The Philosophers Stone

Hello Everyone.  I hope You are all having a wonderful journey.  Once again, We are in the Temple of Equated Forces.  If You haven’t read the previous entries in this thread I recommend You do it now.

It is important that You visualize the Temple, the table with the Philosopher’s Stone at the center, the gateway to the new world, the colours of each of the remaining three walls with their silk curtains, the pillar’s, the candles with their steady flame.  This is the Our Temple where anything is possible.  The Words I Write here manifest.  I said that soon I would remove the veil so You can see the new world I’ve been promising.

This is the real world, this is Truth.  The dream is real, the world You live in every day is the illusion.  Here We are Magical.  We each have Our special gift and Our unique way of bringing it forth into the world.  This is Our Creative Expression, Our True Magic.

My own personal quest had taken Me on many new adventures and I have so much more wisdom to share with You now.  Even fully awakened souls make mistakes.  The difference is that the awakened soul knows there are no coincidences and no mistakes.  We are continually evolving, transcending new challenges, overcoming new adversaries.

In My personal quest over the last year I cycled across the country.  It was something I had always wanted to do and even at this stage of wakefulness I discovered much about Myself.  I trust My intuition, I always have.  I used to say I am fearless.  I discovered I’m not fearless – I love being afraid, I love a challenge.  The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.  I run toward everything I’m afraid of.  So I guess that’s why I never really identified it with fear.  But fear makes Me feel alive.  “Normal” life bores Me to death, I think almost literally.

Anyway, it is worth mentioning for anyone who may also be walking the path of the Spiritual Warrior that the greatest and most difficult realization of all, was that Love was actually holding Me back.  It is the only reason that I have not yet done what I came here to do.  I care about My family so much – which is perfectly normal.  But My family has not been very kind to Me since I started walking this path.  I have consistently surrendered to My family’s insecurities, their worries about how I live My life, wanting Me to have a steady job, to pay taxes, to carry identification, to be ‘normal’.  And in some way or another I always gave into them.  I haven’t been welcome in My own home for seven years now, yet I catered to their insecurities, desperately trying to gain their approval.  I don’t like to be a hypocrite.  I like to walk My talk, be the change We need to see in the world.  I say that You should never let anyone’s opinion of You or how You are living Your life affect Your decisions.  The only person You have to answer to at the end of the day, is You.

I don’t like who I am when I’m trying to keep My family happy.  And I’m not responsible for their happiness.  I would like for them to take an interest in their spirit, I would like for everyone to know the unlimited Creative power they hold within them.  But I can’t show anyone what they don’t want to see.  I want them to wake up because I know they have to.  We all do.  If they don’t hear My Words, they will hear the Universe.  I know this and that’s why I was so reluctant to let go.  But I have.  And I have never felt better.  (637)

It was the last ‘letting go’.  Spirituality is about non attachment.  To everything.  It’s a hard concept to grasp perhaps but it is true.  That doesn’t mean not caring, it simply means being unattached.  I’m not responsible for My family or anyone else’s karma.  You can lead a horse to water…

I cannot stress the importance of this message enough.  The Philosopher’s Stone is now accessible to all, the veil is about to be lifted.  I have shared the with You the power of the Word and explained how it works, I have told You that anything is possible, that anything You can conceive in Your Mind You can Create.

This Blog and My Book are already perfect examples of Our Creative power.  Everything I’ve said would happen is happening.  All the doors are opening and the veil is being lifted.  Here in the Temple of Equated Forces We are Magical Beings, We are Gods.

That is what We are going to focus on here.  In My next entry I will reveal how the veil is being lifted for all of humanity.  But the important thing to remember is that it IS already done.

When I first awakened seven years ago, I told You that the first thing I realized was that I was not My name, I was infinitely bigger than that.  I took on a new identity to reflect My new understanding, the spirit of the Elephant – Peace, Love, Truth, Strength.  I Created a symbol to reflect that intention and use it to represent who and what I am.  I have also said that I am like Christ, that We all are.  This thread is called “Memoirs of the Messiah” for a reason.

In My next entry I’m going to show You just how True that is.  Not on a Spiritual level, I’ve already discussed Our Creative power in great depth in previous entries.  No, this time I am going to show how everything I’ve told You about spirit is revealed in Our illusory world.  I will show You how You are a member of the catholic church whether You like it or nor.  I’ll show You just how much Truth there is in knowing You are not Your name.

I’m going to begin to reveal things to You that will make the world You live in every day seem more far more fictional than anything I’m Writing here.  This is the real world, this is Truth, this is Love, this is Creation, this is the Word – Logos.

Until next time, Nemaste.

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