The Good News Journal, Volume II: Miraculous Money Monday, The Economic Edition

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday!  I know a lot of people don’t really look forward to Monday, especially if One is not working at something they truly love.  For those who are working tirelessly just to make ends meet, Monday is the morning most return to their monotonous job, slaving for the money they need to maintain their lives.

But this is The Good News Journal, a public A’ Sean that focuses on the Good things happening in the world.  My Goal is to accomplish peace in the world and I believe I Will succeed in My task reasonably soon.  I’ve had many people tell Me that accomplishing world peace is ‘impossible’, yet virtually any motivational coach I’ve heard Will say that anything is possible.

“What One can perceive, One can achieve” – Unknown (but true)

Only My family and close friends Will know how long I have been saying I would one day put an end to money, that it would become obsolete and cease to exist.  The only thing that is going to seem remarkable about putting an end to money is that it took so long for anyone to do.  Anyone can do any of the things I have done or Will do.

I have said that ‘the devil is in the details’, meaning that all of the complicated commercial contracts and banking terms are deliberately designed to confuse.  Simplify.  Follow the money trail.

Because I am in the geographical area commonly known as Canada, I Will use Canada as an example.  The last report I read on Canada’s economy suggested Canada currently has a deficit of 19 billion dollars.  First of all, a Sovereign nation should never have a federal deficit to a private corporation.  Every Sovereign [nation] has the right to create, produce and generate its own debt free currency necessary for the infrastructure of its country and the social, economic and cultural needs for the development of its people.  I like to call it, ‘the Coin of the Realm’.

For a country’s ‘leader’ to hand a country’s economy over to a private bank that charges interest on the money it creates [for that country], is an act of treason upon that country’s citizens.  The interest never enters the economy which can only generate perpetual debt and the citizens become slaves, legally bonded to a private corporation they can never pay back.

The fix is pretty easy.  Expose the fraud (done), charge the country’s current leader with treason for aiding and abetting an act of treason that effectively enslaves the citizens to private, central banks (upcoming), end the contract (rip it up, it’s fraud), and protect Canada’s right to create its own, debt-free currency. What’s Trudeau planning to do?  That’s just one of the Quest Ion’s I Will be as King of Justin should it be necessary for Me to subpoena him into court.

See, nothing is really that complicated.  I am always tall King about the microcosm and macrocosm, and how they reflect each other perfectly.  Knowing that a Sovereign nation has the right to manage and administrate its own financial affairs free from external influences is not such a difficult thing to comprehend, it’s Common cents (sense).

In the microcosm of Our individual experience, the same thing is true…  And it is the only reason that Canada’s Prime Minister is not actually guilty of treason – yet!

(Copy) Cestui Que Vie, RECEIVED Jan. 19, 2017 MAG CORRESPONDENCE UNIT

(MAG = Ministry Attorney General)

Next to money, the second Quest Ion most have as King of Me, is whether or not One can actually be Sovereign.  I’m going to save that Quest Ion for a future Edition of The Good News Journal.  For now, let’s suspend disbelief (as We would for any Great Fantasy) and presume that it is.  The Sovereign man would have the same rights as the Sovereign nation, for the Sovereign man is a nation unto One’s Self.  Every Sovereign has the right to create its own, debt free currency necessary for the infrastructure of it’s nation and the (social, economic and cultural) development of its people.

Be the Change, Become the Coin of the Realm

This document has been on Canada’s Superior Court record since May 7th, 2017.

The first document shows that I have declared My Sovereignty and that the Attorney General has been Given notice.  The second document Gives notice to Crown of the Coin for My realm.  Both documents remain on the record uncontested.

With an agreed value and two signatures, the bill becomes a legal bill of exchange. The new bill of exchange can be redeemed at a bank.  People find this concept difficult to understand, so here’s how it works.

Just like a Sovereign country, I can create a coin for My realm, though it really wouldn’t make much cents (sense).  Because I can create as much wealth as I need for the people of My nation and because I am only one man, it makes more sense to create wealth as I need it.  I use the wealth of My Sovereign nation to discharge Canada’s debt to central banks.  In reality, what Canada calls money is actually just a share of debt to central banks and everything purchased with it becomes collateral (surety) for the debt.

A man’s Life has unlimited value, commercially or otherwise.  I am not doing anything that any other man could not also do.  Each of Us are wealthy enough to pay back all the debts the world over if We want to…  And create as much more as We declare necessary for each of Us to prosper.  That’s the reality, that’s the Truth of Our world!  Why no one has done this yet, is entirely beyond Me.

Once again, I am a day ahead of the Game, enjoying a reasonably sunny, Sunday afternoon, knowing I Will have this Post ready to Publish for early Monday morning.  Monday is also a Magical day as My Letters Will be making their Way to their intended Destine A’ Sean. It is likely the recipients Will be receiving My Letters soon.

I Will also be calling Chris Tuck today to find out how he is making out with his superiors.  Chris Tuck is the manager of the City of Ottawa’s Ministry of Community and Social Services and is responding to an official complaint I filed with the city early February for fraudulent administration of unauthorized commercial accounts created from the value of My Life.  I Will Keep You Posted. 😉

Have a Magical, Majestic, Monday!!!

Love and Blessings,







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    One year, two months, and one day ago yesterday, this Post was Published. Chris Tuck has still not responded to My complaint, perhaps I Will have to file a new complaint with the City of Ottawa with regards to this Pressing Issue. And if he fails to respond or resolve the Issue this time, perhaps I Will bring this Matter before the Divisional Court for Judicial Review also. Love and Blessings,

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