World Peace; A Universal Pictures War King Product-Sean

I’ve had a very productive (product-I’ve [Created]) day, always War King one day closer toward (to Ward; guard or protect) world peace.  I was Gifted a day planner and I’ve been making (My King) Good use of it.  I Cast six more Spells yesterday, faxing off the last of My letters.  I knew the new moon was coming up soon but I didn’t realize (to see with real eyes) that it is a Super Blue Blood Moon and a Lunar eclipse?  And that would be tomorrow, the 31st of January, or ‘Lucky’ Wednesday in My microcosm.  There is already tremendous creative Universal energy to tap into right now, I can only imagine how Magical tomorrow might be…

Chris Tuck will be out of the office tomorrow, so there will be no new news from him but I have been Casting a lot of Spells lately.  I faxed six letters on Monday, one last follow up letter to the Ottawa Citizen, this time an Order ‘On Her Majesty’s Service‘, as King of them to assist Me in My Duty to protect God and the Queen by providing media coverage to hold elected officials accountable for breach of their judicial oath of office.  Not in so many Words, but enough to know that I’m serious.  Letters sent ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ are paid for by the Queen and they should command a level of respect and Honour.  Ignoring a letter sent on Her Majesty’s Service is a serious offence to the common law in any common wealth country.  Five additional characters in My Story were faxed on Monday, all of them with ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ in the subject line.  Faxes are only one of two methods I Will use to send My final Letters.  I Will make two [true] copies of each letter (possibly tomorrow) and send them regular mail, also ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, which is Writ in the top right hand corner of the letter where one would typically apply a stamp.  I Will include photos when I am ready to Cast the second part of the Spell. 😉  The second copy Will be for the Superior Court if they don’t reply.

Because I have so many letters to share with You, I am not going to include them here but Will add them to ‘My Story‘, which is a collection of all of My legal documents in chronological Order.  My converse a Sean with Chris Tuck was short but enjoyable.  To simplify things I as King of him to focus his energy on determining how one gets his hands on the genuine article live birth record registered by their parents.  I figure if he can help Me accomplish that, then We can go about closing all the subsequent accounts created from that contract.  He assured Me that is where he has been focusing his energy and so far has only encountered road blocks; copies of the record are easy enough to find but nobody he has spoken with yet seems to know where the genuine article live birth record might be.  I told Chris I have a very good Idea exactly where that document is but I am going to Keep that inform a Sean to My Self until We find at least one other individual who knows.  That is My Secret Key, if You Will – and it unlocks wealth beyond most of man’s imagination.

Today I was following up on the faxes I sent Monday (Moon-Day).  It is not a coincidence that the Full Blue Blood Moon Eclipse is upon us now, an event that hasn’t happened for 150 years.  Is it a coincidence that I am using Canada’s 150th birthday to remind Canada what it means to be a common wealth country that has placed its Trust in God and the Queen?  Oh, right, there are no coincidences. 😉

I spoke with Christopher Dukas, office of Member of Parlour Games (Parliament) Lloyd Longfield, Ottawa office.  Christopher was unable to confirm whether or not the fax had been received so I assured him I would send it again and follow up immediately afterward.  I Will see My friend Alex to send the next fax to his office which gives Me a transmission confirmation number.  I also haven’t seen Alex in a while and I think she kind of misses helping Me with the faxes and knowing what I am up to – so this Will be an opportunity for Me to catch her up a little bit.

He asked Me if I could send the letter by e-mail and I told him I had already Writ the M.P. via e-mail and had documents hand signed to show they were received in his Guelph office but he has so far failed to respond.  I also advised him that I am now Writing him on Her Majesty’s Service for violation of his judicial oath of office and am using fax so that I have a transmission (transmit-Sean) receipt.  Despite how it might sound, it was actually a rather friendly conversation; after all, its not his fault the M.P.’s not doing his job.

The Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould’s office confirmed having received My letter and said it usually takes two to three days to process and review any documents and I Will hear back from them shortly.  All of the representatives I spoke with today were very courteous and professional, this lady was the most courteous of all the representatives I spoke with and the only one who’s name I forgot before having a chance to Write it down.  I’ll get it next time…

The Ottawa Mayor’s office also confirmed having received My fax and once again assured Me that I Will hear back from them sometime within the next few days which is consistent with the other offices.

The office of ‘Her Excellency’ Julie Payette, Governor General did not have a receptionist, only an automated answering service which seemed very unprofessional compared with the other offices, and I had somewhat expected the opposite.  I was directed to voice mail which announced that the office would be unattended until the 29th of January.  Considering that was yesterday, I was a little confused by the message only because it does seem very unprofessional to find such a high level office with an outdated and/or obsolete message.  (‘So what is Your excuse for today’, was the first question that ran through My Mind when I heard the message).  I left a brief message anyway and Will follow up with another phone call later in the week, likely tomorrow.

That leaves the ‘Right Honourable’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office, which was the greatest fail of them all, though for some reason it surprised Me less than the Governor General’s office.  The Prime Minister’s office didn’t even have a receptionist or an answering service to take the call, it just rang endlessly.  Of course, I am not oblivious to the fact that the Governor General’s office and the office of Justin Trudeau may very well be dodging My calls deliberately; I am completely aware this is entirely possible and not at all unlikely if My previous experiences with elected officials is to serve as any reference.

I figured it was about time I shared some ‘behind the scenes’ inform a Sean with You all to let You know that I am War King on things all the time.  I’m not entirely sure why I took so long to fax the last six letters, I only know that there are no coincidences and that everything Will unfold exactly as it should in exactly the right moment.  I Trust My intuition above all things and I had said previously that I felt it might be fear of success and being known that had caused Me to delay, though it still took Me more than another week to send them after making that realization (real eyes, eh, Sean) consciously.

I’ve also been learning more about how to promote My Blog and amplify its frequency and it’s not a surprise for Me to learn that social media platforms like Twitter are one of the best ways to increase readership and Blog traffic.  It is in My nature to teach everything I learn to anyone who might stand to benefit from the knowledge, so I’m sharing that information here and letting My readers know what strategies I Will be implementing to lead by example, even when I am encountering new frontiers.  Many of My readers are authors of Blogs themselves and may be able to apply some of what I have learnt.

I just noticed how long this Blog Post is getting to be and should probably start by letting My readers know that My research indicated that 800-1200 words is enough for a Blog Post.  Too much more can be overwhelming and discourage someone from reading.  This is now 1475 so I’m well over average attention span in a fast-paced world so I Will save My social media tips for another Post.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Super Blue Blood Moon Lucky Wednesday tomorrow!!!


Some music with a message to motivate You.

And My favourite musician.  Jack White just continues to astound Me.

Love and Blessings,






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