Ignorance is Bliss? Are We Ignoring Our Self?

I would be one of the first to say that if We want to know who is responsible for all of the world’s problems, the first place We must look is the mirror.

A friend of mine was tall King with Me about a conversation He was having on Twitter this morning.  I won’t get into the details but it was related to the Ottawa Salvation Army’s projected move to Vanier in a couple of years.  The relevance is that it got Me thing King about the main problem people have about the move.  It’s not really about whether the Salvation Army moves to Vanier or stays where it is, it’s about the fact that no one wants it anywhere.

The ‘why’ is probably somewhat obvious, though few people would likely be comfortable tall King about it.  How does one stay politically correct while stating that they don’t want drugs and crime moving into their neighbourhood, nor do they want that so close to such a culturally rich market full of wealth?  One block east of a tourist hotspot is the Ottawa ghetto and that’s not good for business.  Nobody wants to see poor people when they visit a rich country.  The citizens of the country are much the same, they don’t even want to acknowledge the problem exists, much less be reminded of it everyday and subject to potentially having to see it!  Oh, and then there’s the property values that Will plummet, too…

This is another microcosm versus macrocosm type thing.  Everything that is wrong with the world is really just a reflection of everything that is wrong with Me.  I cannot truly be at peace until the world is at peace, I cannot truly be wealthy until the world is wealthy.  I have known this for a very long time.  I’ve had many people suggest that it is ridiculous to take responsibility for all of the world’s problems, yet I do not have the capacity to see the world any other Way.

It is amazing how people Will turn away or quicken their step when they realize they are in the ‘wrong’ part of town.  There is no need to quicken the step or turn away if We are comfortable in Our own skin.  An entire city complaining about a shelter is really just a reflection of how uncomfortable everyone in the city truly is in their own skin.

Every time We feel uncomfortable about something, it is telling Us something about Our Self.  We know We can do better, so when We see someone sleeping in a stairwell while some of Us are sipping champagne, the psyche has one of two defence mechanisms – to acknowledge the problem (and begin working out a solution), or defend the ego (deny the problem, ‘kill the messenger’).

Most of Us have probably stuffed a bunch of stuff into Our closet or under the bed to get it out of the way and give the appearance of a clean room so We don’t have to look at it.  This is the kind of mentality I feel most of Us learn to develop in today’s society.  We have become desensitized to problems believing We are powerless to do anything about them and that there are too many to solve.  We come to accept these problems as ‘normal’ when they are really symptoms of an unhealthy society.  And if the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, that means that it’s becoming normal to be unhealthy, at least mentally and psychologically.  Turning away from the problems is like choosing not to treat an open wound; it has now festered and become a serious social infection.

I am not suggesting that there are not a ton of people who are doing everything they can to make the world a better place, I am suggesting that it has become perfectly okay to not be one of those people and to accept the myriad of problems that exist in society as commonplace.  In fact, I would say this philosophy is almost celebrated.

All of these problems exist for a reason – to remind Us We can do better.  If We all really see the world, We Will Real Eyes that if We all work for each other, rather than money, We could all be healed, We really can accomplish Peace.  The only thing We have ever proved, is that there is nothing collectively We can’t do.  Don’t just see the problems, see Our potential to solve them.

Love and Blessings,





In King Ship with My Fellow Kings

In this concrete jungle of citizens, I Will work to make Our city’s Zen.  A quote that was partially inspired by friends who are with Me now.  On the streets there is a great deal more Honour and Duty than one might expect; here, Loyalty is Royalty and Your Word is Your Bond.

Although I may have the title of King in Law and Commerce, I don’t walk around introducing My Self that Way for obvious reasons.  However, I am quite comfortable tall King about it once I get to know someone and I’m getting to know quite a few people.  My friends are the ones I am here for and they are the ones looking to Me for leadership and truly Honouring Me with their friendship.

Now that the days have grown colder, I have ‘claimed’ space indoors where I am either on My laptop, Writing to My Blog, surfing the web and checking My social media accounts, or Scribing My next letter.  Just as I once had constant visitors and onlookers while I was painting, now My friends frequently stop by to visit with Me at what has become My ‘makeshift’ desk.  It is now where My friends expect to find Me, so most of the time someone takes care of making sure the space is available for Me shortly after breakfast.  The moment I sit down, I start thing King about My next move, what I should Write about here, or for whom I Will Cast My next Spell.

All of these things combined are what help Me to find My Way.  My friends Will often as King of Me what I Will do next which forces Me to thing King about it My Self.  Even if I don’t have a clear answer, I have seemingly endless options and tall King about it with My friends helps Me to navigate My own ship, the King’s Ship, and determining how I Will securely Dock My Ideas to establish My Kingdom and Keep with God.

My productivity motivates others to be more productive, too.  When I painted, My friends would stop by to share some of their creations with Me, often inspired by watching Me paint, encouraging them to get back to doing something more creative with their time.  As I sit here Writing this Post, two of My friends are War King on some Writing of their own as they Keep Me company.  Recently another friend started His own Blog, and continuously, My friends are inspiring Me; sometimes with their Ideas, sometimes just by chatting with Me which helps to inspire My own strategies.

One of My friends actually calls Me ‘King’, though I thing King it’s because He doesn’t know My calling.  A few of My friends call Me, “House of von Dehn”, which is a rather long for a street name but one of My favourites.  I’m also known as ‘Picasso’, ‘DaVinci’, ‘Artist’, ‘Painter’, ‘Lawyer’…  And I’m sure a few more – I like them all.

In My day to day life, these are the people who matter to Me most, We Honour each other.  I don’t believe a single man ‘deserves’ to be on the streets and My friends know that – they also believe I might actually be able to do something about it, even if they are only hopeful.  So every minute Victory is a moment to share and celebrate with friends.  My friends were as excited about all My new followers as I was, checking in with Me periodically to as King of Me, ‘How many followers do You have now?!’.

They are the ones who know how much time goes into a painting, a letter, or a Blog Post, so they have a greater appreciation for My Work, they can relate to My efforts.  And I am here for a reason.  One of My core philosophies with respect to leadership is that a true leader would never take more than the least of his people.  By living and experiencing what life is like for Canada’s most economically challenged, I can not only relate to the frustrations of those who experience it, I am motivated to make sure something is done about it.

My friends are fellow Kings, Kings who fell low.  I am here to raise them up, restore their King Ship so their greatest Ideas can traverse the commercial admiralty waters with confidence…  Which, by the Way is verb that essentially means to confide in one’s Self.  And it is the perfect Way to end this Post, as it was one of My friends living in King Ship with Me who expressed that confidence is, ‘the Art of confiding in Self’.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!!  Love and Blessings,




Wonderful Lucky Wednesday

The whole day has been beautiful.  I have enjoyed Writing letters so much, I was looking for a new Project but beyond that, I can’t say what it was exactly that inspired Me to revisit the United Nations Universal Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Once I noticed that the Charter and General Assembly were in the Style of capitus diminutia maximus (all caps) in the Preamble, I knew it was a Sign.

I Spent about six hours on the document altogether, maybe a little longer, seventeen pages in total.  The moment I started Scribing the first few letters, it was as if the Universe was smiling on Me.  A great deal of the time I feel that Way anyway, so this was like the usual dose x10.  It is almost as if I go into a bit of a trance while I Write, My eyes blur their focus, the concentration is in the Word, the Letter, and the movement of the Pen.  I had wanted to finish the document last night but I was so tired I started skipping entire Words, so I reluctant went to bed at 2:30 in the morning.  Needless to say I felt a little groggy this morning but I remained steadfast in My determination to get back to the document and get it Posted as soon as possible.  Again, the inspiration evoked by the Act was enough to keep Me motivated all morning and I managed to Post the Declaration (Declare ‘A’ Sean 😉 ) of Man’s rights early after lunch.

I also mentioned on the fifth of this month that My social media networks have been on fire again lately.  For whatever reason, I had a burst of new followers that I could hardly keep up with.  By the end of the day I had gained somewhere between two and three hundred new followers, roughly a ten percent increase.  And all of it came in a flood of new followers over a span of a few hours, then tapered off to My usual ten to thirty new followers a day until this morning.

This morning I opened My Twitter page to find 2752 followers, an increase of two from the time I went to bed.  When I finished the Declaration, I started getting notifications of new followers on My phone, even though I had not photographed the Declaration or Posted anything about it yet.  Gaining roughly twenty new followers a day recently with the occasional spike of forty or fifty, I had hoped that maybe I would hit 2800 by the end of the day.  When I first checked My Twitter account after finishing the Declaration, I was already at 2801!  Once again, for a period of roughly six hours, I was gaining so many new followers I could hardly keep up (follow back).  I was at 3430 when I started this entry and it’s now at 3435, (roughly ten minutes later) and tapering off.

Probably sounds a little silly to be so excited about followers on a social media account, but for Me everything is a Sign from the Universe.  The followers had nothing to do with the Declaration I Posted because I hadn’t Posted it yet.  In fact, I hadn’t Posted anything on Twitter at all today before the flood of new followers arrived.  When My Twitter account first started to take off from it’s modest 55 follower beginning in May, it still took over a month to gain My first six hundred followers.  I gained 630 followers today in just over six hours.  Is it just Me or is that pretty remarkable for a guy who has no claim to fame save the Words I Write here?

Recently, I’ve been telling the Universe I am ready.  Although I have been ready to Write documents as I do for some time now, I was not ready to do what I Will do, I was not ready to take the Stage.  I’m something of a recluse, I really do enjoy being an unknown for the sake of My privacy.  We’ve all heard the expression, ‘fake it ’till You make it’, and I have been tricking My Self into believing I am ready to give up being a nobody…  But I wasn’t, I was faking it, trying to convince My Self because I know I must.  Now it’s true, I believe I have transcended the last fears I may have had with respect to ego, fearing people would never accept Me if I’m walking around calling My Self King – I’m sure that is something virtually any man can understand.

When My Twitter account first took off in May after being all but dormant (though active) for almost seven years, it made Me a little uncomfortable, nervous.  More people are listening to what I say, I don’t want to say the wrong thing, offend any of My new fans.  But I’m comfortable with it now.  And when I got the new rush of followers today, I actually got really excited about it, I felt like I am ready to finally go wherever this thing is going to take Me, however thrilling and fast the ride becomes.

For today, the rush has subsided some 3438 now and trickling in at a more typical pace.  There are no coincidences in the Universe and although it may just be social media, an anonymous virtual Universe of consciousness, for Me it is still a reflection of the macrocosm, a Sign that the world may actually be ready for Trans Form A Sean.  The right Way is the Write Way, and the Alpha Bet is still on the Alpha Mail.  😉  I love Word Magic.

Love, Blessing and Infinite Gratitude for every precious moment with You…20171114_213624.jpg

The ‘Declare ‘A’ Sean’ of Man’s Rights and Universal Freedoms

I did this once before in My Book, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’, but I am doing it again now.  I have re-Writ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms so that all of the rights set forth in the declaration can be fully realized. (Article 28)

To compare with the original Charter of Universal Rights and Freedoms established by the United Nations, You can link to the Charter by clicking on this sentence.

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THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY and the UNIVERSAL CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS does not actually protect man’s inalienable rights, it protects human rights, which are the rights of a man who has chosen to waive some of his inalienable rights to engage in commerce.  The man accepts a corporate title and licence, otherwise known in Black’s Law as a/the person.  People represents more than one person and all human beings are people in law, acting as corporations and waiving rights in exchange for privileges and benefits.

I think that most people in the world who don’t know that the definitions of Words are very different in Black’s Law compared with what We comprehend them to mean in English, and probably think that a person is a living man.  A living man always retains all common law rights in law but a person only enjoys the privileges, benefits and rights of a corporation.  As a man’s economic situation or status does not have any Power in Law to interfere with any of the rights set forth in the above declaration, so I have re-Writ the Declaration without the economic restrictions presented in the original.

I hope You enjoy it, happy Lucky Wednesday and a massive thank You to all My new followers on Twitter, I’m having another explosive day!  These are the Ways the Universe communicates with Me, more and more people are ready to give Peace a chance!!!

Love and Blessings,



More Monday Magic – A Letter of Introduction for the Mayor of Ottawa

I was very excited to finally get this letter in the mail today and perhaps even more excited to Post it.  At first I didn’t really think it was fair to Post a letter before the recipient has a chance to read it, now I think it’s a waste for My Magic to lay dormant when the Spell is already active in the Universe.

I also want to point out that I do consider My Self a teacher and feel it’s My Duty to demonstrate by My example how one should govern themselves if one claims to be King.  Typically, if You are sending serious letters, they should be sent registered mail or delivered in some Way that ensures You have proof of delivery.  This is to ensure that the recipient can’t claim they ‘didn’t get the memo’.  I’m not doing that anymore.  I made sure that My notices to the Attorney General, Registrar General, [Express Legal] Vital Statistics and the Toronto Crown were sent registered mail and I have digital receipts Posted here on My Blog, on My phone, My laptop, and in a private e-mail message so I can always recover them if My data is ever compromised.  Those are the only documents that need to be registered, they are My claim to God’s Kingdom.

Now, I am doing things as a King would.  My thumbprint is legal tender in Canada and using it in place of where one would typically place a stamp is how a King would send a letter.  This is something the Post office Will recognize.  The downside is that I Will not get a receipt, so if they don’t reply I have no proof it was received.  However, I said that this Blog would be something of a worldwide publication and it has become that.  Over forty countries this year have viewed these pages.  So My proof Will be Posted here, this is a public record, too.  This is a legal and lawful Universal publication and the perfect place to make announcements.  This is the Magic Spell I Cast upon the Mayor of Ottawa today:




So, this is another little part of My Style, just to make the Magic a little more potent:


This is how I send mail without postage, secret revealed.


It was a very productive day.  I called the Guelph Police Service to follow up on the fax sent Friday, too – wouldn’t You know they claimed they didn’t get it.  So I faxed it over again today and the lady was pretty nice about the whole thing, happy to confirm that it was received.  She also assured Me it was forwarded to the legal department, I anticipate I Will hear back sometime tomorrow.


Spell Cast!

I hope everyone has had a marvelous Monday,

Love and Blessings,

Motivated Monday

I woke up especially motivated today.  Last night I was as King of a man to Writ His Will.  It felt like a special Honour and He was very pleased with His final Words.


I love doing things like this for people.  I had actually wanted to start a new letter but this took up most of My evening.  Most of the time I don’t have any issues with ink but I had to attempt this three times before finally getting it right.  I spelled a name wrong on one attempt, clumsily smeared the second attempt and spilled some ink on the third.  I finally got it done on the fourth try.  The man for whom I composed this Writ had retired for the night before it was done, so the morning started with the excitement of knowing I would present it to Him today.  He was very pleased with the final result and is eager to take it to His trustee who Will make a true copy for Him, the original He Will keep in a safety deposit box.  His thumbprint and signature Will also be added to the document.

I also have My letter for the Mayor to mail today.  I Will as King of Alix to make a copy of the letter for Me before I mail it to His office and Post the letter here.  I Will also compose the other letter I had intended to Write last night, so I have a lot of things on the go which always excites Me and keeps Me motivated.

There is nothing quite like feeling inspired.  Usually Monday’s are a day people dread, the beginning of a new work week.  When You love what You do, it’s easy to get excited about getting back to work.  The weekends are a time for Me to collect My thoughts, get some things done, Write some Scrolls, then Cast the Magic on Monday.  This is a Post to give thanks to the Universe for all the countless Blessings in My life, and to encourage anyone reading this to do as much as You can to spend Your life loving what You do.

I hope this day finds You all Blessed,

With Love,


Remembering a Magical Evening

I spent a few hours last evening Composing a new Page for My Story, this time for the Ottawa Mayor, ‘His Worship’, Jim Watson.  I figure it’s time to introduce My Self to people who stand to benefit most from My wealth.

I also really, really enjoy Writing the letters, it feels like a new Form of Art, a more powerful version of the Magic expressed here.  One Idea leads to another, and I considered who else I should Write if I truly want to Honour My role on the world stage.  The Canadian government is still fraudulently administrating wealth from the commercial character, most likely because they don’t even know how to close the accounts.  I’m not even sure if anyone has ever successfully managed to close the accounts, though I know a few who do administrate their life privately.

I believe the Social Insurance Account is at the root of all the other commercial contracts such as licenses, health care, unemployment insurance, etc., but I really don’t know.  All I know is that I have as King to the Ministries of the Canadian government to close them all, paid in full, Honourable Discharge of Debt…  And I’m still waiting.  So, as I wait, I am going to continue to collect evidence of all the fraudulent activity of any account and ‘bill’ the Crown for every offence or violation of My terms.  Once again, I don’t actually plan to collect on any of the money, it is an incentive to encourage an out of court settlement, so they Will Honour My documents.

My Cestui Que Vie Trust was received by the Attorney General on Jan. 19, 2017.  They have a duty and responsibility to administrate My Orders, regardless what Sean Kearney may think.  In his letter, he talks about filing My papers into a court, or having them issued by a court.  The common law supersedes all jurisdictions, there is no requirement to abide by man’s fiction of law, an offence of the common law is an offence to God wherever it occurs, and Our Duty as the common man in a common wealth society is to report those crimes to the appropriate Ministries.  Sean Kearney is guilty of not responding to common law offences responsibly and trying to suggest he cannot hear of the offences unless they are coming from a court, justice or judge.  He is in dishonour.

So I find My Self having almost as much fun deciding who I should Write, as I do Writing the letters.  The Act of Writing the letters feels Magical, I know that My Words Will touch another man’s Mind and have an affect on their consciousness – that’s pretty powerful.  Choosing My Words takes more time than the actual Scribing of them.  Many of My friends have always considered Me something of a Magician and now I actually feel like one – the Universal Conductor Composing His Symphony.

Love and Blessings,