O-‘bomb’-a leads anti-nuclear talks at G20 summit meeting

As I read the news today I realized there is a need to begin discussing the headlines We are bombarded with in Our day to day lives.  For Me headlines have become somewhat predictable and insignificant.  On virtually any given day I can enjoy the wondrous experience of life in blissful ignorance of the world around Me, smile to Myself as I open My e-mail and read the latest news, though I cannot be oblivious to the perpetuatual propaganda We are collectively subject to.  I feel there is a responsibility to interpret the information We are presented with to offer an alternate perspective.

Today Yahoo’s news headlines included a unanimous decision by all members of the G20 summit meeting to actively pursue disarmament of nuclear weapons, police firing non-lethal rounds at protesters outside the G20 summit, french execs pointing blame for twenty-two company suicides, a man convicted of hijacking a plane using his father’s gun, a British Columbia murderer on the loose after leaving psych ward, and finally Ontario delays flu shot program after puzzling H1N1 study.  Eighty-three percent of today’s headlines are ‘bad’ news and this is a rather typical day in the media world.


We are so desperate for a glimmer of hope in the unanimous decision by world superpowers to enforce disarmament that We can easily forget it is the superpower states voting on this agenda that hold the majority of the world’s atomic arsenal.  Such a pact is nothing more than a means of ensuring the ‘security’ of these countries while limiting the capacity of ‘lesser’ states to compete with the superpower nations that suppress them by imposing stronger sanctions, creating further unrest and desperation.  Only when the superpower states begin to lead by example can real change begin to occur and this is something We need to demand from Our leaders if We truly want to know peace.  When Our leaders are ready to disclose the total number of atomic warheads in each state and systematically disarm them We can begin to hope for a more peaceful existence.  Today’s G20 summit is little more than a decoy designed to divert Our attention from the real problem –  those governing Our leading nations.


So where is the good news?  The good news is that more people are beginning to see through the deceptive nature of Our leaders, We are beginning to demand more, We are getting smarter.  The problem is, few of Us hear about it because it will still be some time before it makes Yahoo’s daily headlines.  Only through Our collective desire to connect with one another, to share Our thoughts in blogs and other forms of free speech can the people of the world begin to have a voice in the media.

Tense much, Obama?
Doesn’t look like he thinks much of Putin – wonder why?..

The good news for today is that We can know that the disarmament of nuclear warheads will only be achieved when those who harbor nuclear weapons decide to disarm them and We can begin to insist this is done.  We can learn that the flu vaccine administered every year has made people more susceptible to viruses like H1N1 and We can choose to let Our own immune system defend Us and become stronger in the future.  We can read all the news today and every day knowing tomorrow We will still get out of bed to face a new day.  We do this because We are waiting to know something more than all of this; one day We will.

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