea, it is God’s Immaculate concept, Sean!  And that’s why I know I can’t fail.

Apologies for the lengthy Post, Love and Blessings,

Self ‘Reflect-Sean’ and the Reluctant Hero

Hello, everyone.  I have a lot of things ‘in the works’.  I don’t spend much time Writing about the immediate challenges of My microcosm; the day to day stuff like sharing a room, keeping it clean, maintaining boundaries, providing support without taking on other people’s problems, eating, sleeping, cleaning, laundry, basic stuff like personal hygiene, and getting along with a colourful array of characters in a community setting.

Many of these things most of Us take for granted, though I am confident virtually anyone could benefit from the experience of community living, simply because communication and social skills are absolutely essential in life.  They are also not skills that most of Us are routinely exposed to for any length of time or encouraged to develop.  We are not taught to live in community and harmony with one another, We are encouraged to pursue Our independence and compete with each other.

I prefer living alone which is something that people who know Me on a personal level find surprising because I love to socialize and I love a good conversation.  But I think I love to socialize because I generally spend most of My time alone.  When I do have the opportunity to get together with friends, I have something to say.  If I am continuously surrounded by people, I find it difficult to collect My thoughts and focus My energy, which is more or less what I have been experiencing lately.  Writing is also an excellent outlet for Me because a lot of the things I enjoy sharing involve concepts not everyone can immediately grasp, so I share those Ideas with My closer friends and here on My Blog for everyone else.

I have had challenges with My roommate.  When I first moved in, I honestly thought it would be a miracle if he managed to last for more than a couple of days.  Miracles tend to happen in My Universe, it really should not be a surprise that he is still with Me.  In the beginning, I was so sure he wouldn’t last that I had as King of the Universe to take care of him for Me, knowing he is going through something difficult.  As long as he remains My roommate, he is in My care, and the worst thing for him right now would be to lose his bed.

Typically, the room I sleep in is the most beautiful room in My dwelling, wherever that may be.  I Will decorate My walls with either paintings or murals and it is usually such an involved vision that it is an elaborate, step by step process of ‘transform ‘A’ Sean’.  I don’t have that right now.  Although My side of the room is tidy, the rest of the room has been a constant state of chaos.  At the same time, I know My roommate much better than I did a few weeks ago and I can’t imagine too many other people here would be able to deal with the kind of difficulties this man is dealing with right now.  More than anything in the world, this man needs someone who cares…  And I do.  And the Universe knows I do.

The Quest Ion (question) I was forced to as King of My Self, is what the solution might be – not just for Me, but also for My roommate and others in similar situations to his.  In theory I could give up all of My idealistic philosophies and get My Self some kind of mundane job as soon as tomorrow if I really wanted to.  The Quest Ion is what about the people who can’t?  I mean genuinely cannot hold down any kind of regular job.  Sadly, that is the reality for the majority of people reliant on shelters.  These people are marginalized so drastically, that with the [lack of] support systems currently in place, they are placed in subsidized housing communities or rooming houses where some of the conditions are as bad as, or in some cases, even worse than the conditions they were subject to in a shelter.

A ‘reasonable’, dignified, one bedroom or bachelor apartment in Ottawa goes for about $750.00 – if You are lucky.  Realistically, a single person should be prepared to pay as much as $900.00 for a one bedroom or bachelor, inclusive.  The Canadian government and the city of Ottawa’s welfare system provide $375.00 for basic shelter and another $337.00 for basic living expenses.  Some are so desperate for dignified accommodation, they are willing to sacrifice their entire food allowance to cover the cost of rent.  The shelters, on the other hand, are subsidized roughly $1440.00 per month for every ‘client’ using the shelter.  And client is the right word because shelters are a business.  Perhaps a not for profit business, but a business no less – and non profits provide tax relief for big business, including government.  Imagine what kind of transform a Sean could happen if the $1440.00 per month available to every homeless person staying at a shelter was allocated to the person needing the shelter instead?  What kind of dignified accommodation would $1440.00 provide compared to the $375.00 the city allocates through the welfare system?  This is government corruption at its finest.  If Canadian taxpayers had a clue this was how their money was being spent, would they be more vigilante about holding Our elected officials accountable?

I actually doubt it would cause anything more or less than an uproar that would quickly be forgot the next day, which is why I feel it would be irresponsible for Me to take a mundane ‘job’ and live comfortably just because I am able to.  I’m able to do a lot of things, I’m focusing on what I want to do most and what I am best at.  I don’t believe that being intelligent or knowledgeable means one deserve more and others deserve less.  I was actually tall King with someone about this just yesterday and I as King of My friend if it would be right to watch a weaker man bullied by a stronger man if You were able to stop it.  It’s a rhetorical question, the answer is no and most of Us do not need to be told.  Being intelligent or knowledgeable carries with it the same duties and responsibilities.  My duty and responsibility is to fight the good fight for those who can’t.  If the majority of people subjected to poverty and homelessness are in their situation because they do not have the skills or mental health to maintain lucrative employment, how likely is it that they are going to be able to defend their legal right to live a dignified life?  Not likely, and I’m pretty sure that politicians in Canada know this well and use it to their advantage to syphon as much money as they possibly can from the welfare system into their own personal projects and private business interests.  Politicians are generally more popular when they favour corporations because corporations provide their funding – and also determine how those funds should be allocated, which is generally not in the best interest of the ‘common’ Canadian person.

This entry is about Self reflect Sean, though everything I have Writ so far in this entry is more of an explanation as to why I am living the Way I am, why I take refuge in a shelter when I am so ‘capable’ in the eyes of those around Me.  I truly consider My Self something of a rogue journalist.  I can tell You first hand what the conditions are like for anyone who is subject to Canada’s welfare system and regardless what the reason may be for it, at least five percent of Canadians are subject to it at all times.  That is staggering information if You consider what it means.  If there are thirty-five million Canadians and five percent are statistically subject to welfare at all times, then roughly one million, seven hundred and fifty thousand Canadians are dependent on welfare every day.  Even if I believed it were necessary or beneficial for Canada to borrow money from [private] central banks, there is no reason poverty like this should exist in a country like Canada at all – or any country, really.

The ‘reluctant hero’ of My Self reflect Sean was the real-eyes-a-Sean of My last remaining fear, which I have Writ of here once before; fear of success.

I am actually here to accomplish peace on earth.  I know this in a Way only I can know, I know I don’t fail, and I know how close I am to the completion of My task.  As impossible a task as that may seem to some, it all seems very plain and simple to Me, which is why I suppose it Will seem so miraculous to everyone else.  I’m afraid I won’t know what to do with My Self when peace is accomplished and I’m afraid I Will never have a moment of peace to My Self – how is that for selfish and ironic?  I want to save the world but I don’t want to talk about it when I’m done.  Quite a real Eyes, aye Sean.

But this is the truth and I have been procrastinating a little, deliberately but not so much consciously until these revel-a-Sean’s sometime late last week.  I’ve had no alone time which would typically compel Me to completely submerse My Self in My work.  My Journal has been a wonderful tool that has inspired some great Ideas but I don’t want to use them yet and I’m not entirely sure why.  I know I’m not sending any more original copies of My letters to public servants because they are not acting Honourably enough to deserve them and the weather has been insanely cold, so I have not been motivated to walk half way across town to make copies but there are other things I can do; I have a whole list of Blog Post titles for entries that are fabulous, for example.  Marketing was always a weakness for Me and now I feel like I’m beginning to get the hang of all the social media stuff.  Less than a year ago I had fifty-five followers on Twitter and said I would focus on marketing for the first time as one of My final frontiers – today I have 4,292 at the time of this Post and I don’t even feel like I put any serious effort into it, I just kept doing what I do, which is listening to My heart and following My path, with resolute-Sean.

The King’s Bench
The King’s Bench

Thanks always for those who are part of My following on Twitter and reading My Blog.  I really do have some amazing Ideas to take My ‘brand’ [Kingdom of Heaven Foundation] to the next level.  There are now also four in My microcosm who have been raised from the dead, at least legally and they are also very supportive of everything I am doing.  I’ve also followed up with the Ministry of Community and Social Services which I Will be tall King about in My next Post.

I think I’m as King to all of You to forgive Me for taking so long, for being so reluctant, and to be patient – because nothing in the world is more important to Me than equality for all of man and I promise You that day is coming soon.  I love You.

Love and Blessings,

Spirituality Class and Teaching

Over the last week or so it has been difficult to find time for Writing.  I’ll either have the inspiration and no peace to take advantage of it, or I Will have the peace I need but not feel inspired to Write.  Today I felt a lot more like My usual self and used the momentum to get quite a few things accomplished.

This morning I attended My first spirituality class which is a requirement of the Life Skills Program.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and I do try My very best to Keep an open Mind.  It is easy to tell that the lady who teaches the class has a good heart and great intentions.  The class started with a very big question, ‘who are You?’.

Participation is a big part of the class, so everyone must contribute and someone immediately ‘appointed’ Me to lead the group by answering first.   The lady’s looking at Me as I consider My reply.  Do I tell her that I am a single consciousness experiencing My Self subjectively, or do I simplify and tell her that I am a spiritual being having a human experience?  I opted to go with number two.

“Okay, sure, that’s great.  But We have a name, too, and Our name says something about Us.  So who are You?  What does that name mean to You?”

Honestly, can You Imagine what it is like for Me to answer a question like this?  I said that the name is important and one of the biggest problems in Our world right now is that man uses a name and title given to them by the state, rather than the one that was given them by God (mom and dad). People give more energy to a corporate Idea than to the value of their own Life.  Did Jesus not say, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”?

“Yes, this is true but We need to learn to compromise and continue to grow, accept the things We cannot change and adapt to them.”

“I break things down to one very simple common denominator that I believe any man can comprehend.  Either participation in a commercial fiction is optional, or We are bonded slaves to a commercial Idea.  I prefer to believe We are not slaves, that We live in a Christian world that teaches the example of Christ and if We want to see change, We must be the change We dream to see, and do as Jesus would do.  I don’t think Jesus would compromise his beliefs and accept the world the way it is, I think He would know his Power to change it.  In a world that presumes to be Christian, I am thing King that this is a philosophy that should be accepted and practiced more.”

She seemed satisfied with My answer and suggested if I wanted to discuss the matter more We could meet in her office sometime.  Unless she personally requests an audience, I Will not likely meet with her in her office.

The most interesting thing about the class was that it was the first spirituality class of the New Year and it was all about accepting who and what We are, each of Us having a unique role to play on the world stage, and that We should do what We can to embrace Our part, to boldly be who and what We are and bring that character into the New Year.  There are no coincidences in My Universe.  It wouldn’t have been very honest for Me to have pretended I have no Idea what My Divine Purpose might be, yet it was obvious she was surprised by My reply and I could tell she was distressed by it.  I felt empathy for her, though I assured My Self I had said nothing wrong.  When class was over, a couple of the guys came to Me and said they were thankful for what I had said, ‘they want the truth until they hear it’, one of them said to Me.

This is one of the reasons My social circle is so small and why I am so grateful and thankful for those I do manage to connect with.  It’s not exactly appropriate for Me introduce My Self as ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn’, for obvious reasons, even if it is legally true.

After class, I had just enough time to brew a fresh pot of coffee before heading to My first tutoring session.  We had just talked about the different hats We wear over the course of a single day and here I was changing My hat from student to teacher.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any formal teaching so I was excited about it.  I was able to find relevant material to work with and I am quite sure My friend was very pleased with his first class.

The morning left Me feeling very inspired and being a King does involve tremendous responsibility.  One of those responsibilities is getting My letters in the hands of those they are intended for.  I am using a new office for faxing documents and Keith has been very busy as is common for those returning from Christmas Holy days in the New Year.  Today there happened to be no one in his office when I returned from teaching My first class and I managed to make the most of the opportunity and get My letter to Jean-Pierre Khouri faxed today.  One down, six to go…

I am not sure if I am going to be faxing all letters, I had never considered the option until I noticed the fax number on the bottom of the dental clinic’s letter to Me.  The dental clinic and the Ottawa Citizen are two recipients where I am not entirely sure if My alternative method would be as effective, though I’m still not ready to disclose what that method Will be.

1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

Yes, I do have a sense of humour.  I don’t really care how funny any of it sounds, I think it’s funny the world trades debt and calls it money, though I do have an unusual sense of humour.

I have a ton of work still to do and once again, apologies for Keeping everyone in suspense for so long on My last two letters but I want to release them here at the same time they Will be Cast into the Universe.  Please be patient, I have a couple of details still to consider.  I Trust You are all well.

Love and Blessings,







Universe City Graduate (Sean)

I could not resist.  When people ask where I went to school and I tell them I am a Universe City graduate, they usually as King of Me which one and I say again, slowly, ‘Universe.  (pause). City’.  Usually I can see the wheels turning and the eureka moment a few seconds later reveals itself with a smirk as the inquisitor makes the ‘connect Sean’.  I love Words…

past tense: graduated; past participle: graduated
successfully complete an academic degree, course of training, or high school.
“I graduated from West Point in 1965″
arrange in a series or according to a scale.
“a graduated tax”
change (something, typically color or shade) gradually or step by step.
“the color is graduated from the middle of the frame to the top”
It would seem to Me that all three examples mean pretty much the same thing.  To arrange in a series, as in social status perhaps?  Gradually, so that one does not notice they are being conditioned for their part ‘according to a scale’ (as in music, One Song, Uni-Verse).
I was recently involved in a conversation discussing the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  Universities are great for knowledge, Universe City (where We are now) is where one acquires wisdom, and it (wisdom) needs to be applied continuously or We will not develop knowledge, We will only develop intellect and intellect without wisdom can be detrimental to both the individual and collective development of Our species.
University is where one can go to learn everything there is to know about the stock market, fractional reserve banking, margin calls, interest rates, compound interest and all kinds of other fancy banking tricks.  However, in Order to graduate, You must slowly be conditioned, changed…  Gradually, so that one starts their degree believing it is necessary.  You first must accept that money and the financial markets and systems in place today are necessary.  In fact, the necessity of commerce, trade and banking will likely be part of first year studies, the operating system that allows for the installation of all the following programs necessary for graduation (transformation).  Universe City graduation, on the other hand, is Universal transform a Sean.  We must all graduate from the school of Life if We want true success, and that means being true to one’s Divine Purpose which is determined and guided by Our internal moral compass.  It is not a coincidence that a moral compass is measured in degrees and that We pride Our Selves on the degree We receive from University.  Have We placed too much emphasis on one and not enough on the other?  Just an Idea.
The title of this Post was inspired yesterday by a friend of mine who has what most people would consider a very impressive resume.  He is a member of the board of directors on two committees and has come to Me for private tutoring to improve his English and Writing skills.  I was Honoured and have graciously accepted his offer.  Don’t worry, I won’t incorporate My unusual use of capital letters or word play associations – that is Magic.
Several years ago now, I spent some time in Japan teaching English as a second language, something a lot of people told Me I would not be able to do without a degree.  It is true that the Japanese government refused to give Me a visa to teach English but for Me, all it really meant was that if I can’t work legally, I also can’t legally be taxed.  So I worked lawfully and lawfully paid no taxes on My income.  But I did work and I was very successful in My ability to teach.  I probably worked a little harder at it than a lot of others may have because I was determined to impress and make up for ‘credentials’ I didn’t have.  I actually just posted an advertisement being completely honest about being a self taught writer who keeps a blog and provided a link to My website.  I had flash cards, games to play with children, and I spent a lot of time online trying to find new ways to engage My students/clients in ways that would be meaningful and memorable.  In one situation, I was teaching a six year old girl and her four year old brother once a week.  By the time I finished teaching them, their one year old sister was shouting out some of the flash cards as I held them up, and she wasn’t even supposed to be learning anything!  I still remember how excited her mother was to see this.
Now I am teaching someone who has at least one degree, probably several.  For the record, I am almost entirely self-taught, I have no University degree of any kind, all My degrees are invested in My moral compass where I [now] consider My Self a Universe City Graduate.  Now I am war King on My practice…  Because We all know practice makes perfect.  😉
I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m suggesting education isn’t important.  I believe that education and knowledge are extremely important (especially if one wants to become a doctor or something) but I do think We often allow Our degree to determine too much (or perhaps too little) about Our potential and purpose in society.  If I allowed My Self to believe I could never accomplish peace in the world without some kind of degree I’d be in a lot of trouble because the world doesn’t have a degree for that yet, it’s never been accomplished!  It was difficult for Me to comprehend how the world was going to teach Me how to do something that had never been done.
It has been suggested that I should get a degree in either politics or economics.  Once again, every country I know of is broke and in debt to central banks, so it doesn’t really look like anyone is an expert on how to responsibly manage the economy and if there is such a person, they should probably take care of the world’s financial crisis first, then start their ministry and teaching [I’m on it].  Similarly, the political system doesn’t seem to be working very efficiently so far – I think the hope is that one gradually ‘learns’ to accept why it doesn’t work (see example number one, above) and ‘take their arrangement in the series according to scale’ (in harmony with the Universe’s One Song).
I have not had much head space to Write recently, so I apologize for taking so long to Post the last two Letters but I would like to say a few Words about each of them when I do; I just have not had the ‘Zen’ Mind Space to do so.  My Life can be chaotic at times, the extreme cold does not help and people are often as King of Me for My time and counsel, sometimes it can be exhausting.
The Book of Dreams

I was blessed yesterday to have been given this opportunity to teach (two hours a week, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s) and also to have been Gifted with a game of chess with My friend Chris who also defeated Me for the first time which was a beautiful thing for Me – I was both the teacher and the student in the same day.  Every game has been close but I have always managed to gain the advantage, last night was no exception but I got careless, over confident, and missed a beautiful checkmate.  An important message about maintaining focus right to the very end.  Thank You again, Chris.

And thank You for being here.  I am grateful for every single person in My Life, known and unknown, anyone who is a part of anything I am doing, from Facebook friend’s to Twitter followers, WordPress followers, to the beautiful people in microcosm every day.  Especially the beautiful people in My microcosm every day.  As chaotic as it can feel for Me sometimes to have people demanding My time, it is also an Honour and I truly am very grateful.


The most important lessons We learn are not taught to us in school, university, or even by Our parents and teachers as much as they are all an integral part of Our growth.  The most important lessons are learned by way of Our life experiences and true graduation from Universe City is transformation into a higher state of being, the human being… (insert dream here).

Love and Blessings,