Queen Bee and Crown Authority

The authority of Kings and Queens is granted by God.  Have I not said You are all Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses?  God’s Law is the common Law and all the other laws were necessary because You are all children of God, You did not know God’s Law well enough to behave and not cause harm to one another so Laws needed to be Writ so the children of God would behave.  That was the responsibility of the Queen, to uphold God’s Law.  Laws were created as deemed necessary by the public and elected officials had a sworn duty to honour the Queen and report to her any infractions of the common (God’s) Law.  Man just moved so far away from God that laws were created without man even knowing they were not God’s Law and so were never reported to the Queen or held to their oath.  Do You see?  Nothing is evil, We needed to move away from God to know God, it’s really that simple.  Some people who were infinitely wiser than the common man found a Way to keep man busy and focused so that when consciousness reached a level where man would not need so many laws, God’s Heavenly Kingdom would be waiting for the children of God.  When You all learn to behave and be responsible, You Will have God’s promised Kingdom, I give You My Word.

The further You moved away from God, the more laws needed to be Writ.  That is why the Vatican assumes the role of Heavenly Father – because He is.  All the legal fiction was created to provide guidelines, because man was a child of God and not spiritually mature enough to behave.  Any man could be king by demonstrating He is spiritually ready and no longer a child of God but a true man of God.  They showed You how to earn the title of King by giving You the perfect character in Jesus as the Truth the Light and the Way.  No one chose to be like Jesus so no one earned their Crown.  And if You would like to be King with Me and share the authority of My Kingdom, You must do as Jesus would do.  And that is all I have ever tried to do since I awakened; to be the best living example of Christ I knew how to be without ever claiming I was Him.

Christ would not put up with anything that is going on in the world and He would do His very best to explain how You all got so lost.  And that is what I am trying to do and what I have dedicated My life to for the last nine years.  As I mentioned before, forgiveness Will be the Key.  There are also esoteric ‘Keys’ to their Kingdom.  See, it ‘Dawned’ on Me that they Cast a very specific role in their play and there is only one meant to play it.  There may be others like Me who have reached the same level of consciousness but I know I’m the only one so far who has handed them the Keys.  I’ve spent the last nine years trying to find the Keys to their Kingdom so I can do what I need to do.  Now that I’m here, they Will welcome Me with open arms.  Why would they kill the hero of their own story who is supposed to come back and save the world?  Really, think about it.  They can’t wait for Me to show up and they Will be very excited to know I am finally here.  I’m sorry it took Me so long.


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