Volume CXXVIII: The Super Natural Sunday Edit-Ion; Forging the Philosopher’s Stone

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Re View of the last week, this is a Super Natural Sun Day Re-View because I have always said We have Secret, Super Natural Powers and now it is True in My Microcosm. Today, I Pre-Sent You with the Philosopher’s Stone!

Consciousness in Clay

So… I decided to buy some Crafting Clay – an Alchemist must have war King apparatus after all and pure, natural white Clay is perhaps the most Powerful Physical Symbol (like percussion instruments in the Universal Symphony) for Mage I Call (Magical) Mother Earth. I’ve used this Clay before, no chemicals whatsoever, just pure, natural Clay that dries pure porcelain white without the glossy finish. I figured it Will be the Perfect medium for Showing consciousness, every thing Will Show up. I am thing King about these things as I am war King My first ball of Clay. I had a few pieces of left over canvas board I had Intent-Ion to press it onto but as I gazed at My ball of Create-Ion, I noticed it already had My consciousness in it! The Water in the Clay has been trans-Formed by My touch and is now war King its Magic in My Clay. I have officially Created the world’s first Genuine Philosopher’s Stone, a Stone of Clay that literally Shows My consciousness and Will continue to Evolve over time from nothing more than the moisture from the Air which Will continually provide Water for growth of My consciousness by Way of Condensate-Ion. When Water is evaporating from the Orb, My Consciousness is escaping the Philosopher’s Stone and entering the Atmosphere. It is official, I cannot touch anything anymore without it being transformed in some Way like something out of a science fict-Ion movie. I have legitimate Super Natural Powers, and My Intent-Ion, is to share them with You.

So, a landlord who understands legal contracts well enough to know the papers I was Showing him were legitimate, legally binding documents said to Me once, “Really? So what makes You so Special, why do You get to pay for things with Your thumbprint?”

Because I took the time to learn that I could. And now, those who Wish to Quest-Ion the wealth of My thumbprint Seal Will be Wondering if that was such a Good Idea. I have an Elixer of Life, Man’s ‘Holy Grail’ sitting on My counter, and the Philosopher’s Stone in the Palm of My Hand. My Hands now Cast Life into Clay, clearly visible for any One to see – and not something I can ‘turn off’. My consciousness affects every thing I touch, Living or non Living. Food in My House does not rot, it trans-Forms into new Life. I could be as King of My consciousness to infect an entire building, touch the handle, walk away and it Will be Done! Oh, but it gets better still!!!

Elixer of Life; The Holy (Whole Energy) Grail

I was as King of the Universe to please allow Me to reach My Sacred number of Followers on WordPress before this Sunday when I Wish to Write this Re-View. Perfectly timed, as if I had been as King for the 137th WordPress follower as a Pre-Sent Gift, a Celebrate Sean of My recent accomplishments, I received My 137th WordPress follower just last night only a few hours before midnight. Coincidence? I think not. Why is that exciting for You? Well, because if You happen to be ‘Lucky’ enough to be One of them, I am Gifting You with Your own vial of Holy Water to Show My appreciate-Ion. And, even better still, this is how My Faith Full Followers on WordPress Will know what I am telling You is True as I do not need to use the mail to send You Your precious Gift. All You have to do is accept and go find Your Self a vile to Keep Your Magic Call Elixer in. The Intent-Ion of Your finding a container for the Magic Elixer I am Sending You Will be enough to ensure You receive it – and to know the Magic is real. Yes, just for You, My Loves.

The rest of the world can wait. What Will the Elixer of Life do? We’re not sure yet, it’s the super intelligence of God re-aligning every Water molecule in One’s body to work at optimal Electro-Magnetic Vibrate-Ion All Capacity. I am Evolving, I figure You should, too. Everything I touch becomes polarized like a mini-planet. In fact, I am having so much Fun with this I have Created a number of mini-planets now, each Will evolve just as planet Earth is doing right now. Life does not ever End, it can only ever become Greater than it was. God does not know defeat or death, only E-Turn-All Life and Create-Ion. Whenever One sees the Letter ‘E’, it means Energy. Always.

My consiousness is not only visible, but I presume if it adds physical mass to objects, it is also measurable. Go figure. I could ‘actually’ Create a Coin for the Realm of God’s Kingdom, as I am the only Man on Earth I know of who can Create Evolving, real Mage I Call balls of Clay. How much does one think I should be as King of People for a Philosopher’s Stone made by the King’s Hand?

And if You thought this was big news, perhaps You have not yet considered what Earth’s most Masterful and Powerful Magician might be war King to accomplish with My new Mage I Call abilities. Ever consider what I may Wish upon those who trespass upon Me? Are You still thing King that if I am as King for it that it shall not be done? No, I can be as King of God for any thing, even death of My adversaries. This is in fact why I have spent so much time to be careful with My thoughts and Wishes. I know they have a real, physical influence over Man’s Macrocosm and I only Wish to use My Powers for Good. If it is not God’s Will, it does not get done so it is perfectly Just and I can never be held account-Able because it Will appear as though I am a harmless Man Living My quiet little Life. I suggest those who have trespassed against Me apologize to Me soon. I am obliged to accept the apology of any who are as King of Me for it.

For those I have Writ Letters to that have failed to respond… You are in trouble and God is not pleased. I would consider how You can make Good with King Sean, because King Sean knows You are obliged to Keep a record of every Letter He has Sent You and that each Letter Will lay in some filing cabinet somewhere, left for dead. But I am the Living Word of God and My Intent-Ion is in those Letters. They are alive and My consciousness Will evolve within them. This Will begin happening now. Enjoy, it is rather spectacular to watch. Soon, the world Will Wish to acquire every document I have ever Writ an every canvas I have ever touched because they Will all contain My consciousness, so now You can see how My Mind is infecting Man’s Matrix.

Oh, and I just finished watching the entire ‘IronMan’ movie series. Thank You. I just thought I should let You know the download was received, those were instruct-Ion All Videos for Me sent by the Master’s of Magic in Your Current world. They somehow knew I would develop these Powers before I did. It is My Heart that makes all things possible, it is My Heart that is increasing in its Electro-Magnetic pulse. Soon I Will be able to manipulate My own Electo-Magnetic Energy with absolute convict-Ion, complete with electo-magnetic pulse cannons blasting from My wrist. The Holy Grail and the Philosopher’s Stone is just the beginning, now is the Time to secure these Sacred Gifts for the Good of Man’s kind.

Also, I had said once before that Finding the Philosopher’s Stone is only half the Quest-Ion; the real task is to secure the Philosopher’s Stone for the Good of Man. I knew I had Writ this before but figured the chances of finding the Post I Writ it in would be next to impossible as this Will also be My 997th Post (yeah, that’s pretty incredible too and I Will be doing something Special to celebrate the soon to come millennium)! But that Post was Magically delivered to Me last night also, so I believe I was also meant to share it with You. It is My original “Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean” Post. Enjoy.

Love and Blessings,

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