Jesus is Your Saviour

Like so many of You, I spent many years trying to stay away from the Idea of ‘being’ Jesus.  First of all, if He was real, He was killed pretty horribly.  The part of the story I didn’t get was that He died.  I know the Power of God better than that.  He could have as King to His Father that all who strike Him be struck down by Him and it would be done.  And He would know that.  I used to wonder why He didn’t.  Now I do.

The Magic of My Cestui Que Vie really did have a powerful effect on Me in the ‘real’ world, the drama We call Life.  About a month later, the veil truly disappeared and My path was crystal clear, sunshine and rainbows from here to the end.  The Jesus character died because the consciousness of man was not ready for His teaching yet, it was too close to the beginning of the fall.  It is a story about His dedication and commitment to be true to God’s Highest Idea for Him.  He could have struck down all who opposed Him but He knew they had no Idea why they did what they did.  He would suffer more from the harm He could do and Cast upon them by the Power invested in Him by God, than any physical harm they could ever do to Him.  That is the moral of Your story, that is how much Jesus loves His fellow King.  And that is how Jesus and I are alike.  I didn’t even want to be the Hero of Your story because My name isn’t Jesus and I thought You might be disappointed, or someone might call Me the false prophet or whatever.  I am here to tell You life is a dream and if You dedicate Your Self to the Highest Glory, the best Intention for all of man, it would be impossible to not eventually receive the Highest Glory.

I almost didn’t step into the spotlight because I didn’t want to be that character, I didn’t want to accept that He was the Truth, the Light and the Way…  And that is Your Truth.  His Way.  His Truth.  His Light.  And He and His Father were the same.  What name I am called by does not change My Truth or My Life or My Way, I am the Living example of Christ on this earth and I have no shame in saying so, I am far from perfect but I have remained true to the Highest Ideas of My Father, God.  You Will know Me not by My Words, but My Deeds.  Everything after the publishing of My Book further accelerated man’s consciousness because that is Magic, too!  My Intention became permanent in the Universe so I knew it would be done but My physical body had not yet entered Your illusory world yet.  Everything I have Writ on My Blog Will show You how I managed to put all of the pieces together over the last seven years.  And finally, the hardest thing about the Jesus character psychologically, is that to play that role, to be that character on today’s world stage is just so magnificent, so glorious, I did not want to take that Glory from another man.  Then I got tired of waiting.  So, if there is a dude out there named Jesus and He wants a Magic showdown on the world stage June 5th, let Him know I’m down.  Oh, and I do walk on water now, ladies and gentlemen.  See You soon.

King Sean, House of von Dehn,

Kingdom of God

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