Volume LXV: Free Lance Friday Free Bee: Serving a Life Sentence

Hello everyone, welcome to the  Free Lance Friday Edition of The Good News Journal, thank You kindly for being here.  I’ve missed You, I’ve missed being here.  I Hope to get back to Writing more frequently soon, I’m still war King on a few things in My Microcosm at the moment.

I am going to be tall King about some heavy topics when I return, so to ease into that, I’m going to start with the conclusion of My Matrix de-Coded series and go over My last Tarot reading which just happens to make for a perfect introduction to some of the secrets I’ll be sharing soon.  I briefly mentioned this in My last Post, too, which is why this is the Free Lance Friday Free Bee (freebie); I’m not going to be tall King about the Matrix or the Tarot today, though each of those are absolutely related (and coming soon).

Interesting Expression, ‘Serving a Life Sentence’, isn’t it?  Certainly makes for an interesting title, especially for those who are familiar with My fascination with Words.  Whom is One ‘Serving’, exactly?  What is One’s Purpose?  Collectively, We are telling a Story, each of Our Lives contributing a Sentence to the main narrative, the Greatest Story ever told.  And We all know what Story I’m tall King about.

I had also said I was planting some Seeds of Intention.  The little bonsai on the right pictured above, is the transplanted seedling from the fire pit on the left.  I hadn’t noticed before, but it almost looks as though the two pieces of charcoal to the left of the seedling are Guardian statues carved from the fire, watching over the seedling.  It’s a maple, the Keys of evidence lie at the base of the stem.  It is a also a House warming Gift for My new Homestead, and it symbolizes My Ideas taking root in the nations capital.  Not a coincidence it happens to be a maple, Canada’s national symbol, either.

know My purpose.  Not some vague Idea, not an inclination, I know My purpose.  We all have one, We all have a ‘Secret Treasure’ waiting to be discovered (Paulo Coelho, ‘The Alchemist’).  Once We know what that Purpose is, the Universe conspires to make it happen (also Paulo Coelho, though this time paraphrasing from memory).

Like My baby Bonsai Maple, I am slowly establishing roots in Ottawa.  Part of the reason I’m holding back on some of My Writing right now is because of the legal matters in My Microcosm with respect to the city of Ottawa; I’m not ready to Give My advesaries all the answers just yet, My Wish is to see them do the right thing on their own with as little guidance as possible.

But I digress.  The main Focus of My Blog over the next little while Will be Living with Purpose – that’s the main reason We are here.  In fact, it’s really the only reason We are here; to fulfill One’s purpose in Life.  The only problem is, no One can tell One what that is.  That is a Quest Ion only the individual can embark (like a ship).


This is a Hibiscus.  Also a new plant for My homestead, as it Will do well indoors (in a sunny window), too.  It had no flowers when I purchased it four days ago, only buds – but lots of them.  The flower appeared on the second day and this is the second day it’s been in full bloom.  I’m not sure how long the flowers last, but the next largest bud I expect Will bloom within the next couple of days.  It’s one of My favourite plants but I’ve never owned one, and I’ve never actually seen one this small.  They are essentially trees, they can grow very large!

I’ve been planting a lot of seeds of intention lately.  These plants Will need a Good Home, and the Universe Will conspire to make it happen – We are always war King together.

Each of Our lives adds at least one sentence to Our collective Story, some of Us Will Write Chapters.  All the world is a Stage, every One Plays a Part (apart).  The Quest-Ion is, how do We Wish for Our Story to end, how should We Write the final Scene?

I Hope and Trust this Post finds You all well.  I am expecting to hear from the city later today, so I am thing King I Will have some Good news to share with You soon.

We also know how I feel about coincidences and someone is currently reading My Post about Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’.  Are My thoughts being subconsciously communicated to the world, or is it just a coincidence?  Just something to leave You thing King about this Fabulous Friday.

Love and Blessings,



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