History… Or Your Story?

Captain’s Log:

18th Adar I, 5776

Welcome back to the Temple of Equated Forces.  Congratulations, You’ve also learned to time travel.  Seriously.  I promised to help You discover Your ‘super-human’ Self.  I’ve asked You to suspend disbelief, believe that anything is possible, just as You would while You read any other work of fiction.

Truth really is stranger than fiction.  And let’s face it, most of Us would agree that the world is probably much older than 5776 years, too!  So Our ‘fantasy’ date isn’t really that unrealistic if You think about it.  This is also one of the most powerful elements of the spell that has been cast on You.  You’ve been taught to believe You are living in 2016 and this is most certainly not the Truth.  And it is not an accident.  Remember, there are no coincidences.  Ever.

We were cast into the years or timeline of “A.D.” (commonly believed to mean “after death” [of Christ]).  We were cast into biblical times, whether We like or not.  As such, We are characters in that story.  I’ve talked about this before in previous entries, the self-fulfilling prophecy and the power of collective conscience, Our co-Creation working on a sub-conscious level.  If We live in the A.D., We are part of His Story, like it or not.  And His Story will keep repeating it Self until We realize this because right now His Story is the only one We know.  I’m talking about powerful Magick that I will get into great detail explaining in future entries – it doesn’t ‘matter’ if You believe You believe the bible or not.  Time is one very powerful way that the Roman Catholic Church influences Your life every day and something We all will one day over stand.  Everyone has probably heard the expression ‘the err in time’ – well, this is it!  The Roman Catholic calendar is the error in time.

So I’m bringing You with Me into the future.  We are going to imagine it’s 5776.  A few years between Us makes little difference now.  Find out how old You are.  I’m 3,803 years old so don’t be shy.  Remember, You are eternal and this might help You to realize that.  To walk this path, to enter the 5d, We must leave ALL previous notions and ideas behind.  Anything is possible here.

We are Creating a new story, collectively.  This is Your life, Your story – not ‘his’ story!  By Creating the Temple of Equated Forces We have established a physical place on a Mental plain, a higher realm.  We have travelled forward in time!  We have chosen to be the hero of Our own story and leave his story behind, destroying Our previous ID-entity.

This is only the beginning.  Word play in My entries will become common because they are working in Our subconscious continually until We bring them to the surface.  The secrets I am about to reveal to You in future entries are guaranteed to shock You.  But they are guaranteed to be a catalyst for consciousness as everything You thought was real will begin to dissolve around You.  I give You My Word.

Until next time, be blessed.  And so it is.


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