The Good News Journal, Volume XLVIII: The Thoughtful Thing King Thursday Edition – Sing, King, or Sinking in Commercial Admiralty Waters?

Happy Thursday, world!!!  Welcome to the [new] Thoughtful Thursday Thing King Edition of The Good News Journal, and thank You so much for being here!

I Promised that in the relaunch of The Good News Journal for February first that I would be tall King less about Law and Focus more on entertainment and I intend to remain true to My Word… It’s not February first yet. 😉

Joe King aside, The Thoughtful Thing King Thursday Edition Will be a regular feature of My Blog from February first forward, and it Will be an opinion column offering an alternative perspective on current events in mainstream media. Today I am tall King about Commercial Admiralty and the Common Law because I noticed that an older Edition of The Good News Journal, A Terrific Tuesday for Teaching, was recently viewed and I had said I would address Sean Kearney’s reply from Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General in an upcoming Post and still haven’t done it!  So I thought I should take care of that because it is an important Post – as much for My audience as it Will be for Sean Kearney (legal director, Ministry of the Attorney General).

First, I should probably include a link to the Letter Sean Kearney was tasked with responding to.  As I mention in the Letter, a copy of My Cestui Que Vie was also sent and would have been the first (top, Highest) Letter of the three documents (Dock-U-Mind) that were sent to the Ministry of the Attorney General.  It sounds like a minute detail, but the Cestui Que Vie ‘announces’ the Character and Jurisdiction of the Author of the Writ, or Authority of the information under it; therefor, they Stand Under it, giving Greater Under-Standing of the subject Matter.  I’m defining My Kingdom and its subject, or People.  See how Magical everything is?  And this is all True, Lords and Ladies, all legal documents Present themselves in the same Form.   

Second, I should include his reply for reference:

Reply from Ministry of Attorney General’s Sean Kearney (Legal Director)

This is what I call a ‘cop’ out (pun intended) because if You read the Letter he’s allegedly responding to, I am complaining about the Toronto ‘cops’ trespassing upon My Common Law rights, sexually assaulting Me, kidnapping Me, unlawfully arresting Me and several other trespasses upon normal Judicial procedures in a Common Law Jurisdiction (like refusing to let Me make a phone call or speak for My Self in Court to tell the Justice what really happened).  Sean Kearney is claiming that because the Letter was not Issued by or filed in a Court of law, he has no Duty or responsibility to take any action in response to it.  That is quite literally his claim, and he presumes to be speaking for Ontario’s Minister of Justice or Attorney General.

He has no duty or obligation to respond to trespasses upon the Common Law rights of the Canadian People as Ontario’s presumed ‘authority’ of the Courts?  Doesn’t sound very reasonable, does it?  He absolutely has a duty and responsibility to (at the very least) investigate My Claims.  His failure to do so, is aiding and abetting the crimes of the Toronto Police and allowing them to continue trespassing upon the Common Law rights of Canadians without consequence.  He is in breach of his duty and responsibilities as a ‘legal director’.  

The Common Law Jurisdiction is the entire planet, the Laws every man on Earth is expected to know, and bound to Keep.  Sending a Letter registered mail, is called proof of service in any Common Law Jurisdiction (everywhere).  I can now Show any Court that I reported these crimes to Canada’s Attorney General, and that Sean Kearney failed to respond appropriately.  Sean Kearney does not contest any of the claims made in My Letter.  I have the presumption of innocence until proved guilty in a Court of Law by a Jury of My Peers!  In a Common Law Jurisdiction, if there is no injured party (corpus delicti, or ‘body of the crime’), there is no crime – it’s really that simple!  With no injured party, there can be no valid weapon charge, as is clearly outlined in My Letter for Sean Kearney in the event he does not know the law as well as I do.  One has a Duty to educate his adversaries in Law and inform them when they trespass upon One’s rights.  So he cannot claim he was not informed, either.

There are some ‘Goodies’ in his response, though.  

“Please be advised there is nothing more we can do for you in this regard and our file is closed.”

Well, let’s spend a moment thing King about the last part of that sentence, ‘…our file is closed.’

Did Sean Kearney not state previously in the Letter that this was not a properly issued claim or application, and as such his intention was to take no action in response to it?  I think that’s pretty close to exactly what his letter claims.  Is responding to Me not an Act?  If it was not a properly issued claim or application, then what file is being closed and what exactly is he responding to? 

Writing a Letter of Complaint is exactly the correct Way to start a Common Law claim!  Why do You think the city of Ottawa is as King of One to file a complaint if they are unsatisfied with any city services?  It is the first step in any [Common Law] legal proceeding.  If the recipient does not respond appropriately, then One can file their paperwork with the courts for resolution.  So, [one of] the first things I did was go to the Superior Court in Guelph, kindly as King of the clerks there to make a copy of Sean Kearney’s letter and to file it on the Court of Record.  And they were so happy to oblige Me!!!  So now, I am informing on Sean Kearney!

Again, this Act is as King of the Court to take Notice of something, primarily that the Ministry of the Attorney General was given Notice of the trespasses upon My Sovereignty and failed to [appropriately] respond or contest My Claims.  The other ‘Gift’ that was Given Me by Sean Kearney’s reply is the second to last sentence,

“Please be advised that no further correspondence will be forthcoming from this Ministry on these matters…”

Not only is he not contesting any of My Claims, he’s also letting Me know that he never Will!  This is a polite Way of saying he knows I’m right and has no legal foundation to stand on.  Not only is he not contesting any of the claims made in My Letter of complaint, he is not contesting anything in My Cestui Que Vie, either.  An uncontested Claim Stands as fact in Law until it is disproved.  What ‘matters’ Will I not be receiving any further correspondence on?..  Answer?  My Sovereignty.  He is not going to contest ANY document I file into the Superior Court – and I tested this theory when I Created the coin of My realm, My thumbprint.

Be the Change, Become the Coin of the Realm

The funniest Part about all of this for Me, was knowing that every single document I filed into the Superior Court of Wellington County was sent directly to Sean Kearney’s office.  I figured if no more correspondence would be forthcoming from the Ministry on these matters, then I should probably take advantage of that fact and let the Ministry know how I intend to proceed in the world, now that I have legally declared My Sovereignty.  This is why I have no issue facing any of the charges against Me.  The Courts can Play games as much as they want, but should anything go to trial…  Well, then I get to pull all the Aces out of My sleeve because all of these documents Will Stand in Court.

Also Keep in Mind, I’ve also made all of these claims here and the government could contest any of them anytime – but I wouldn’t hold Your breath.

I’m not even sure if I mentioned that I filed an additional complaint with the city of Ottawa for Deanna Vecchiarelli’s failure to reach a reasonable and fair resolution in regards to My last complaint, but I did get a Lovely Letter today from Rachel Ladouceur from the city of Ottawa, that was both cordial and polite – so I am pleased to announce that I Will be able to Show the world how One should respond to a complaint very shortly.

Sadly, I Will not be able to fully relaunch My Blog as anticipated for February first due to technical issues, though I am hoping to be ready for Monday.  Monday’s are Magical for new beginnings anyway, so it must be Divine Intervention.

I’ll have more for You tomorrow in the Fabulous Freelance Friday Edition.  Till then,

Love and Blessings,








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