Volume LVI: The Letter of the Law – Constable Christopher Jenkyn, Ottawa Police Service

Letter of Complaint

Good evening and Happy Thoughtful Thursday Thing King Edition, thank You so kindly for being here.  It is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday for Me, because I got to celebrate the one year anniversary of My assault by constable Christopher Jenkyn by Writing a Letter to the Ottawa Police Service to commemorate the occasion.  Ah, such Fun!

Okay, so not really.  It was very satisfying to finally get the Letter Writ, but it really wasn’t much Fun to Write.  In Fact, before I say anything else about it, I’ll Give You a chance to read it for Your Self.


I just re-Read it to refresh My memory and to be frank (though I Love being Sean too much to ever actually be Frank), it’s very tame.  I am pleased that I did all the work to defend My Self and become confident in Canada’s Courts; in fact, I can’t articulate just how Grateful I am for that because that was the Goal for so many years…  Roughly 8.  It’s also one Goal I really haven’t had much time to appreciate, it was somewhat anti-climactic.  I went from being intimidated by Canada’s Courts, to being confident and eager to be in Canada’s Courts, to becoming busy in Canada’s Courts, and finally, to winning in Canada’s Courts.  I really thought that would be a Glorious moment, the kind of moment One savours for the rest of One’s Life.  But it was, ‘meh’ (a famous ‘nothing’ Word an old Friend frequently used).  In fact, I remember thing King, “Great, now what?”

I’m so glad I didn’t become a lawyer!  Honestly, I would hate it.  The only thing I really enjoy, is making My arguments in Court.  I’m only tall King about the Acts, not the Purpose.  Purpose is what compels Me to do the Deeds I don’t enjoy so much so I can have My day in Court.  The work involved in taking someone to Court, is not a lot of Fun, even for a guy who Loves Writing.

My Secret to success in Court?  Don’t break the Law.  Maybe ten percent of My confidence in Court is because I studied the Law, the other ninety percent, is knowing My innocence (which is almost the same as knowing One is right).  In fact, I just recently Writ about this in My Matrix Interpret-A-Sean, ‘Temet Nosce’, Latin for ‘Know thy Self’.  First, I Trust in what I know to be right and wrong, then I Seek to find where the ‘right’ is protected in Law.  If I can’t find it, I’m confident enough that I Will make it Law with My arguments – because it is easy to defend what One knows to be right, True and just.

That last paragraph was something of a disclaimer.  I don’t want anyone actually thing King I’m performing some kind of Magical Trick in Court.  The only ‘Magical’ thing about it, is that I don’t have a license and Will defend My right to advocate without one.  And I Will teach One how to do that.  When they (usually Judge or Justice) are as King of Me if I am a lawyer, I say, “all of Man is equal in Law, at Law, and before the Law”.  It’s true, so any One can use it.

I thought when I reached this Stage of My Life that I would Love Playing the Part, that it would be Fun and entertaining for Me to scold People for breaking the Law, especially public officials, like Constable Christopher Jenkyn.  But remember, a ‘con’ is a trick, so Christopher is not so stable, and it really isn’t that much Fun telling People how they should behave.  When I say that Court is the least favourable outcome for both parties, it’s true.  It is an added inconvenience to the party that was harmed or injured, and it should be shameful for the party responsible for the harm or injury.  Generally, People are only in Court because someone is not behaving as One should be.

Honestly, if Constable Christopher Jenkyn had Writ Me a Letter of apology when the charges against Me were withdrawn, or stopped by to visit Me in person to apologize for his Actions, I would have let the Matter go.  And, I would have Given him Honourable mention here on My Blog.  I probably would have even Painted his Portrait to Honour his Character in My Work.  That’s the kind of News I want to Write.  I don’t want to have to share My next Letter of complaint with My audience.  It is a little embarrassing to think We have so many People Acting like children.  I don’t Wish to have to take People into Court so I can teach them how to behave, it makes Me feel like a Father.  But I Will.

I Will because I must.  I really don’t care about money, but something else I Will soon be Showing everyone, is that when One’s citizen Ship is CAPSIZED on the Seas of Commercial Admiralty Water, One is entitled to compensation for damages to One’s Vessel.  My Spiritual nature makes it a little tricky to wrap My Head around this One, as no amount of money can ever ‘undo’ what has already been done.  However, at this Point in My journey, I’ve had a lot of harm done unto Me and Friends and Family in My Microcosm have as King of Me plenty of times in the past how I Plan to ‘earn My Way’ Living a Spiritual Life, so I’m not going to resist what God Gives Me.  But One must be as King of God for it before One can receive.  That means Writing more Letters.

Letter of Complaint
Constable Christopher Jenkyn
Letter of Complaint Page 2
Constable Christopher Jenkyn


Letter of Complaint
Constable Christopher Jenkyn
Letter of Complaint
Constable Christopher Jenkyn
Letter of Complaint
Constable Christopher Jenkyn

And I’ll admit, I am having a little Fun now.  Now that the Letter is Writ, I am pleased to have it done.  So far, it was the most difficult Letter to Write.  Partially because his Actions were so unprofessional, partially because I don’t even want to be thing King about it anymore.  I would Love to for-Give and move on, but I need to be sure that the police Will Honour their service to the public.

Well, that’s My Good News for today.  Jenkyn has until April 11th to offer Me an apology in Writing and accept the punishment of one pitcher of water poured over his head for his trespasses – but I wouldn’t hold Your breath.  Chances are he won’t respond at all, in which case I Will be as King of the Crown for some serious coin.

Yes, a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday, in Deed.

Love and Blessings,


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