Happy Father’s Day, World.

Every Son is of the Father and the Father is in every Sun.  I said that no Words would be a coincidence, that English was Created perfectly to enhance Your Magical abilities with the Spelling of Words One can Cast into the world with their Writ.  Son and Sun do not sound the same as a Matter of coincidence.  The Sun gives life to all things on Earth, Illuminating the Darkness, Melting the Ice, the Love of God warming the world.  Christ is the Son of God, giving eternal life to all of man, raising them from the dead.

This is just one more example of the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm in all things.  It Matters not the appearance of Your character’s costume; male or female, light or dark, We are all children of God, We are all Son’s of the Father and the rightful Heir’s to His Kingdom.  Does it not say that the Children of God shall Inherit the Earth?  Happy Father’s Day, Bless the Father, Give thanks to God for every Moment and express Your Gratitude for His Glorious Kingdom!

This is the Father I give thanks to in this now and every now.  We are the same.  Tomorrow I Will continue with My GreatWork and Political ambitions.  Today, let us rest, appreciate the Father and all the Gifts present by God every now.

Love and Blessings,

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