The Good News Journal, Volume XXXII: The Auspiciously Lucky Wednesday Edition – A Inter View into My Microcosm

Well, it proved to be an especially auspicious Lucky Wednesday.  When People tell Me I am Lucky, I say to them that I make My Luck.  Let’s look at all the Ways this Wednesday might be perceived as Lucky by Me.  Today is the one year anniversary of Gordon Downie’s death.  I actually Writ a Letter as King that Gord Downie be Given the Highest Honour before his death and [although I never received a reply] two months later, learned that Gord Downie had been appointed to the Order of Canada.  Probably just a coincidence. 😉  Today is also the day Cannabis becomes legal in Canada’s Commercial Admiralty fiction of law, which is a Great reason to celebrate for many Canadian People and a wonderful Way to commemorate the death of such a magnificent man, I am thing King he would be very pleased in Deed.  It also happened to be a Great day for Me, as I was Given the Gift of opportunity and offered an Inter View… About what life is like at the Salvation Army!!!

Truth be told, I had no Idea what the interview was about when I agreed to do one, but I certainly wasn’t going to back out after discovering what We would be tall King about (though if I had known it would be both an audio and video interview and had more time to prepare, I would have at least shaved!!!). Oh well.  I was interviewed by Jane Scharf, a licensed paralegal [which immediately got My attention] with a strong presence on Facebook (over 4,200 followers) and today she was interested in what I had to say about what life is like for a man subject to the Salvation Army for shelter.  I did Give Jane a disclaimer, warning her she might not like what I have to say.  Jane assured Me she is interested in hearing everything I have to say and encouraged Me not to hold back.  So I didn’t.

I did the interview only eight hours ago and the video has already had more than 900 Views and Will be well over 1000 by midnight.  To Me, that’s pretty impressive!  I had no Idea it would get so much attention.  [In the interview] I very quickly summarize everything I’ve done with respect to complaining to management and public relations officers of the Salvation Army about the indignant conditions clients are subject to, and what Jason has claimed his excuses are for the conditions that persist.  Jane did a Great job of guiding the interview and the final result was every bit as Good as I had hoped, at least with respect to the content.  It was a shame that I didn’t have a chance to prepare for the occasion, though the world knows I don’t believe in coincidences and the Truth is My appearance likely just makes the video that much more authentic and genuine.

I managed to talk about all of the major issues I wanted to talk about, including Jason Prevost’s lack of concern for any of the conditions and his attitude toward clients who Voice their complaints.  I did some name dropping, primarily Jason Prevost (manager), Caroline Hards (Social Services worker at the Salvation Army), and Caroline Franks, the public relations officer who doesn’t seem to think that complaints from clients are worth dignifying with a reply.  I talked about the stabbing incident where clients were subject to watching a man leave the shelter on a gurney after a stabbing, the green handle of the knife protruding from his back – all because he allegedly ‘made too much noise getting stuff out of his locker’.  I think it is more than time the People of Canada and the world learn just how deplorable the living conditions are in Canada’s shelters, and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to do this interview.  Although I didn’t manage to get this Post published before the end of ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, it did make for an unusually auspicious ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.

Well, that’s all for now, although it may be worth mentioning that there is one other auspicious happening in My Universe – My Twitter followers are ‘falling’.  I have lost over 500 followers since the 21st of September, and it started on exactly the 21st of September.  I had approximately 5,290 followers, now I have 4,727 followers (as of a few minutes ago).  I have said before that the Universe communicates with Me in unusual ways and I perceive all things as the Voice of the Universe.  What the Universe is trying to tell Me right now is a little tricky to decipher, though I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the count began to fall on the first day of Fall.  However, if the recent events in My Life have the effect I anticipate in My microcosm, My influence on social media becomes less relevant as My microcosm overlaps the Macrocosm.  Also, My e-mail messages from third party analytics of My Twitter stats still show I am gaining hundreds of followers every week, though the ‘followers’ tab in “” (third party Twitter stats) shows I have gained and/or lost no followers at all, the information is completely blacked out.

Well, that’s all My Good News for today, have a fabulous Thursday and remember that We make Our luck – no reason today can’t be every bit as Lucky as Wednesday!!!

Love and Blessings,


The Good News Journal, Volume XXXII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – War King for Justice; Dis-Honourable Ontario Justice, Herb Kreling

Happy ‘Lucky’ Wednesday World!!!  It is an especially Lucky Wednesday today as I am finally able to publish My Letter of complaint of dis-Honourable Justice, Herb Kreling after faxing it off yesterday (Tuesday) morning.  I also had a chance to Hand deliver My Letter of defence to prosecution for My friend, so yesterday was both an interesting and productive day.

I Will start with My morning.  Captain Thomas Yoo, the spiritual director and chaplain for the Salvation Army had been as King of Me to meet with him for a few weeks now but I have been too busy to accommodate.  Generally, Captain Yoo can only meet on Tuesday mornings and I’ve been busy on Tuesday mornings with Court matters for friends recently, so it has been difficult for Us to meet.  However, yesterday morning I was free and managed to meet Thomas outside his office just before 11:00 a.m..

It was an interesting meeting for the two of Us because We usually start talking and the conversation flows continuously until We run out of time, but yesterday was very different.  Thomas asked Me if I could wait a couple of minutes while he made some phone calls and I had some work of My own to organize while he was busy.  When Thomas finished on the phone, he asked Me what I was working on and I told him about the work I am doing for a couple of friends in Court.  Thomas was genuinely interested and I as King of Him if he would be interested in helping Me send a fax and get a few copies of My documents made; as per usual, Thomas was more than happy to help.

“Of course, Sean!  What is the number?”

Soon We were faxing My Letter to the Justices of the Peace Review Counsel and making copies of the Letter I would later be Giving to prosecution for My friend.  When We were done, We returned to Captain Yoo’s office and I arranged all of My paperwork while Thomas tended to his personal business.  By the time I was done, Thomas had just finished talking to someone and glanced over at Me looking a little exasperated.

“Sean, I am so sorry, I have so much work to do this morning, maybe We should meet again next week.”

“No problem, Thomas, I have plenty of work of My own to take care of today, thank You so much for all of Your help, I appreciate these little things more than You know.”

I left Captain Yoo’s office and continued with the rest of the business I had hoped to accomplish yesterday, making My way to the prosecution’s office to deliver a defence Letter for My friend.  That was an interesting story, too.

I’m not going to disclose the exact address of where I delivered My Letter, I Will only say it is not the same address I was Given in the disclosure presented to Me for My own Case, a detail I found especially interesting.

When I arrived, there was a sliding security window with a guard on the other side to receive mail.  I had to buzz to get into the original office and when I approached the kiosk, the security guard suggested he was not able to receive My letter as it was not addressed to a particular person/individual.  I informed the guard that I was responding to the exact address I was Given in My information and that no particular person has been assigned to receive mail with respect to this matter.  That seemed to confuse him enough to get on a phone and make some calls.  He began asking Me what the letter was about and I told him that with all due respect, it was none of his business.  When he contested his ability to receive the mail again, I showed him the address on the envelope once again and insisted that if I had dropped this in the mail, this is how the office would have received it, it would not have been returned.  After that I think he realized that he was going to have to receive the Letter one way or another and asked a Crown prosecutor to come to the front to meet Me.

A very kind, mild mannered young lady met Me at the front and as King of Me what I was delivering.  I told her that I was Acting as defence Counsel for a friend and that I had information and additional disclosure request to make before My next Court date.  Unfortunately, I did not Write down her name and managed to forget (it is a flaw, though I have an uncanny ability to remember anyone’s name once I know their full name), but I can say she was very kind and receptive.

“And who are You?”

“King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.”  I say it like I’ve been called that since birth and she doesn’t even flinch.

“Okay, are You sure You are in the right office?  There are a couple of places You can deliver defence…”

“Well, this is the only address provided on the information, though I did not address a particular Crown because there are three different Crown’s listed on the information and I’m not sure who is going to be handling this Case.”

“Oh, okay.  Do You Mind if I open it in front of You?”

“I presume You are authorized to receive on behalf of [Crown] prosecution?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then absolutely.”

The lady begins opening the Letter but struggles a bit with the wax Seal, looking to Me for guidance, “is there any special Way I should do this?”

“A letter opener works best, but just gently pull them apart.”

She hands the Letter back to Me and asks if I Will do it for her so she doesn’t destroy the letter.  As I open the Letter for her, she comments on how beautiful it is and asks if the Writing was authored by My Hand.

“Yes, that’s My Writing.”

“Wow, it’s beautiful, this is pretty amazing.”

“It’s a King thing”, I say, smiling.

The lady opens the letter and acknowledges that all the information is Presented correctly, properly identifying the matter.

“Okay, thank You very much for this and I apologize that there have been more than one Crown but We are very busy in this office so sometimes it is difficult to have the same person every time.”

“I understand that, that’s why I didn’t address the Letter to any specific individual, though I did make a request in the Letter to have a Crown and Justice appointed to this Case until its duration.  Unfortunately, I also had to file a complaint about the Justice in Court last week and I have also included a copy of the complaint with this Letter.”

“Are these copies then?”

“Yes, that is correct.  I Keep all My originals.”

“Excellent.  Thank You very much for this and We’ll see what We can do about assigning this Case to a Crown.

And that was that.  I was very surprised that I did not encounter any ‘weirdness’ from anyone.  Nobody looked at Me funny or treated Me any differently after I had mentioned My title.  In fact, there was another man just a few feet behind the lady I was speaking with and he seemed a little impressed with what he was witnessing and also gave Me a pleasant smile as I said My farewell.

Now that I have that done, I also have the freedom to publish a copy of My Letter of Complaint to the Justices of the Peace Review Council…  Enjoy!

Cover Letter for Fax
Page 1
Page 2.
Page 3.

I Will get a reply about My complaint, I am very interested to see what they say.  Remember, every Action has an equal and opposing re-Action.  Cause and effect, Justice Herb Kreling…

Love and Blessings, enjoy the quickening!!!



The Good News Journal, Volume XXXI: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition – ‘V’ for Velocity

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition!!!  It is a Sensational Saturday and I have Cast a couple of new Spells since My last Post that Will Vastly increase the Velocity of the quickening; the collision and merger of My microcosm and man’s Macrocosm.

I was accused by a Justice of Word Magic!!!  In Court!!!  I can honestly say I never expected that to happen!  In fact, I was so surprised by the comment that I thought I may have misheard Justice Kreling, trying to convince My Self that he had said Word Games, not Magic!  (Perhaps not a huge difference, but significant enough).  However, after all My business in Court was completed for the day, it was a friend who said to Me afterward, “I can’t believe he accused You of using Word Magic!  What did he mean by that?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Are You sure those were the Words he used, I thought he said Word Games?”

“No, I’m sure he said Word Magic because I immediately wanted to know if You knew what he was talking about.  Do You?”

“Of course I do, but I never thought a Justice would be foolish enough to bring the Word up in front of Me – and he knew I was listening.”

“Well, are You going to enlighten Me?  What does he mean by Word Magic?”

“Word Magic is what the Justice was using.  He was the one Casting Spells by as King of Me if I am a lawyer.  His intention was to discredit Me in front of the Court, call Me a fraud because I am not a licensed member of the ‘Bar Society’.  When I as King of the Justice to define what he means by the Word lawyer, it was a protection Spell that caused his Magic to fail.  That just made him more angry, so he lost his cool and decided to attack My attire.  We are inclined to attack or run from that which We fear.  The Justice can’t run, so he decided to attack.”

“Wow.  Is that really what happened there?”

“Well, I can’t say for sure, but that is most certainly how I am interpreting the information, especially now that You have confirmed he accused Me of Word Magic.  I guess in a Way he’s right, My Magic defeated his Magic and he didn’t seem too happy about it.”

“So what’s really going on?  Why are they attacking You in the first place?”

“Because no one Will beat Me in Court on their merits alone.  They are counting on Magic to win their Case.  They just didn’t know their Magic can’t touch Me – but they are learning…”

I said I would kick some ass when I finally made My Way into the Courts – and I’ve kept My Word.  This was an attempt to ‘knock Me down a peg’.  It isn’t going to work, it’s only going to help.  Remember, no such thing as bad publicity.  I’m still amazed I was able to Keep My composure as well as I did, I don’t even remember feeling angry – a little bewildered and shocked, but not angry.  And really, it was kind of funny for Me to watch an old man who is alleged to be an example of Honour lose his composure in front of everyone…  Over nothing!  I might know what’s going on and what he was trying to do, but what [Honourable] Justice Perkins McVey said about Court seeming as though it is all in code is absolutely true – the rest of the Court probably had little or no Idea what was going on, to them it would only have looked as though a Justice lost his cool for no Good reason.  And that’s how those spectators Will remember it, and [dishonourable] Justice Freling.

“So, what are You going to do now?”

I’m going to complain about him, then I am going to advise prosecution that he can no longer Act as Justice in this matter as he demonstrated bias against defence Counsel on the Court Record (which constitutes a conflict of interest and would be unfair to My friend).  And this is why Tuesday was a Gift.

The real news, is that I didn’t waste any time getting the work done.  I have prepared My defence for My friend and I anticipate prosecution Will withdraw the charges without further incident.  If they don’t, We Will crush them when it goes to trial.  And that’s only half of what I managed to accomplish.

I also managed to get My Letter of complaint to the Justices of the Peace Review Counsel Writ and Will be publishing a copy of it here as soon as I get it faxed.  Although I can’t disclose anything I am doing for My client, I can assure You the Courts Will be taking Me a little more seriously next time We meet.  The same is true about My Letter of complaint to the Justices of the Peace Review Counsel – complaints are taken very seriously and they Will watch the audio and video footage of the Justice’s meltdown and slander.  Slander is a pretty serious crime for a Justice to commit on/in a Court of Record.  Justice Kreling won’t soon forget Me, I Give You My Word on that!

Well, I have to go and eat some lunch.  I really am very excited about everything that is going on in My life and I Wish I could more accurately articulate why these two small Spells Will have such an affect on the Universe, I only know that they Will.  Magic is real and the one thing I Will do, is make sure that it is never used against any of My friends in Court.

Love and Blessings, Peace be with You,








The Good News Journal, Volume XXXI: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – The Magic of 09.09.09., Part II

I Will continue Part II precisely where I left off and see if I can’t get both Parts Published today.

Duty Counsel had just confirmed My friend’s right to have Me Act as his counsel but We were now in a very difficult situation; the Justice won’t allow Me to Act as defence for My friend, My friend is not comfortable speaking for himself in front of a Justice, and We still have to deal with his matter! My friend was also visibly upset by the situation and when I told My friend that We can file a complaint against the Justice, Duty Counsel almost seemed pleased to know that I would.  They began looking for information and forms about how to file a complaint with the Justice until I assured them I know exactly how and where to file My complaint.

We leave the Crown’s office and I have one more consultation (consult A Sean) with My friend.

“Look, We’re in a shitty situation right now, but it’s not going to matter in the big picture.  You are Acting ‘under duress’, You are being denied the right to freely choose Your own Counsel.  I have no Idea what the Justice Will say to You and I don’t want to antagonize him, so I’m going to stay outside the Courtroom for now.  Express Your belief in Your right to freely choose Your own Counsel and see if You can get a new Court date set.  I’ll be close by.”

I left the Courthouse to have a smoke and found a few more of My friends waiting for Me out front, all of them considerably more furious about the day’s events than I was.  I told them not to worry, I Will file a complaint against the Justice and, (if nothing else), the Act of filing a complaint should provide reasonably grounds for conflict of interest and I should never have to deal with him again, at least with respect to this matter.  My friends seemed to settle when I told them I would file a compliant, I finished My smoke and returned to the Court to see how My friend was making out.

When I returned, My friend was in front of the Justice and it appeared as though he hadn’t been there long.  I’m pretty sure he was also the last man remaining in the room.  When I entered the Court, I took a seat quietly behind My friend to witness what was going on.  It was clear that the Justice was ‘challenging’ My friends choice of Counsel (Me).

“He was not dressed properly, he is not a lawyer, he is dishonest and trying to undermine the integrity of the Court and Canada’s Judicial system with Word Magic!…”

Word Magic?  Hmmm…  Dishonest?  Undermining the integrity of the Court and the Judicial process?  Wow!!!  Those are some pretty harsh claims, Justice Herb Keling!  Then, he has the audacity to acknowledge that he is saying these things in front of Me, confirming (on the Court of Record) that he is talking about Me and deliberately trying to manipulate My friend and discredit Me as his Counsel!  That is not what is expected of an ‘impartial’ Justice and this really is a serious breach of his Oath.

“Oh, and he has just returned to the Court…” the Justice continues.

My friend Will not let Duty Counsel Act for him because he is not pleased with what they have done for him in the past.  He does not qualify for legal aid and My friend would otherwise represent himself.  He feels I am more competent than he is and I’m quite sure that I am.

“I still want Sean to represent Me”, says My friend.

The Justice shakes his head and looks over at Duty Counsel who are now standing where I was first standing earlier that morning.

“Duty Counsel has no opinion on this matter, Your Honour.”

At this point I decide to take My chances and stand up, letting the Justice know I have something to say without actually saying anything.  He ignores Me and keeps his eyes and attention on My friend, setting up a new Court date.  At this point I stand directly behind My friend so I can whisper in his ear and remind him of the two pieces of additional disclosure We are still waiting to receive.  The Justice says We can ask for additional disclosure directly from the Crown and confirms a date two weeks later without ever making eye contact with Me again.  We were done, next Court Present ‘A’ Sean Will be October 23rd.

I have always expected and anticipated that I would encounter challenges along the Way, though I never anticipated that a Justice would Willfully slander Me without provocation.  And really, jeans are not reasonably ‘provocation’.  In fact, it may be worth noting that My attire is as it has always been for any matter I have had in Court and no other Justice has ever complained about it.  If any were to ask why I dress the Way I do, they would find that I have a very Good reason – this Justice did not ask or Give Me a chance to explain.  And it was not the same Justice as the last time I had Acted as defence Counsel for My friend, so the only Way the Justice could have known I had worn jeans last time was if the prosecutor told him and complained about it.  Yes, the Crown discreetly advised Me that I should not wear jeans in Court, but it was not heard by the Justice and I don’t take orders from My adversary.  Now, I have even more reason and determination to continue wearing jeans in Court – just to prove that I can!

I hope this day finds You all well.  Remember, there are no coincidences.  For every Action, there is an equal and opposing reaction.  That is the Law.  😉

Love and Blessings,

“Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici”


The Good News Journal, Volume XXXI: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – The Magic of ‘09.09.09’.

Hello world!!!  Well, I was back in Court again yesterday, October 9th, 09:00, Courtroom 9, Acting as defence Counsel for My friend.  It was something of an auspicious date for Court; even when I met with My friend to go over his disclosure, he said to Me that he could never forget 9,9,9 and would be sure to be there early to meet Me – and he was Good to his Word, excited to see Me there waiting for him.

Everything went exceedingly well in the beginning.  I first went into the Court ten to fifteen minutes before nine and approached the Crown, as King to them if they had any additional disclosure for Me today.  Crown suggested I have full disclosure already and I advised them of the information I am still waiting to receive.  Crown did not have any further disclosure available for Me today, nor did they seem to have any intention of presenting any additional disclosure in the future.  That was all the information I needed to know what I would do for My friend in Court.

My friend waited for Me outside the Courtroom and I returned to advise him that the Crown was under the impression We have full disclosure already, and explained to him what information [from the initial disclosure] We were still waiting to receive to prepare Our defence.  My friend was satisfied with My Counsel (it’s pretty straightforward stuff, really) and We endeavoured to track down any additional disclosure (first appearance package and anything else) that may still be in the Hands of duty Counsel.

We were unable to accomplish anything more before 9:00, so I told My friend I would see how busy they were and let him know when We would enter the Court.  They were flooded with lawyers at 9:00, so I waited with My friend in the lobby, checking periodically.  At roughly 9:30 I told him We would head into the Court and I would ‘get in line’ with the other lawyers, which is exactly what I did.  There was no ‘seating’ room, so I stood off to the side while I waited for a seat.  One of the lawyers finished his business and his seat remained empty while another lawyer did his thing.  I watched carefully and nobody moved to take the empty chair, though when the second lawyer was done, another lawyer moved up to take his place.  This time, I took the empty seat beside him and as King of the other lawyers how many others there were before Me.  There was only one other lady seated behind Me and she said if I only had one matter, I could go next.  Finally it was My turn and I stood up to address the Court; that’s when the day’s antics began.

“Just one matter this morning, Your Honour’, quoting the numbers on the docket and announcing the name of My friend to the Court.

“And Your name for the Record?” asks the Court clerk.

“Sean von Dehn, ‘V’ as in Victor, ‘o’, ‘n’, Capital ‘D’, ‘e’, ‘h’, ‘n’.”

“Last time You were here the Court was under the impression You are a lawyer and You were Given information under that pretext.  Are You a lawyer?”

“Well, I guess that depends on Your definition of ‘lawyer’.  According to any English dictionary, yes, I am a lawyer.”

Now the Justice is yelling at Me, “You know what I mean and I’m not playing Word games with You.  You were told last time You were in Court that jeans are unacceptable, yet You are wearing them again today.”

“Well, I assure You, Your Honour, My attire Will have nothing to do with the quality of My Suit.”

“Step back from the bar right now, I am not hearing any more from You!”

Needless to say, I’m not pleased at this point.  Part of Me wants to snap back at him, raise My own Voice – My conscience tells Me to ‘be cool, retain Your composure’, and I do.  I’m not sure if I said anything at all, I think I just nodded My head and began collecting My paperwork.  I’ve felt rushed to leave even when things have gone as well as I would have hoped, I wasn’t going to rush to collect My paperwork just because I’m being yelled at by a Justice, nor am I going to take the bait and engage in any conflict in Court.  I remained calm as I quietly collected My things.

“I said to step back from the bar!” repeats the Justice as I gather My belongings.

“Yup,” I say casually without looking up, calmly collecting the last of My things and putting them neatly in their place.  Then I leave the bar, bow, turn My back to the Justice and make My Way back to where My friend had been seated to make a few quick notes before collecting My coffee cup and making My Way out of the Courtroom, bowing once again before I leave.

Just because the Justice is Acting in dis-Honour, doesn’t mean I have to – I’m not stooping to his level under any circumstance.  His name, by the Way, is Justice Herb Kreling.  This was My first encounter with him and the first Justice I Will be filing an official complaint against.

One might perceive an event like this to be a ‘bad thing’.  The Truth is, it worked to My benefit more than anyone might imagine; I gained the sympathy of the Court as well as My peers.  The Public appeared horrified by what they had just witnessed and the fact that I was able to maintain My composure was something that actually astounded Me!  I think I was too shocked by what happened to be embarrassed in the moment.  I actually had two individuals follow Me out of the Courtroom and as King of Me if I would Act as Counsel for them, too!

“Um, did You see what just happened in there?”

“Yeah, I did!  And it was completely out of line, You did nothing wrong!  If the only thing he has to complain about is how You’re dressed, You must be really Good!  It seemed like the Justice is afraid of You.”

“Interesting.  And thank You.  Yes, I Will happily Act as Counsel for anyone, but I am not a licensed lawyer, I am a Common Law lawyer in a Common Law Jurisdiction.  I primarily defend human rights.”

“Okay, can You Give Me Your number?”

And I did, of course.

For a change, duty Counsel was exceedingly courteous and helpful.  When We went there together after the grand display in Court, they did as King of Me if I am a lawyer and I very carefully explained to them that I am not licensed, not a member of the law society, but more than capable of providing defence Counsel for My friend in any Common Law Jurisdiction.  I then briefly outlined My defence strategy.  There were two [licensed] lawyers representing Duty Counsel in the room, one of the ladies raised her eyebrows and said, ‘yeah, that sounds like a pretty solid defence strategy.’

“Thank You.”

Then, turning to My friend, “We have nothing to do with what just happened in Court but if You do want a licensed lawyer, We Will represent You.”

“No, the only lawyer I want is My friend, I Trust My friend.”

Not only did neither of the Duty Counsel lawyers try to sway his decision, they actually seemed to endorse and support his decision once he said that he “Trusts” Me.  They also seemed genuinely surprised and concerned with what had happened in Court, though it was My friend who was openly expressing more anger.

“Why would he [the Justice] do that?  Don’t I have the right to have anyone I want represent Me?  I didn’t see him do anything wrong, can they really discriminate like that because of jeans?”

Duty Counsel just sat there shaking their head, “I don’t presume to speak for the Justice, but yes, You do have the right to have anyone Act as [defence] Counsel.”

Wow, over 1300 Words already, time to Sign off and make Way for a Part Two!

Don’t miss the continuation of this story, the outrageous behaviour and antics of Justice Herb Kreling are only just beginning!!!

I hope this day finds You Happy, Healthy, and Loved.


The Good News Journal, Volume XXX: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition

Well, I hope everyone is feeling wonderful today!  For Me, it really is a ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, even if no further [Good] Fortune were to come from it, it has already been a fabulous week.

Shortly after Writing My last Post, the friend I am providing Counsel for in Court found Me.  It was Great to see him and even better to hear what happened to him the day he was supposed to be in Court.  Apparently, he arrived at the Court by 8:30 but had some tools in his backpack that he could not bring into the Courthouse, so he had to find a friend he could leave his tools with while he attended Court.  He told Me he was back at the Courthouse by 9:30 and because I was already gone, he went to Duty Counsel’s office to find out what he should do, only to find out that ‘his lawyer’ had already dealt with the Issue.

“My lawyer?  I don’t think he’s a lawyer, he’s just My friend…  But he’s really smart, he knows what he’s doing.”

“He’s not a lawyer?”

“I don’t think so, I don’t know.”

He said she sounded angry at this point, “If he’s not a lawyer he shouldn’t be able to just walk in here and get Your disclosure.”

“I don’t know, I don’t think he’s a lawyer, I just know he knows this stuff better than Me, so I asked him to help Me.”

As furious as whomever he was speaking to may have been, My friend said exactly what he should have said and what I had as King of him to say if anyone were to ask.  I’m not a lawyer and I would never call My Self one – lawyers are practising for profit, it is a professional title.  Although English dictionaries define lawyer as anyone who advises, practices or studies law, when One is as King if they are a lawyer in Court, generally the Court is as King if the man has a licence to practice.  I don’t have a licence and I don’t want to make any false claims.  I am a human rights advocate and a teacher and representative of the Common Law, but I do not presume to be an expert in man’s corporate fiction of law, (which is what the licence is for).  It Will be interesting to see if the Court as King of Me any Quest-Ion’s with respect to My ability to competently Act as Counsel for My friend.  If they do, I Will be ready…

That was the other great Gift I was Given this week; yesterday My friend and I had a chance to review his disclosure for the first time.  I hadn’t looked at it yet as it seemed a breach of Trust in the event that My friend changed his Mind about My Counsel – it is difficult to know what to do when Your client doesn’t show up.  However, his not being there for Court boosted My client’s confidence in My ability to defend him.  “I couldn’t believe You were already gone and that it was all taken care of, You are amazing!”

“Meh, no sweat…”

I did Give him a bit of a lecture about making sure he meets with Me before We go to Court (at which time he explained why he was so late).  The Courts need to know that he has asked for My Counsel and consented to allowing Me to Present his Case to the Courts.  I don’t think he needs to be there for Our next Court date any more than he needed to be there last time, though I would like the Court to hear direct from My client that I am Acting as Counsel on his behalf (a friend did once say that “Wonderful Counsellor” was one of the Ways I would be remembered). 😉

I also respect the same lawyer/client privileges any lawyer would offer, only better.  I Will never disclose any information contained in the disclosure of cases I am War King on.  I do have the freedom and right to let the public know the names of My clients, but I don’t even want to share that information right now.  What I can say, is that Constable Christopher Jenkyn (the officer who assaulted Me before My arrest) was responsible for My friend’s arrest, too.  I don’t like what I’ve seen from Constable Jenkyn so far, and My new Case is going to Give Me one more reason to complain about him.  It seems that every day, all My Cases become a little stronger.

An oxy-moron to ponder. The ‘logic’ of The Salvation Army Booth Centre. Create a smoking area where it is ‘illegal’ to loiter and a falling snow hazard/danger to clients. Good job, Jason Prevost…

There is a Willful determination on the Part of The Salvation Army to trespass on the rights and dignity of their clients, including breach of trust and subjecting clients to rules and regulations that would otherwise only be applicable in jail.  Seriously.  Only in jail and shelters are nail clippers, a personal grooming item, are considered a weapon dangerous enough that if a client is found to own a pair, they can be temporarily denied access to the facility for a duration of time that is discretionary relative to the whim of whomever is responsible for finding the nail clippers.  Yeah, that’s respecting the rights and dignity of clients – not!!!  The Salvation Army Booth Centre does not even try to reflect Christian philosophies or the teachings Christ, though they ‘claim’ that is the foundation of the organization.  The Salvation Army is a corporate shill, fraud, and a disgrace to Christian philosophy and the teaching of Christ.  And that is My opinion and Claim on the [Common Law Court of] Record.  If The Salvation Army Wishes to defend against My Claim, You know where to find Me.

Love and Blessings, everyone – more letters to Salvation Army staff coming soon!!!

The Good News Journal, Volume XXIX: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition

Hello everyone!!!  Lots of Great News for everyone in The Good News Journal today.  I Will quickly finish up My last Story, tell You what it was like to meet Daniel Power, report on The Salvation Army’s Thursday morning basement stabbing and reveal new information regarding My own legal Matters.  And I’ll get Write to it. 😉

After My morning in Court, I put Word on the street that My friend (client) should find Me as soon as possible and I still have not spoken with him.  Today I walked all the Way across town to leave a message at his apartment and if he doesn’t find a Way to reach Me before his next court date, I Will just remove My Self from the record and return his disclosure to Crown.  I hope he finds Me soon.

My meeting with Daniel Power was not quite the miracle meeting I thought it might be, but I am still cautiously optimistic.  I swear every  [social/housing] ‘worker’ starts with the presumption that everyone subject to a shelter must have a mental health issue of some kind and I suppose there is Good reason to make that presumption – more than fifty percent of People here probably do, and that estimate is likely a modest one.  He asked Me a few questions that I thought were reasonably pointless but I am long past presuming to understand why there is such a necessity to fill out so many forms.  The only things required to get a man into dignified housing should be a dignified living space and the funding required to rent it.  I was more interested to find out if he was going to as King of Me to apply for a birth certificate, health card, or any other piece of ‘government issued’ identification but I informed him that I would not be compelled to contract with any private organization to exercise My right to a life worthy of human dignity before he had a chance to ask.

There were a few interesting details about meeting Dan.  Initially, Dan had said he did not know anything about Me, though a few minutes later he was showing Me photos of artwork on his phone.  I mentioned that I really enjoy painting My Self and he said that was the reason he was showing Me the photos – he’d seen My work.  Initially, he had said that he knew nothing about Me, so that isn’t true because he knows I paint…  Then he as King of Me if I am on the ‘registry’ for housing.  Apparently, this is an important part of the housing process; if One is not on the housing registry, it is alleged One does not ‘qualify’ for housing.  The interesting thing about that question, is if I am not on the registry, there would be no reason for him to be there.  How exactly was this meeting arranged if I am not on a ‘registry’, where is he getting the information?  These are some of the Quest-Ions I Will be as King of Daniel next time We meet, as well as requesting copies of any contracts or documents containing My name and/or anything he is/has as King of Me to Sign.  Sadly, I was hoping that Dan might be the kind of man who would have the intellectual capacity to comprehend My documents; he’s not.

However, I did receive a couple of wonderful Gifts this week, too.  A copy of ‘The Police Officers Pocketbook’ was Given to Me by a friend.  It’s from 1984 (a little out of date) but it’s a criminal code book and it was Gifted to Me only shortly after a friend of mine had suggested I learn some of their codes.  I’m not really interested in learning how to codify the Laws of God, though the Book has already proven useful for providing some definitions of important ‘legal’ terms (like ‘bank note’, for example). 😉

Code of the Matrix (hasn’t seen My Tricks)

The other wonderful Present I was Gifted with this week, was the opportunity to finally review full disclosure of the information against Me.  Because I am now Acting as Counsel for anyone who may as King of Me, I decided to invest in an external, rewriteable DVD/CD Drive, primarily to review disclosure information.

41 Pages comprise the complete disclosure of information against Me…  And I still have no Idea how prosecution hopes to win their case.  I don’t even know how they hope to avoid humiliation!  I was thing King about sending My mother and brother a formal, Hand Writ invitation to Court to watch the proceedings, Promising it would be a day well worth being in attendance for.  However, although I had always anticipated I would win, I am not so sure My mother and brother Will be so entertained by My performance.  I am not going to reveal anything about how I Will do what I am claiming I Will do, but I Will systematically destroy and humiliate every single person the prosecution Will bring to testify against Me so effectively, I’m not so sure My mother and brother Will be proud – I think they might think the Way I Will treat My adversaries in Law to be cruel and unkind.  I am not cruel and unkind, but I Will expose corruption and deceit wherever I find it.  Let’s just say the disclosure against Me is such a wonderful Gift, I don’t need to do another thing before I go to trial – the information prosecution Gave Me is damning enough to their Case.  I’m not even sure how I Will drag the proceedings out for a full day and a half, but I am looking forward to playing with prosecution the Way a cat toys with a mouse.  I am going to have Way more fun than anyone could Imagine, it Will be quite a Court debut, I Give You My Word.

Finally, I wanted to report a stabbing from Thursday morning.  A friend told Me the incident was eventually published in one of the local newspapers, but the article says nothing about the incident taking place in the basement of The Salvation Army, or a man being carted off on a stretcher with a green handled knife still sticking out of his back.  Yeah, they don’t want You to know that these stabbing actually take place inside The Salvation Army and that the clients there are subject to witnessing traumatic events like this so frequently it ‘changes’ them.  Local media doesn’t want the public to know this is what the homeless are subject to in the nation’s capital.  Are You really proud of this nation’s capital, Mr. Trudeau and Watson?  I think it is disgraceful that You allow People, any People, to be subject to such atrocious living conditions that literally subject a man to an environment that endangers the security of his person.

Anyway, a lot more Good things going on than bad.  I Will be kicking constable Christopher Jenkyn’s ass in Court pretty soon…  And believe Me when I tell You, I Will make Harvey Specter look like an amateur.  Play the man.

Love and Blessings,