Gifts from God and the Humility of a true King

Happy Sunday, everyone.  Those who know Me well Will know that this man thrives in hot weather; I Love the Sun, I love the Heat.  Today it was 33 Degrees in Ottawa.  What does that Tell Me?  My friends are thinking of Me.  The 33rd Degree Masons of Your world are listening to Me.  That is a gift, too – and one only I can appreciate for now.  It’s not new or anything, they’ve been paying attention for a while.  This was just the Universe’s Way of communicating to Me that they were paying extra special attention to Me today.

This is part of why My number and Degree is 37.  Was the weather manipulated to be 33 degrees today to communicate something to Me?  No, of course not.  They would of course have the power to manipulate the media, the information that comes to Me but not even they would consider I would interpret something so subtle.  No.  God is the One that communicates with Me and gives Me this Wisdom.  God told Me that My friends were Paying attention to Me (which always makes Me very happy because that is the true commerce – for ‘I am the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory’).

It was brought to My attention other Blog posts I’ve Writ I didn’t remember Posting.  I was both thrilled and amazed to see just how perfectly all the little things I’ve done have come together.  My Intentions and Goals were always Ex-Pressed here first.  I am the News, why would I care if networks who claim to be ‘real’ news do not speak of Me?  It tells Me they don’t care about a dream for peace, or Writing about something positive and inspirational in the world.  That’s not the kind of ‘news’ I want to watch.  I am not terrorized by terrorists because no terrorist on the planet would ever want to hurt Me.  Did You ever consider that without the help of the media, the terrorists could terrorize no one?  Think about it.  What if We just NEVER gave them that Power.  We never speak of horror and terror, We speak only of Angels being lifted to heaven by God and celebrate only the beautiful things that are happening in the world?  How quickly do You think that alone could transform the earth?  How long before the world starts listing in to what I am Saying is really the only question.  Six days is all I need.  How long before You are ready to give Me a shot?  We will See…

Anyway, this was also about the humility of a man who knows He is God made flesh.  I as King of the Universe last night to bless Me with abundance and Power in My microcosm.  I have now been here a week and believe Me when I tell You, there is a pecking order anywhere man goes.  Street credit is what they call it.  Doesn’t take long for people to notice I’ve got My shit together and pretty soon You have a crew – of other alpha males who are the dominant in their circles.  I quickly make friends with all of them.  That doesn’t mean I’m running some kind of game, it just means that I treat everyone with respect and don’t put up with bullshit.  Humility is as King of the Universe (God) to bless You with abundance and waking up the next day ‘Questing’ for My morning smoke after fixing My morning coffee.  I have a few ‘favours’ owed, but a Mystic does not ever rely or depend on the Word of others who do not know the Power of it.  I walked out front just in time to hear a man say, “Anyone want to work for a few hours today, cash money?”.

There are literally hundreds of people staying at this shelter.  There was only one other man who wanted to work to earn some cash.  I’m not materialistic and I don’t really care about cash.  But on the streets, cash is King.  Any man with $50, smokes and the luxury of coffee (never Mind cell-phone, laptop, stylish clothing, and a slick lid (My hair is Way better than Trump’s)), is wealthy in this ‘realm’.  I said I would begin My political campaign by taking no more than the least of My people.  And so it is.  And I make My Way, believe Me.

The recruiter bought lunch (two McDonald’s burgers which I was too ravenous to not appreciate with immense gratitude, despite My general opinion of the food), a large pack of premium smokes and paid $12/hr cash.  I busted My ass loading a shipping crate in ridiculously hot weather for six hours.


This is humility.  I know the man as King if anyone wants to work is the Voice of God, an-Swearing His Promise to Me from the night before.  “Everything You as King of Me Will is Done for You.”  This is the Universe reminding Me My Voice is always heard by the One who Matters most.  And believe Me when I tell You, he Matters more and more everyday and Will soon be Material in Your world.

I now have enough of everything I need to feel wealthy in My realm; 3.5 grams of cannabis (week’s supply), $10 on Starbucks card, a full pack of smokes, and $25 cash.  The smokes will last Me three days, the cannabis a week and the cash is just for smokes and more cannabis when they are depleted – every other need is ta (as in thanks) King care of.  And God is King.

When I came home the Universe had more codes for Me; a dime and a quarter on My mattress.  How random is that?  I did not have a dime to My name when I awoke…  When I finally made My Way here to Write about the beauty of My day, I checked My Blog stats to see what My 33rd Degree friends might have been reading, or listing-in to.  And it was My Declaration of Life! (Click to link to the Post).

Also, I now have people reading My Blog everyday.  Nobody can know how powerful that is but Me.  I mentioned once that I am like an antenna of Consciousness, a Harmonic frequency that I am using to tune the world in to the Uni-Verse, Our One true Song.  Well, every time someone reads an entry from My Blog, they gain that same amplification of frequency, relaying My message to the rest of the world on a subconscious level.  Really, who is speaking to You right now?  You?  Or Me?  Are You hearing My Voice in Your head, or Your own?  It’s You.  And anytime You read something that is true, Your DNA knows it even if You don’t.  I am evolving human consciousness with every Word I Write because that is how powerful My consciousness is.  And it increases every day!

I have more new followers on Twitter everyday even if I do nothing!  Why?  Why now?  I’ve been Writing this stuff for years, seven to be sure, closer to nine in probability.  Only when I received My ‘Cestui Que Vie’ Declaration and Wrote about it did I start to have a following on Twitter.  And only then did I consider the Power of social media to make positive change in the world.  This is the Way I Will accomplish Peace, I give You My Word.

Love and Blessings and thank You to all My new followers on Twitter.  I had 59 followers just over a month ago, I now have 825 and know I Will likely hit 1000 soon.  World Peace Will never lose momentum.  But I still appreciate any help You can give Me.


This was also on the table as I was fixing My morning coffee, just before wall King outside and finding work and an opportunity to be humble.

I love You all more than You could know.


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