Hallowed be My Name…

Another thing I Will be talking about is the Cestui Que Vie.  I am only doing a Talk-Shoe Radio show this Sunday at 7:00 P.M. because I believe the information I have to share is critical to everyone most likely to listen (list-in), and I strongly encourage everyone to listen.  All shows are recorded live and I Will also post a link to the replay sometime after the show.  I have a wealth of information to share and it Will be the first time I speak to the world, My anticipation is that it Will become the most important recording in His Story, for it is the end of His-story and the beginning of My Story.

The Cestui Que Vie I Writ is a very specific document.  Every Word in it represents an Idea in man’s psyche and more importantly, the truth of man.  It is the Master thesis or graduation certificate of the occulted, Mystical Sciences in man’s world.  I am the first man to Create such a document and I understand every Word of it better than any man.  The document (Dock of Mind, EstablishMent) could only be Writ by a man with a very close connection to the consciousness of man.  The ‘powers that be’, if You Will, had a very specific document they intended for Me to Writ to prove I am, in Deed, the One.

The posts I Write leading up to the call Will be to save Me time on the call so I can teach any man how to claim God’s Kingdom and, more importantly, how one who does so must govern themselves (their Self) in the world responsibly.  The central banks and the connection to Your Will or Middle Name is very significant.  How often really, do You see Your middle name on a commercial document of any kind?  I don’t think I ever have, no one has ever presumed authority over the use of My Will.

Because nothing I do is pre-meditated and everything I do is pre-meditated, this was the first definition given by the Google God of Your world for ‘Hallowed’:

past tense: hallowed; past participle: hallowed
  1. honor as holy.
    “the Ganges is hallowed as a sacred, cleansing river”
    • make holy; consecrate.
      synonyms: holy, sacred, consecrated, sanctified, blessed; More

      revered, venerated, honored, sacrosanct, worshiped, divine, inviolable
      “trespassing on hallowed ground”
    • greatly revered or respected.
      “in keeping with a hallowed family tradition”

Nothing I do is by coincidence, I like God, do not play dice.  I did not include the name Stephen on the Cestui Que Vie, it was defined as the character of My Will in the three following documents included with the Cestui Que Vie, which were not signed, but Sealed by My Sacred Hand (both physically(raised above the paper by the expression of My Print (not impression, but above the impression), psychologically (red, authority in man’s Mind) and legally (only a living man by the Will of His Hand can produce it).

The Will of Stephen, My Will is pure and untarnished, that character is perfect, not Me.  I am in the continuous quest of perfection which only My true Father, God, really knows and it has no bounds so it can never truly be realized, He is endless, like You.

It was My Will that was lacking for so many years.  As I mentioned in a previous post, it does not matter what I believe if the rest of man believes in paper.  I have to ‘get with the program’ and produce something on paper, create something so that they can actually see Me in their fiction.  That took Me nine years.  Forty four if You want to include the thirty-five years prior as a man who was as King to know God before He re-Minded Me that I already do.

I made several attempts which could also be regarded Miss Takes (Cut, take five), like My Book and My Art, My Blog.  Are they Miss Takes, should they be Cut from the Scene in this Drama of Life?  Did they give Me God’s Kingdom?  Could I ever be anywhere else?

That is the difference.  I have had people offer to promote and sell My Book, I say no.  It was not created for profit and I did not know how to make it real in this world without publishing it the Way I did.  It is not registered and I did get a letter about it once.  I told them (rather rudely, I think) that it was not for profit and they could copy it from My website like everyone else if they want a copy (they were ‘damanding’ two, one for archives and one for library).  They never bothered Me again.

Like Al Capone, I’m told they could have arrested Me any time for not filing taxes for ten years but they didn’t.  “They” have known who I am for a very long time, much longer than I have known this.  But in some Way, My Idea of giving everything I create away for as little as I can ask has always been My Way.  If I had never ‘needed’ money My Self to survive, I would never have as King to anyone for it.

The Word was in the beginning and it was born from the nothing, the stillness, the available consciousness of the eternal abyss, the undying love which is darkness.  That is the Mother of Creation, the Darkness and it is also the greatest Love of God, Nothing, 0, O,…  “Ohhhh, now I See!!!”  So My first name, Sean, is the first Word I was Given by God, My Earthly Mother, and it represents My Earthly body, My physical Me and it is My Hand, My Word and My Voice, it is Sacred.  My Father is God, the Eternal Idea and Endless possibility, Infinite Wisdom, the continually evolving Mind of man as reflected by My Earthly Father.  His Ideas come after My body and after My Will, so My Earthly Father comes Last.  My Will is even greater than My Father’s.

But My Will must be made known to exist in man’s world for that’s how man’s Magic Works.  And it is also how man’s Law works.  It is all founded in God.  The Kingdom of Heaven has Found-A-Sean on Earth.  My sincere Intention is to give everything I am to man as King of nothing in return.  Yes, I Will drive a Porsche, I Will stay in the finest hotels and I Will eat the finest of foods but I Will not as King of any of You for any of it, I Will only use that which none of You are currently using, I have no intention of ‘owning’ anything, I Will borrow as I need to accomplish My task.  God calls that sharing.  You Will share Your stuff with Me and I Will share God’s Kingdom with You.  Good deal.

This call is in fact motivated by comments made by one of My most respected teachers.  I have been a member of a group called ‘Tactical Sovereignty” on Facebook for a number of years.  It is a group that shares information about man’s laws and learning how to administrate Your life responsibly.  The Key Word being responsibly.  I have a duty to ensure that others who call themselves teachers are teaching responsibly or I am dishonouring the group and the wealth of information provided that allowed Me to find My Way.  The man I am speaking of is considered something of a giant in the law movement and declared he is ‘out’ and the lawful owner and administrator of his estate, his Mind, Body and Soul.  I don’t believe he refers to him Self as a King and rightfully so.

This call is for him and his name is Kurtis Richard Kallenbach.  He may even be angry that I am using his name without his permission but he is a commercial character and if he wishes to sue Me I Will be happy to release sufficient wealth from God’s Kingdom to satisfy any commercial or copyright claim he may have on his life or ideas.  I am here to tell him that if You are asking for money or exchange for value for anything You offer, You are not in God’s Kingdom.  I am introducing the world to those who want to know God’s Kingdom, not the wealth of man.

If You are charging money for what You do, You have not claimed God’s Kingdom, it is really that simple.  It also means You should not be teaching because You have not yet learned how to administrate Your own estate.  If You did, You would not need money, You would free the world and pay back all the debts.  That is what I am going to do on the call.

I have said the powers that be know who I am.  I would have to be naïve to think that they were not keeping tabs on Me, rather than be paranoid for thinking they might.  Of course I know about NSA, metadata collection and all the rest of it, technologies that exist beyond man’s imagination.  They read every post of My Blog while I was detained in Toronto, probably why I was held for sixteen hours.  The only thing I Will not reveal on the call is how I communicate with them.

If the world is not meant to know what I am about to teach, believe Me when I tell You, ‘they’ Will find a Way to interfere or delay the knowledge because this was something I did not tell them I would do.  I trust they are as King to Me for this now, to teach those what it really means to be sovereign to help Our local authorities, judges and enforcers of law.  I have never spoken before because I had not yet found My Way.  Now that I have, I Will keep no Secrets, You are all free.

Love and Blessings, I Will Write much more leading up to My Call on Sunday.  😀


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