The Good News Journal, Volume XLIV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to The Good News Journal!  It feels like a Thrilling Thursday Edition because I have so many things to be thankful for, so many wonderful things to look forward to in the coming year, and so many Marvelous things going on right now, I know it’s going to be a big year for the House of von Dehn and The Good News Journal. I know I Will have plenty of stories to tell!

One of the early Thrills of My Thursday was a Letter from My Brother.  I’ve been chatting with My family a little more over the last few months, and they’ve also been sending Me photos of My nieces and nephews.  It is something very difficult to articulate because I don’t want to give the impression that I have ever not, in some way, had a great relationship with My family.  Our Spiritual Journeys take each of Us down Our own unique path; sometimes We were very close, other times more distant.  I do not compromise on My beliefs, and I can only Imagine how difficult it must have been for My family at times (especially My Mother) to understand My Path.  It was a beautiful Letter, and I felt for a moment like I was truly connecting with his children, My niece and nephew.  It just seems that all the storylines of My life seem to be coming together at the perfect time, just like they would at the end of a Book.  Just when I’m wondering how I Will Write My conclusion, all the right Characters have come back into Play. I know as well as any man that the Universe is like that, but I’m feeling even more Blessed this year than usual.

This Thursday I am reflecting on the last couple of years, and I mentioned in My last Post that I try not to spend too much time in the past or the future.  I do like doing it though, because I like to have goals, even if they are little ones.  This Blog is My Baby!  I’m actually laughing out loud after typing that, so I’m gonna leave it because it’s True.  This Blog is so close to My Heart there is no Way anyone else could ever fully understand what it means to Me.  The year began with My Brother reminding Me I’d taken too long a vacation from Writing, which was a beautiful Way for the Universe to tie in My Passion for Writing with My Love for My family.

The Universe also had a Magical Way of Merging My Passion for Law with the ‘success’ of My Blog in 2017.  Success is in parenthesis because the term is relative and My Blog stats would still be considered very modest by most standards, but I once dreamed that My Blog would one day be read by the world and now that dream is My reality!  I also discovered it had been My reality for a few years, I’d only seen a portion of My true stats.  There was no Way to prove it and no one to know it but Me, but that somehow made it more special.  At the same time I noticed these ‘new’ Blog stats, I also started getting Twitter followers from an account I’d forgot I had for almost seven years.  I guess I should have known I had it because I remember noticing that it was publishing all of My Blog Posts, but I hadn’t really done anything with it since I set up the account (Publishing My Posts to Twitter is an automated feature on WordPress I set up once upon a time and essentially forgot about).  So I started exploring Twitter stats to find out why I was suddenly getting all this attention, and discovered it was thanks to the documents I’d published with the Canadian government, and in particular, My ‘Cestui Que Vie‘.

I know I had 55 Twitter followers when all of this started, and within a month I was somewhere around 150 to 200.  It was all pretty exciting for Me because I also had a daily audience reading My Blog.  To put it in perspective, the previous ‘norm’ was to have no visitors at all, and it would be especially surprising for someone to visit on a day I hadn’t Published a Post.  That all changed almost overnight, starting slowly but building momentum very quickly.  I remember as King of My neighbour at the time if 5000 Twitter followers seemed too ambitious a Goal to achieve in a year.  I loved the Idea of having a new platform to promote My Blog on social media, but I also didn’t want to be greedy.  My neighbour assured Me it wasn’t greedy or too ambitious a goal, and he was right; I attained My goal of 5000 followers on February 19th of last year – My Mother’s birthday!  Not only were Magical things taking place in My reality, they were taking place at auspicious times and/or in concert with auspicious events.

With the exception of choosing to move to Ottawa to further My Spiritual growth and development politically, very few events were planned in My microcosm and many Magical things were happening there, too.  When I started this leg of My Journey, I was naïve enough to believe that the deplorable conditions Canada’s homeless are subject to at the hand of emergency shelters (like the Salvation Army) was due to a lack of resources and/or funding, not the result of incompetent management or their Willful determination to trespass on the rights and dignity of clients.  I never imagined I would be arrested in the defence of My own rights and dignity, nor did I ever Imagine that the city of Ottawa Community and Family Shelters, Housing Services, the mayor (Jim Watson), city councillors and Ottawa MP’s, would all be knowingly involved in allowing these deplorable conditions to exist and helping the Salvation Army to cover them up.  Of course, with the city trying to fast-track a plan for a Salvation Army ‘mega-shelter’ to be constructed in Vanier that Will cost Canadian taxpayers three times what it costs them in per diem funding to stay at the Salvation Army now (which is already roughly 1/3 more than what it would cost taxpayers to put these individuals into a dignified one bedroom or bachelor apartment in the city of Ottawa), it really isn’t difficult to determine what their motive might be.

Is this ‘Good News’ moving into 2019?  Well, I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.  I know that Deanna Vecchiarelli started 2019 a whole lot more popular than she was in 2018; how she is enjoying that popularity, I am not so sure.

There are many considerations moving forward into 2019.  The complaint I have against the city of Ottawa and their failure to provide remedy and resolve the dispute, shows not only that the Salvation Army is in breach of their contractual agreements designed to protect the rights and dignity of clients, but also that the city of Ottawa is Willfully allowing these conditions to exist and persist.  Certainly not going to harm My defence at all.  Even without the new ammunition, My trial is coming up soon and that is something else I am super excited about.  All I can say, is that it would be virtually impossible for anyone to be prepared for what I am about to do.  I am not even sure it Will be possible for anyone to Imagine what I might do until it is done.  That’ll be the ‘main event’ this year, though I am also sure it Will only be the beginning of many more.

Finally, I’m also starting the year off with a proper workspace.  I almost called it an office, and My space certainly has the capacity to function as one, but it’s as much a studio, gym and bedroom as it is an office.

I’ll have to elaborate more on how I plan to move forward in 2019 in My next Post as this one is reaching maximum capacity for the Common man’s attention span, and I have to get an e-mail reply off to My Brother.

I just want the world to know that this Author is very excited about the opportunities the coming year has Presented Me with, and I hope each and all of You have some fabulous Ideas about how to further the development of Your Character in each of Your own Stories, too.

Remember, We are each the Hero of Our own personal Quest.

Love and Blessings, Happy 2019!!!






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