Thank You

I guess today is just one more reflection of how differently I see the world from most.  To Me the transformation of Our world is complete and maybe that’s exactly what it is I’m meant to talk to all of You about.  They say if One wishes to change the world, they must first change themselves.  Transformation begins from within.  And what I am within has been expressed in the physical in the most absolute and perfect Way I know.  It is done.

I shared a link in My last Blog entry that I feel is very relevant to everything about Me.  I have one focus, one purpose and it has never changed, it never Will change.  It may seem to the rest of the world that little has changed.  But six months ago My Idea was just an Idea.  Then it was made physical, it was Writ on paper.  Then it was Sent, Cast out into the Universe…  And finally returned to Me.  Now I also carry a portfolio of legal documents which are one of two things; a declaration of a man claiming God’s Kingdom, or evidence of slave contracts in a common wealth country.  I like to think that We live in a good country where human rights and freedoms are respected and that choosing to use a commercial title to engage in commerce is an option, not something that the government would ever suggest can be mandatory or compulsory – that would be slavery.  So I’m anticipating that the Attorney General and Governor General of My country Will soon come to these realizations also, surely they must be reasonably intelligent individuals.  Then they might reconsider that first oath of office they took when accepting their positions, “I Promise to do My Duty to God and the Queen…”.

Believe Me when I tell You, things are not at all the same in this world as they were six months ago.  I said once in My Book and to many of My friends I have known in My life that I felt as if I were called to Earth.  I actually remember choosing to come here.  It was only this year that I understood the Words that were used.  This secret I share with You for My Birthday – as today I am born again!!!  I am no Holy Ghost, I am the Living man of God in the Flesh.

“God Save the Queen!!!”.

And, God Speed!!!

I also wanted to let You know that today has been a very special day for Me indeed.  One of the most beautiful things about being where I am now is that I get to see some of the world’s most beautiful people.  There is a random man who drops by every day with coffee, sandwiches, timbits or some kind of treat and it’s different everyday.  He doesn’t belong to any charity, he’s not doing it to be known or thanked, he’s just doing it because he likes to make people happy.  If every man on this earth lived like this We would have peace tomorrow.  So the rest of You can see whatever world You like to see.  I don’t ever see government fixing anything, I see people fixing everything.  I see people giving, people caring, people doing, corporations justify why they can’t.  Let’s kill the dead, let’s make this the zombie apocalypse, kill all the zombies, muwahahaha.

Love and blessings,

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