Honor and Duty

This topic (top, eye, see) deserves a Post (to make it stronger, solidify the Idea, make a Pillar) all it’s own.

I’m forty-four, I did not come to know these things without having to grow and mature both mentally and spiritually.  For most in My life who know Me personally (if not all), I am the spiritual teacher and always have been, despite how much growing I still had to do.  These realizations came upon Me slowly, gradually, almost silently, effortlessly.  So much so, that if were not paying attention I could easily miss things.  And that’s how life is, endless opportunities for experience that Will, inevitably, lead Us to the same End.

My studies have really been all across the board.  Everything from Mysticism and the Occult to the most meticulous details of law.  Law would likely have even been the field of study I would probably have said I enjoyed least; I found it daunting, boring and really had a tough time grasping any of it in the beginning.  I said once that studying law actually made Me feel stupid on more than one occasion and it’s true.  When I first began studying law I felt overwhelmed with how much there was to know and didn’t even really know where to start.  I would never have guessed that I might one day Writ the most Powerful legal document in His-Story, much less that it would be it’s End.

So I studied in spurts.  I would study law for as long as I could stand, then switch to something else, maybe paint for awhile, listen to music, watch some entertainment videos (which for Me are often of an informative nature, anyway – documentaries and such), then I would eventually get back to My studies.  Typically, the information would actually sink in over the time I was doing other things, little bits of the puzzle would somehow be revealed in those other leisure activities and I would always listen, knowing the Universe was always bringing Me everything I would need to do the work I came here to do.

The title of King is something I have been telling people We are ever since I awakened.  I was initially trying to teach everyone that man is God but that was a little hard for most people to grasp then, this was still the early stages of the explosion in consciousness, so I would say We are Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses.  And My Deeds are not the Orders I Will be filing into the Superior Court, it is the Work of My life which I know has been very closely observed for some time; My Book, My Blog, My website before that.  I’ve never signed My name to painting unless someone has specifically requested that I do so.  I never believed they were mine, I was always painting them for someone else and I was always pleased when the Universe would bring them to Me.  That was the real gift, to see what Magic My Spell would Cast into the Universe, what Wonderful Fish I might manage to reel in.  That is the reason for creating.  Build it, and the people Will come…

The title of King is also something the world Will no doubt be alarmed to hear.  The Irony of the position is that with it come all the treacherousness of the Tales of the Kings of the past, which have been known to do all the unthinkable things We’ve seen in shows like Game of Thrones.  Yet, it is no more crazy than believing worthless pieces of paper have value.  The leaders of the world know that paper has no value.  My Mother and I watched the Secret together and She as King to Me afterward what I thought of the message.  I told her the message was bang on but no one in the video understood the true Power of what they were teaching.  When she as King to Me what I meant, I told Her that if She understood the Secret, She would know I could not fail.  It teaches You that anything You can perceive in Your Mind You can Manifest.  I said I am Manifesting the End of Money, the End of Countries, the End of Oppression, the End of Suffering for all of man.  I am Manifesting that I Will heal the world.  I believed all I needed was five minutes of the world’s attention and My Work would be Done.  And so it is.

So You should all probably know that We are all Kings and I’ve had the Power to do what I can do now for at least seven years, I just didn’t know that I did.  As I mention in the prologue of My Book, it seems a man must accomplish some incredible feat in Your world before anyone Will listen (List-in, Sign/like in the Stars, Up/Higher Thinking).  I needed to ‘prove’ My worth in the world somehow.  So now I have an Honorary Degree of the 37th Order, which is the recognition and acceptance of God as absolute authority.  That’s why people get a little ‘freaked out’ at the Idea, they mistake the authority of God with Me, the man.  God comes first for Me, My ‘earthly needs’ are secondary.  My goal is only peace on this Earth.

The difference with Me and anyone else who has ever attempted what I have achieved is that not one of My documents are notarized or authenticated by any other authority but God – or Me, whichever Way You want to look at it.  It’s not a position You can apply for or ask to have approval for, it’s one that is earned by the character of a man’s life and the example set forth by Acts (Scene from Movie) and Deeds (the Work, the Study, the Growth, the Struggle – is all right here on this Blog).  It’s not like I just became a King and suddenly decided I’m going to take over the world.  I’ve been working for world peace in a Way that virtually everyone else in My life thought was the ‘wrong’ Way, that I was fighting against what is, rather than accepting things as they are and that if I continued in the direction I was heading, I would be left with nothing; no paperwork, no Way to earn a living, no Way to travel, no Way to drive a car, that I would be left scavenging a life for My Self like the kid from “Into the Wild” and die sadly in some campervan on a cold Canadian night.  No, not Me.

I have conducted My Self like a King in every legal situation I’ve been involved with since My awakening without even knowing that’s what I was doing.  I’ve earned a rep with all My involvement with police.  It is well documented that I am non-violent, despite what anything might say on paper, I have never resisted police and never Will.  I’ve never owned a firearm or wanted to.  I’ve been tested many, many times over the last seven years and the leaders of Your world have known who I am for a very long time.  That was the hardest part of it all for Me.  Once I knew that, all the anger went away.  All of it.  I knew they were just waiting for Me to find My Way.  My goal has been to speak to the world, that’s all I need.  The document I created gives Me the legal right to make My Voice heard by the most powerful people in Our world.  They were just waiting for Me to grow up.

They read every entry of My Blog while I was detained in Toronto seven years ago.  Of course I know they have been following up, seeing what I’m up to, how I’m making out.  They demanded I register My Book sometime after the G20 thing.  I Wrote them back an angry letter telling them I only printed it online because there was no other alternative and it’s not for profit, it’s free to anyone who wants it, they can print a copy off for themselves or read it on My Blog for free but I was not going to register anything I create to a corporation.  That’s exactly what they wanted to hear, that I’m not here for commerce.

I spent so long being angry and frustrated with Powers who believed they had authority over Me, only to one day discover that every time I responded ‘correctly’ (refusing a representative for court, not showing up for court, refusing to register My Book, etc.)someone behind the scenes was probably rubbing their hands together thinking, ‘oh yeah, that’s Him, He’s as defiant and peaceful as We hoped He would be’…  Like I said, “Truman Show” suddenly felt like My real life.

But the first thing I felt was guilt.  I realized why they had never come to get Me on the warrants – it would be dishonorable for them to bring Me in knowing what I was.  They had to wait for Me to figure it out for My Self, which they knew I would do because I was not going to let false accusations about My life remain on any living record.  Because that’s what Words are, permanent Ideas that continue to resonate their frequency in the Universe indefinitely.  They didn’t send My document back to Me “Received”, until I had fully demonstrated that I was ready for the position.  They have honored Me My whole life.  And when I say ‘they’ I am talking about whatever powers in Your world it is that You perceive to have control over You.  I’m here to tell You there is no such thing, only the perception of it.  And if You demonstrate that You can play well with others, keep that Golden Rule they first gave You in school, You Will have the freedom to play in the Fields of the Lord.

I even believe they arrested Me and treated Me the Way that they did because they knew after reading My Blog who I was and what I was here to do.  If they hadn’t been so oppressive, I would not have been so determined to make sure that what happened to Me never happened to another soul on this Earth again.  And so it is.

I love You all so much, Please Honor thy Neighbour, We are all Kings (even the Queen’s out there can govern themselves like a King), living in God’s Kingdom and that’s what King-Ship, Kinship, really is.

Love and Blessings,

King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God






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