And Checking it Twice

Yes, a slight adjustment to My List.  My Inner Circle really want Me to Write the Prime Minister and I knew that seven was the perfect number; someone had to be removed, so I chose to omit the one that is least at fault and least capable of comprehending the content.  What is the point in Writing someone who has no real power to do anything (rhetorical).  The revised List is as follows:


I can feel the Power of it, even reading it here on My Blog.  It’s funny because My hand Writing still feels ‘messy’, like it’s just scribbles and scratches on paper.  But when I come back to it and flip through the Pages, it really does look Magical.  A year ago, I had almost forgotten how to Write!  Nobody knows how many pieces of paper I threw out before I finally Wrote My Cestui Que Vie.  I literally spent all of Christmas day last year War King on it.  Every other journal has always been Writ Ten in Capitus Diminutia Maximus, too – mostly because people had a difficult time reading My Writing, so I got accustomed to using all caps and could actually write faster that way once upon a time.  Now it’s becoming difficult for Me to Imagine Writing anything in all caps.  One of the other reasons for Gifting My Self with a new Journal was to practice My Writing for My Letters.  Now My Journal already feels like a new family Heir Loom, Weaving My Ideas into the Universe like spider man.

I was contemplating all of these Ideas while I was Giving thanks to the Universe for a Glorious day and beautiful sunshine.  I received a Letter from My mother this morning and was reflecting on My reply.  The strangest thing about My relay Sean ship with My family is that if anyone were to ask My family, every single one of them would say they support Me, believe in Me and want nothing but happiness for Me – perhaps with the exception of My father.  Yet I have two nieces and one nephew who only know Me as the ‘Mysterious’ uncle and I haven’t been invited to any family events in more years than I can accurately recall.  I gave My brother’s first born, Arlo, the Logo that I use here on My Blog, the Four Elephants.  The Japanese symbols (Peace, Love, Truth and Strength) are an evolution of that Logo, which is the one I use on Twitter, Facebook and also on the first series of typed legal documents.  It represents My House, like a Flag.  When I gave it to My brother, My nephew was only months old, so I told him it was a very special piece of Art, that I had reclaimed Our House and that one day Arlo would know himself as a Lord in His Father’s Kingdom.  I was thing King how perfect it was that it should be the last Gift Given My family aside from what I Will do here.

I’ve also lost a few followers on Twitter over the last couple of days which is [now] extremely unusual.  I have been gaining roughly twenty to forty new followers every day, sometimes more.  Yet I am still standing in the sun, cradling My coffee and feeling the warmth of the sun on My hands despite the bitter cold, feeling entirely too Blessed to worry about losing a few followers.  As I considered exactly how many followers I had lost, I noticed that it was equal in number to that of family members who no longer welcome Me in their house.  The number is Seven.  Seven is the number for Heaven and there seems to be something of a theme happening here.

The very first passage from the Bible Gifted to Me that resulted in a Writ called “Seven Keys to Kingdom“, was from Matthew, the section of the Bible I am reading now.  I as King to My mother difficult questions sometimes, and sometimes she gets angry with Me for doing so.  I had recently as King of her how she can claim the family supports everything I do if I am not welcome at family gatherings.  She said to Me that she thinks I prefer not to be invited, though I have let her and My brother know that an invitation is always welcome.  She does not believe there is anything wrong with as King of Me if I would mind no longer attending family gatherings – that was the consequence for not accepting My family’s world view and parents are here to teach us, right?  Wrong.  Children are the future and We are here to teach Our parents that they are doing it all wrong!  I am the example, I am the change I Dream to see in the world, and I am, ta-King (thanks, King) owner Ship of it.  I also considered how much I am actually enjoying the Bible recently, it is a marvelous Way to teach and I considered that perhaps from this point forward, I Will use more passages from the Bible to support what I Write here about the Law.  After considering all of these things, and how perfect it is that Seven has become a Sign if I can’t (significant) find My Way.  When I returned to My workstation and opened up My laptop to Write on My Blog, I was greeted with the following:

God’s Express Ion of Love for My Plan

Translation?  Everything in My Universe is in Perfect Harmony.

Love, Blessings, and Happy Holy Days!!!


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