To Honor thy Father and thy Mother

I used all of the same references for My own personal documents as I have shared with You all here.  One thing that surprised Me about the Ten Commandments was ‘Honor thy Father and thy Mother’, I always thought it should be the other Way around, Mother first, then Father.  That is partially due to My own personal attachment to My biological Mother and how much of an Angel she has been in My life.  In My Mind, to Honor thy Father and then thy Mother was to Honor God first by Honoring My mother – that is what God would want Me to do first.  So instead of explaining it, I just kind of skimmed over it and didn’t touch on it at all.

However, it was lucky Wednesday, the day of My departure for Toronto that John said to Me, “You know, Trudeau wants the Pope to apologize for what the Roman Catholic church has done to the aboriginal people of Canada”.  And I’m sorry to say it, but I am tired of watching children talk about what We should do and how the Pope owes Canada’s aboriginal people an apology.  That is something a child would do, scape-goat the blame to someone else, deflect the attention from self so he can continue to appear Canada’s golden boy while he continues to ‘negotiate’ details of a pipeline.  If Trudeau had ever mentioned that he might entertain the Idea, he would not be a Prime Minister right now.  I am SICK AND TIRED of politicians selling bullshit to get elected and then doing as they like.  I am even more tired of citizens doing nothing about it.

This is a lecture.  Not just for Trudeau to grow up, but for every man woman and child on this earth to grow up and know that there is no one to blame for anything that was done but the misguided intentions of those who did wrong.  Period.  Whether it be politically motivated, spiritually (religiously) motivated, economically or otherwise.  It is the MAN that has the free will to know right from wrong and it is THAT problem that has all of Us in this situation to begin with!  It is NOT anyone’s fault but the low consciousness of those perpetrating the crime in any situation “forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Trudeau still finances an army.  How long before he figures out that “oh shit, killing is wrong and here I am telling thousands of people to go out and kill for Canada…” And You want the POPE to apologize?!?!  What are You, 45 going on 12?  Seriously, grow up and get off the throne, You are NOT a leader, You are an actor and Your scene is over, time to get off the stage.  That is for Trudeau specifically.

Love and blessings,


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