Chess Tactics; Castling to Safety

The King can only move one square at a time in chess, no coincidences.  I am moving slowly but decisively – and a whole lot faster than it likely appears.  I re-read My entire Story last night, every letter I have on the public or superior court record.  I’ve actually been pretty busy and I have a lot of exciting things going on.  The longer My Words remain on the record, the more time My Words have to sink into the Commercial Admiralty waters.  I want to let those Ideas Sink in, their Roots Will consume the wealth of commercial admiralty waters.  Remember, I drink water once or twice a year, max – I am very thirsty!

The most significant detail concerning My Ceremonious Ritual is how wonderful it makes Me feel.  One of the reasons I started painting in the first place was because I was tired of focusing on what politicians don’t do.  I don’t want to spend My time scolding politicians because they are behaving like children.  It brings Me a great deal more joy to do something that Honours the characters in My Story.  Politician’s can’t be helped because We have a Duty to Write Our elected officials if We have concerns with government policy, even if We didn’t vote for them.  As well as My letters are Writ, I thought of Ways to further improve My approach.  And it seemed the more I considered more positive potentialities, the more possibilities popped into My Mind, piecing the puzzle together.  All thoughts seemed Divinely Inspired, leading to greater and greater Ideas.  Including the decision to castle now that I’ve finally developed the first four pieces.  Develop two Knights, two Bishops, castle to safety, and move the Rook to the first open file.  Can You see why I Love Chess so much?  Yeah, everything is connected, no coincidences.

I was thing King about how many characters I have encountered who have not responded to My letters and how I should deal with them.  Initially, I thought I should add them to My Story.  I do take considerable time Writing a letter with the Intention that the Beauty of it Will compel the reader to respond.  Now, I feel it demonstrates those characters are not worthy of My time and do not even deserve to be mentioned in My Story.  If they do not Honour Me, they are not relevant.  That is why politicians are different.  Their job in society, specifically, is to Honour a King’s title – Lloyd Longfield Will be the first pawn removed from the board, giving Me the open [case] file for My Rook.  One pawn is not a huge sacrifice.

First, I must Castle.  I wanted to know what kind of services are available and how much assistance they actually provide for Canada’s homeless, how effective they are at getting people into housing.  I also genuinely wanted to know how hard it actually is to live on the streets, what My life might be like if I had not been Blessed with the gifts I was given.  Would I be proud to call My Self Canadian knowing this is how the poorest of Our people are forced to live, regardless the circumstance?  Rhetorical, the answer is no, absolutely not.  Now I am proud to live in a common wealth country because I know the common law is protected and I have a Duty as a King to defend it.

‘4:37, phone fully charged, unplug.’

The above message flashed across My phone the moment I hit the period to end My last sentence.  4 = Foundation.  Colon connects the next Idea.  37 = Christ Consciousness (Independently, 3 represents Trinity, 7 represents Heaven), or 37 = 3+7=10.  10 represents new age.  Foundation for a new age.  Translation:  the Ideas communicated in My last sentence are the foundation for the new age.  That is one very tiny example of how the Universe speaks to Me.

Grey Cup

And I suppose this would be another.  I was told I should go and take a photo of the Grey Cup while I have the chance.  I could care less about sports.  But how many more people might read this Blog because I have a photo of the Grey Cup?  Sad but true, isn’t it?

I’m not going to waste time tall King about how poor the conditions are for Canada’s homeless, I am going to use it as motivation, Keep My Intention ‘InFocus’.  Letters I’ve Writ as King of assistance from social workers Will not be published in My Story, they Will not be relevant.  I would like to Castle to safety in a nice studio apartment and I was prepared to wait as long as it might be before I can, trusting the Universe would Will it to Me in due time.  My friend Bleekz as King of Me if I would like to rent an apartment, $400 a month.  Nothing fancy but he’s pretty sure he can make it happen for November 1st.  Private entrance, private bathroom, shared kitchen.  Not ideal but it gives Me a quiet place to Work and security for My paintings which is a priority for My Kingdom’s Keep.  I would much prefer spending My time Honouring the character of a man like Bleekz than those who refuse to Honour Me.  I had already decided to Honour Bleekz in My Work before He had presented Me with this opportunity.  This was the Universe’s Way of letting Me know it was a good Call.  I am going to use My Magic to Cast as many great characters into My Story as possible, keep the goodness of man ‘InFocus’.

Love and Blessings,









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