The World is My Oyster: Let’s Play Chess…

To Me, the Universe is just a big Rubic’s Cube, except round.  Yes, I said round.  You flat-earther’s don’t get to be right until November 11, remember, remember – that’s when Your Door Opens, then You can Create whatever world You can Imagine in Your Mind; but in this physical Universe You are currently experiencing, things are round, like the atoms in Your body (microcosm=macrocosm).  Mine Will open on the Fifth of November – and I only realized that today, too.

I was worried that by the time I made it to the world stage I was going to actually turn into a star.  And I truly don’t expect anyone to have the slightest clue what I might be tall King about but if You knew what it was really like to have a consciousness like this and have it ‘amplify’ at the magnitude it has as of January this year, You would understand, believe Me.  Thankfully, it would appear I Will have exactly five months with You.  The money thing Will be tah King care of on My name day, that Will open a gateway in man’s consciousness allowing man to perceive new Ideas of potential for the first time.  This Will allow for the evolution of the DNA strands in man’s physical manifestation of Self.  Really, You can’t even Imagine what it is like for Me to draw up diagrams for You because the truth is I could draw anything I want.  How I do things is not as important as what it is You are able to comprehend of what I am sharing.  You perceive the physical body as permanent, essentially (for lack of better articulation) when it’s not physical the way You perceive it to be at all.  So the whole DNA Idea is just that, an Idea.  So I can give proper value to that Idea the same as I can give proper values to Math.  It would follow the same rules of Magic in Your schools of Occulted Science, Four is always Foundation, so You MUST have four grounded DNA strands, not two.  It’s 2 and 2, 22.  I won’t get all My artwork finished before I leave here but believe Me, I can draw it again and You have tools that can help Me do it much better:


Believe Me, there is a reason I should be able to use My thumbprint to discharge a $20. meal to eat.  Soon, I am going to find out how many people in Canada know they are living in a common-wealth country.  I Will also very soon learn who is Honoring their Promise to God and the Queen.

In My next entry, I Will show You how the white Knight finds his E5 square.  You think it’s a coincidence E5 is considered the strongest attacking square for a white knight?  Fifth letter, fifth number.  55.

44 is the foundation of 55.  Check!



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