Mysticism and Magic #37

Take a Number

This evening, shortly before finishing My last Post, I ran into My friend, Chris.  I Writ previously about Our Tarot reading and how Chris had noticed that the initials of His name are the 3rd and 7th letters of the English alphabet.  I told Chris the number 37 is a Sign from the Universe to communicate to others that I am a Spiritual Guide and Teacher.  It is shown to others in association with Me in Ways I could not possibly manipulate…  Like deciding to go for coffee with Chris before We parted Ways for the evening.  Chris was astonished enough to see the receipt, yet more peculiar still, they also Writ the number on the lid of the cup (which neither of Us had seen them do before, it usually identifies what is in the coffee).


It also consistently shows up for Me.  Just this afternoon someone else was talking to Me about her favourite number, then as King of Me what My favourite number was.  I told her Five is My favourite number but 37 is My Sacred number.  When she as King of Me what I meant, I said to her that it is a special Way the Universe communicates information to Me and others who know Me.  I said I would give her a better explanation sometime later when she wasn’t so busy.  I didn’t need to.  After returning from coffee, I showed her the 37 Writ on the lid of My cup and suggested the Universe had intended for Me to show it to her.  She was clearly excited and surprised, so I held out My phone to take a photo of it.  When I turned it on, it read “6:37”.  She checked her own watch, just to make sure.  This is the Magic of knowing Me, My Words manifest.  For those who are ready, the number 37 appears first to help them believe.

So the Universe has been Gifting Me with the number 37 is My day to day life with even more frequency lately than usual, which is always a great Sign.  Although this entry Will not be very long, it is Significant because I was tall King about the number here in “Seven Keys to Kingdom”.  The number has been shown to Me ever since I first completed My Book, which happened to be at 6:37 in the evening (of what day I have no clue).  My Words Manifest and My Book is My greatest reflection of that, though the Words I Write here Will Manifest, too.

I Will Write more letters, but My most motivating Work Will be done here.  This is where I Will be telling the world how I Will one day accomplish Peace.

“A man is but a product of His thoughts, what He thinks, He becomes.” – Gandhi

Love and Blessings,




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