The Second of the Seven Keys

I have two more Letters to share with You today.  The first is to M.P. Lloyd Longfield, who represents the city of Guelph in the House of Commons.  The second is to the Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson regarding poverty and homelessness in ‘his’ city.  Might seem a little harsh to blame Jim Watson for Ottawa’s problems but I mentioned once before that Great roles on the world Stage come with Great Duty and Responsibility.

The Mayor is quick to take credit for any of his achievements, one look at the accolades decorating his suit will tell You that.  But he must also take responsibility and accountability for the destruction left in his wake – and yes, I am using the Word wake deliberately, as in a funeral ‘wake’; a dead corporate title plowing through the city and drowning the poor, while making all kinds of economic achievements that sound good to economists.  Sounds to Me like he’s been bribed, lining the pockets of wealthy friends, funding corporations who reward him with gold stars to pin to his pocket.  Armour for the ego, ‘I’m a great mayor, look at all My medals! (and please, ignore the people sleeping in the streets, we’re trying to move that away from the wealthy neighbourhoods as quickly as possible).’

The same is true of M.P. Lloyd Longfield but I don’t believe he has the slightest clue what his true duties as an M.P. are.  He probably doesn’t think it’s a big deal to ignore a Letter from the common man.  I’m guessing it has been so long since anyone has asked the kind of questions I am asking that he doesn’t have a clue what to do or how to respond.  He is likely hoping the entire thing will just disappear.  Spirit of the Elephant.  I have a great long term memory.

Here is the first letter to M.P. Lloyd Llongfield:

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I am trying to keep them reasonably short and sweet now.  The Second of the Seven Keys to Kingdom has been an Instrumental Influence for the Tone of all Seven Letters I Will Write over the week, and there is another Verse preceding it that I feel is relevant in greater understanding of the Passage:

JAMES 1:12-13

Happy is the man who keeps on enduring trial, because on becoming approved, he Will receive the Crown of Life, which God promised to those who continue loving Him.  When under trial, let no man say, “I am being tried by God.”  For with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does He himself try anyone.

One of these days I Will be tall King about where I am now.  The conditions and circumstances of My life certainly has its challenges but You will not hear Me complain of it often.  Others often perceive My life as difficult, trying.  But as long as I am doing what I believe I am here to do, I am content with My Life, I am fulfilling My purpose.  I do not see the events in My life as trying, I am the one who is trying, it is My Will to try; trying to succeed at the task God has Given Me.

My happiness is in knowing that I have already done everything I can do in the physical Universe to serve God, the rest is in God’s Hands, the Will of the people and those who receive My Letters.  Failure to Honour My Kingdom is failure to Honour their own.  If I can be King, then all of man can be King.  If I can’t be king, then none of man can be king and We are subject to the rule of corrupt government authority indefinitely.  I am the eternal optimist and I believe the Common Wealth was founded on the belief that all of man is equal, which means that each of Us are Kings under God.  I also believe that every Common Wealth country supports this Ideology and that it is the Duty of every man in every part of the world to protect and defend the realization and potential of this Universal Truth.

The Mayor claims to be responsible for the city of Ottawa, yet he was not response able enough to reply to My Letter.  I wonder if he will be more response able this time.

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2 of 2

As Promised, I have introduced the Prince of Peace as a new character, too.  The wavy line underneath the new character represents the water of Commercial Admiralty Law.  The Prince of Peace is walking on water. 😉

I Will have a New Years resolute Sean for You soon, too!

Love and Blessings,








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