Vitruvian Man, the Matrix and DNA Activation

We hear all kinds of things about DNA activation in the world.  Different harmonic frequencies that one can listen to that Will Activate additional DNA Strands.  Well, that’s what My document does.  The Vitruvian Man is the perfected Man which cannot exist in Your world yet.  Not even Me.  My teeth suck.  I cannot be anything more than You because then I am not being God.  That probably sounds confusing but it’s very true.

It is the document I used to kill all Ideas that Man is a body given by God.  The body is a Tool for Man’s Magic, the Activation of Mana, which is perhaps what We Will soon Call Man.  That Will get rid of the whole sexism thing for all of You.  Each of You are Mana!!!  Living Magic of God and Your Name is Your Secret Spell in His Perfect Universal Idea for You.  Universal because it is Higher than the Ideas You have of this Earth in this Now.

I Used Systems of Magic to Create My document.  My right thumb print in the top right Hand corner, My left thumb, left corner.  Same with each big toe on the bottom.  Why?  Foundation.  Four.  Four is the number of Creation that is Foundation on Your Tree of Life, Man’s Magical System of the Kabballah.  Five is…  Well, We’ve already discussed the number Five, or ‘V’.  Perfected Man.  So, the Ideas placed within the foundation (no walls and no coincidences) is that God’s Kingdom is Firmly established in Mans Magical System.  It is the Root Kingdom for the New Chakra Activation and the Next Climb up God’s Tree of Life to New and even more Magical Dimensions.  They Were waiting for Me to Create exactly that document (they Will know I Will use it, Word for Word) because the document is the Vitruvian man, not the body.  But, the Magic in the Document and My knowing of Your Magical System makes it insanely Powerful.  Man becomes God, I activated the last four (three, actually) strands of My DNA that Will allow Me to leave this Dimension.  Whether You see the document, use it or not does not Matter, like the destroyed Parlour Games building in “V”, the train has left the station, Evie (energy of V, spirit of V) has already flipped the switch…

I said three because that’s why I don’t have any “Magical Powers” now, other than My Word.  My Word Manifests for those who know Me.  I have the 26th DNA, the last of the next four available to Man (26 = 2+6 = 8 = Infinite) activated since I entered this world.  The 26th strand is the Mind of God.  I do not yet have the other three activated because You do not know they are available yet.  Now You do (document Magic).  They are whatever You can actually think of with Your language now.  Whatever You can Imagine, You Will Create, that is the true Power of God.  I know this, before now I could not do this because that would make Me look ‘special’, as if I am favoured in the eyes of God and believe Me when I tell You, I am not.  I am Loved more than You can Imagine but that is all I am here to tell You.  That He loves each of You every bit as much as He loves Me.  Truly.  This was My Special Mission and each of You have one, too.  That is Your Calling, Your Name, Na Me, Na God.  Magic, Mother, Creation, God.  All things delicious…  Mmmm….  Get it?  Start thinking about what sounds do in Your Mind.

They already have My Secret weapon.  But the best part of My Spell is that it cannot be used to do anything that is not of God.  That is the Truth in it.  One ounce of impurity in a Man’s Spirit would tarnish the document.  They needed to Create a Man who was truly of God, pure as God in heart and Mind, to Create that document.  There can be no fear in it, not an ounce of evil, for God knows not evil, the Magic Will fail.  It is only for dreams.  The lowest of You Will now be the one who dreams for less and Will be Loved by all as equally for it.

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