The Law and Canada’s ‘Deal with the Devil’…


But if God is all things seen and unseen, then the Devil can only exist in the Mind of man.  I took a photo of the Ottawa Sun’s Sunday paper.  I would like You to strongly consider the propaganda here and how very bold it is, literally.  Bold, all caps (Capitis Diminutia Maxima) title calling Canada’s Superior Court decision a ‘DEAL WITH THE DEVIL’.

What does the Ottawa Sun know about the nature of Khadr’s alleged crimes?  I decided to do just a little bit of research to find out what the ‘public’ knows about this case.  In a nutshell, Khadr was accused of five war crimes and spent six years in prison at Guantanamo Bay after confessing to the charges.  He was released after six years pending an appeal, claiming his confession was made under duress and a violation of his human rights protected by Canada’s Charter (of Human Rights).  Canada’s Superior Court has decided to settle for 10.5 million Canadian debt notes to central banks, roughly one twentieth of the 200 million Khadr was as King for.

Now, let’s think about this information critically for a moment.  $200 million.  That is a lot of money (debt).  The above article suggested that the reason for the decision was due to the complex nature of the trial and the time it may have taken in Canada’s courts.  All court proceedings are costly and there was no guarantee that Khadr would not have won his case.  This decision potentially saves Canadians roughly 195 million dollars plus court and lawyer/attorney costs.  For those who believe all this money is actually wealth, that seems like a pretty good decision for Canada.

What the Ottawa Sun is doing, is demonizing Khadr and increasing the tension between racial and religious groups.  What ‘right’ does the Ottawa Sun have to claim that Khadr is the ‘Devil’?!  If this were a white man born in Canada who claimed he had been framed and forced to confess under threat of torture would We all be sympathetic?

The man confessed to these crimes under torture.  How does anyone know that this man was not just used as a scapegoat because his racial profile was the perfect match for what America would like to call terror?

I really don’t want to say too much more, I just want You to think about Our justice system.  I have said that I believe Our legal system works perfectly once it is understood.  I think it seems pretty clear this clever little devil found one hell of a lawyer!

Rights are different from laws.  Rights are not given by constitutions, either, though We do have charters that aim to protect them.  Rights are the foundation of all law, which is why they are addressed in the Superior Court.  But it would seem that Canada’s Superior Court is still a commercial court.  We believe We can pay a sum of money and all is forgiven.  We no longer have to consider how long Khadr may have been tortured or what kind of torture he may have been subject to for the U.S. to get their confession.  We have no idea what it was like to spend six years in what is considered one of the world’s worst prison’s.  Frankly, I don’t think 10.5 million dollars is anywhere near enough but if I were Khadr and I were innocent of the charges against Me, I would take the deal, too – just so I could get on with the rest of My life.

What is happening to Khadr now isn’t fair.  We don’t know and that is enough reason to NOT be passing Our own prejudices, much less calling the man ‘the Devil’.  On the other hand, if the media continues to publish headlines like this, then maybe there will be another 100 million or so for Khadr in defamation charges against the Ottawa Sun and other Canadian publications who choose to use their power of influence in such a deplorable way.

Jody-Wilson Raybould looks very nervous in this photo and I’m quite sure it is exactly this kind of publicity she and Trudeau are most concerned about.  This is one of the few times I am proud to be Canadian because this demonstrates that human rights do still exist in Canada and they are still protected by Our Superior Court.  I did say I would do My best to focus on the good things happening in the world.  This was a day to celebrate human rights in Canada.  Sadly, it was also a day to be disgusted by Our media’s ‘reporting’ on the subject.

We don’t know, so presume innocence (as is every man’s right).  If You were innocent and these things had been done to You, how much would You sue for and how would You feel about being called ‘the Devil’, the day You are awarded compensation for the injustices?  Please, start thing King about these things…

Love and blessings,




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