The Kingdom of Heaven Foundation

Sunday, 7:00 Eastern Star Time, Universal Pictures Presents Talkshoe Sean’s Unveiling of Truth. Love and Blessings. xoxoxo  Listen to the replay here – LOVE

Peace Prophecy

I figured that it was about time to get back to the Universal Picture and the Divine Plan God has for each of Us.  I am working on it.  And I suppose, really, this is the part people want to know most – how am I going to accomplish this task by June 5, 2017?

Well, My plan is pretty simple and basic, really.  To accomplish peace in the world, My Voice Will have to be heard by more people.  Generally, promoting My Self would be considered a weakness – I don’t really care about promotions.  I believe everyone who is meant to know Me Will know Me and that is enough.  I leave the little details like promotions to the Universe because only the Universe knows the perfect time.

My plan is to use My Cestui Que Vie Trust as the Foundation for Heaven – that’s what it is…

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