Original Sin

24 Adar 1, 5776,

Hello and welcome to the Ether, the Temple of Equated Forces where anything is possible.  And it really is!  Today I promised to ‘hit You with the heavy’ and I like to keep My Word.  If We truly want to overstand Our Self, We must start at the beginning, We must start with the ‘Original Sin’.

Let’s face it, We’ve all heard that We begin life damned, that We are born into sin.  Yet, when We see the new-born child, the wide-eyed innocence, the vulnerable, virtually helpless infant We have to wonder – how could this possibly be true?  How could there possibly be anything sinful about this precious gift of Creation?

Well, what if the original sin wasn’t Yours?  What if the original sin was the hand of Your mother?  I warned You I would hit You with the heavy!  Is it really so hard to believe?  Why is it that Eve is portrayed as the temptress, the one who convinces Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, an apple from the tree of knowledge?  There are deep, deep allegories here that will make much more sense as We get to the root of this.

For starters, it is the Tree of Knowledge that was forbidden.  Why is this significant?  Because it suggests that Eve was innocent.  Yes, she defied God and was warned of the consequences.  But when one is told that all the Knowledge of God is contained in an apple, who would not be tempted to eat this fruit?  Why would God play such a cruel trick?  He could have chosen NOT to place the tree in the garden at all and remove the temptation altogether – but he didn’t.  Why?  Because it is just a story.  God is LOVE and does not play cruel tricks – that is the work of demons…  And what was it that taunted Eve?  A snake in the grass.  Remember, it’s just a story; a very elaborate, complex and detailed story with a ton of wisdom and powerful allegories – but a story no less.  My intention is not to offend those who believe the bible is a literary, historical account of events but that is the Truth.  If You can’t accept this then You are not yet ready for the Truth.  This is a close-Minded perspective.  In order to find Truth, one must be open to all possibilities.  For those of You who are, I will explain in great detail as Our story continues to evolve and ‘his’ story begins to dissolve.

A snake taunted Eve.  Symbolically, this represents evil in the world, present (pre-sent) from the very beginning of mankind.  By suggesting that the greatest sin is to have the knowledge of God is one of the deepest fundamental subconscious programs running in the Mind’s of men – that the “True” knowledge of God should not be known, to question any Word of ‘his story’ is sinful.  Think about that for a moment.  This is a very important concept to overstand.  If God is the most benevolent, loving being one can imagine, should We not all aspire to be Godly?  What could possibly be sinful about seeking the Truth of such magnificence?  Nothing – and that’s the point.  One of the most hard-wired programs active in the subconscious psyche of man is that he should question nothing about the bible or anything else deemed to be Truth by the Roman Catholic Church.

Although there may be many variations of Christian religion, I am specifically referencing the Roman Catholic Church with intention.  This particular sect of Christianity has deliberately used their overstanding of man’s natural, God-like nature to keep the ‘masses’ ignorant of their true power.  It took a great deal of time for Me to overstand how this was done and now I’m going to share this knowledge with You.

You are not Your name, You have a name.  Nothing new here, nothing I haven’t said before, simple and obvious enough on the surface.  But what are the deeper implications?  Your mother gave You a name, so what?  Well, the problem is most will still believe they ARE their name, even though common sense dictates otherwise – Your name is just something You are ‘called’, or referenced by – a way to tell You apart from Your brothers and sisters…  How could something so seemingly innocent damn You?  Because You were tricked into thinking it’s You.

You look at Your birth certificate, see a name and associate that ‘title’ with Your Self.  You do the same thing when a bill arrives in the mail, or when You apply for some kind of social security number so You can work and pay taxes.  This is how You were born into sin.

Your mother authored Your birth certificate and registered Your birth.  She was likely even told she must do this or the child will have no access to health care, education or other ‘social benefits’ of the society.  And so she does.

Does mother know what it means to register something?..  I would like to think the answer is no, that mother has no idea what she’s doing when she registers the birth of her child.

Legally, registration refers to a transfer of ownership.  But to whom?  In this case, to the ‘country’ the child was born in.  I’m sure some of You are thinking, “no, that doesn’t mean the child is owned by their country, it simply means they are a citizen of that country.”

Well, You would be right on one count – the child is now a citizen of their country.  However, this also makes the child property of that country.  Now I know that if You have not heard these ideas before (and perhaps even if You have), You must be thinking, “No!  That’s not possible, one cannot claim ownership of a man!  That would be slavery!”

And You would be right.  That’s where the Magick comes in.  In My next entry I will explain how this was done and You will finally begin to overstand just how dark Black Magick can be.  No more secrets, it’s time to shed some light on this dark practice.

Until next time, be blessed.  And so it is.

[Disclaimer – I feel it is necessary to explain why I am only referencing ‘man’, not ‘woman’.  Well, man is the Word I am using for all mankind, which equally includes women.  To suggest that another title be required for woman is in and of itself a disempowerment to women, regarding them as something separate from man, whether it be lesser or greater.  The term ‘woman’, is simply ‘womb-man’, man with a womb.  We are one family, equal in every way.  To suggest that the term’man’ does not include women divides mankind and is one perception that I feel desperately needs to change.]


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