Notice of Acceptance for Honour; National Bank of Canada Mortgage in Honour of Joachim von Dehn (Deceased, Oct. 28, 2019)

Notice of Acceptance for Honour

Acceptance for Honour for Joachim von Dehn

To Whom this Gift May be Presented, Greetings,

I am King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, commonly known as Sean von Dehn, next of kin, eldest son and rightful Heir to My father, Joachim von Dehn’s Estate. I am hereby Presenting You with an Official and Final Acceptance for Honour of My father’s obligations to You on the International Public Record.

My father is not in dis-Honour, his account is only in default because I, My father’s eldest son, Living Will and Product of My father’s Estate, Wish for You to know that My father’s intent was that his obligation to You Will be Honoured. It was not his Good Will or Intent that expired, but his Life force Energy required to fulfill his obligation to You. It is My intention to fulfill My father’s obligations to You by Accepting them for Honour.

Should You accept My generous offer, the account is immediately restored to Good Standing, as My father is no longer in default, his Living Will has now redeemed My father’s Good name and made the intentions of My father in Heaven known to You. It is My father’s Wish that You Shall be fulfilled.

Currently, solicitors allegedly Acting on Your behalf have refused My Offer of Acceptance for Honour of My father’s obligations to You and have tried to impose new obligations upon Me under threat of seizure of My father’s Estate if I failed to comply with their Order in thirty days.

The terms of My father’s tenure of acceptance indicated that $200.00 per month would be sufficient to Keep the account in Good standing, and I am as King of You to Honour this agreement, as it is the tenure of My father’s agreement with You I am offering to accept for Honour. At no time did I see My father Sign any agreement that compelled himself or any other member of his next of kin to repay the full amount in thirty days or the property Will be seized. Making such demands of a Son coming forth to You with clean hands, in Good faith and with no intent but to let You know My father’s Honourable intentions and to fulfill them on his behalf in the wake of his death is unconscionable to Me.

I feel Your solicitors approach to this Matter was extremely unprofessional, and demonstrates very little respect for My Spiritual rights and beliefs which are to Honour My father as Commanded Me by God.

I am hoping You Will allow Me to accept the tenure of My father’s original obligations to You, or I must hereby Give You Notice that by refusing Acceptance of this offer, You lose Your right of recourse against the property, as I have no previous existing obligation with You that Gives any agent Acting on Your behalf the right to threaten Me and My family with obligations My father never had.

Thank You kindly for Your attention regarding this Matter, I look forward to swift resolution.

Post Script – Please also be advised that Noah S. Potechin is currently in possession of My Signed Acceptance for Honour on the original mortgage agreement and can have the document forwarded to Your office for review immediately. He is also in possession of the Letter he sent Me threatening Me and My family with the theft of My inheritance for failing to meet his demands, which I also Accepted for Honour under duress (due to the threat of property seizure) and returned to him. Although this is criminal evidence of extortion and performance demands without proof of an obligation, it is also a negotiable commercial instrument and secured deposit should You choose to accept it to close out the mortgage file and discharge Noah’s crimes for Value against My father’s debt.

Blessings, I look forward to hearing from You.

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

Notice of Default and Judgment Day

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