Volume CXLI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; I, Mage in Nation

Or I-mage-in-a-Sean, or perhaps just Imagination, if You prefer. Hello, and thank King You for joining Me for the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of the God News Journal. Okay, so technically, ‘God’ News Journal was a typo (or a type ‘O’, as in O- blood, or perhaps even the breath of Life, Oxygen), though there are no coincidences in the Universe and the Nation I Mage in is God’s Kingdom, and that is also the Kingdom I Wish to Establish on Earth. As above, so below. And that’s what this Edition of the Good News Journal is about, so it seems serendipitous more than coincidence.

December 3rd is approaching rapidly, which is Judgment Day for the National Bank of Canada and Merovitz Potechin LLP and their agent/lawyer, Noah S. Potechin (who I presume must be one of the partners of the firm). Officially, that is only one week from midnight tomorrow, so I can’t help but feel a little excited.

Those who have been following along Will know that Noah did respond to the allegations against him, though he failed to dispute any of the facts against him and is currently still in default. Just to be clear, ‘default’ does not mean guilty. I have ‘charged’ Noah with criminal liability for Willful trespass upon My Common Law (God Given) rights. Default simply means that Noah has failed to provide any lawful excuse for his Actions and I have a Duty and responsibility to Give Noah, his firm and his client a reasonable amount of time to disprove My claim of criminal liability against them (20 days) before they are officially determined guilty for failing to respond or provide any lawful excuse. This is the true Common Law Way.

I have said that Ideally, My Wish Will be to accomplish as much as I possibly can without ever having to enter a commercial court. My Claim against the Salvation Army Booth Centre and the city of Ottawa made it clear that Canada’s courts are corrupt and are not Acting in the interests of the People, they are forwarding a commercial agenda for a corporate entity known as the corporation of CANADA, which is not the same as the geographical region known as the country of Canada. The People Live in the country of Canada, persons do not live in the corporation of CANADA, they are Acting as agent for a corporate office (which is the birth certificate, or the certificated person). The certificated person can gain no settlement, but a People can. 😉

I also said that Ideally, My Wish Will be to accomplish everything here, as this is the True Common Law Court. My accusations against Noah S. Potechin, his firm and his client are out on the International Public Record, Posted (from My Post Office) in this legal and lawful publication. All the facts are right here for everyone to see, his crimes of trespass upon My inherent rights are clear and plain as day, Noah has yet to provide any lawful excuse or remedy. Alternately, Noah could concede and admit he was not aware of the Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms ratified by Canada in 1976, accept the payment that was Given him and forward it to his client to discharge the mortgage – he still has time. If Noah, his firm and his client act in accordance with international law and recognize that they cannot lawfully refuse to accept My payment and move forward with Power of Sale, they still have the opportunity to Honour the Law in Good Faith. That is the whole point to placing them on Notice of criminal liability on the Public Record and Giving them until December 3rd to remedy their Actions. Ignorance is no excuse for the law but it is forgivable if One chooses to do the right thing when they are no longer ignorant. This is why it is important to Give Notice to People of their trespass – it may have been unintentional and One should Give their adversary an opportunity to do the right thing. Noah has eight more days.

This is why I feel like a Mage in My Nation because this really is the Common Law Court. The Sovereign is the One to hold Court, there can be no Court without the Sovereign. The People of the world are Sovereign in their Natural State of being, the United Kingdom of Man, the whole ‘E’ (Energy) Trinity of Mind, Body and Soul.

The reason these Notices on the International Public Record are so powerful is because they are determined (in Law) to be statements of fact until they are proven false. So if the adversary does not defend against the allegation, then it becomes a default Judgment of Truth. There is no need for a Judge or Justice because the Truth has already been determined as Fact by both parties. All it needs to be legally binding (to have the force of Law) in Man’s commercial fiction, is to be registered with a Notary Public, making it a Truth in Judgment that Will Stand in Man’s commercial fiction. It’s basically an Affidavit of Truth, making the accusations against Noah a legally binding statement of facts that provide Judgment in Law.

The best part is, Noah’s Statement of defense was so bad that he actually asserted his guilt! Literally states that My thumbprint is not an acceptable form of payment! Well, I’m not sure how he figures that to be True if all People have the right to freely dispose of their natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations, though I am eager to hear his explanation. So I was as King of Noah to provide for Me the exemption clause from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms ratified by Canada in 1976 provided in the Ontario Mortgages Act. My guess is that he Will not be able to find one (and yes, I’m being facetious, I know there isn’t one).

So this is how I Will be taking care of business from now on. In fact, the Power of what I am doing now is so tremendous, I am not going to Post any more Notices until at least December 4th, possibly not even before December 25th. I like to do things on ceremonious days, so I’ll probably do something on Christ Mass consciousness day.

And because I always say there are no coincidences, I Wish to share one last link with You today that was Sent to Me by one of My Friend’s in Law two days after I Posted My International Notices. A long time ago I was tall King about how every law suit of any kind starts with a complaint in a Common Law jurisdiction. The only reason anything ever ends up in front of a court is if some One is not Acting in Honour in the Common Law. Problem is, the courts We use today are all commercial courts because virtually everyone is Acting as agent for a corporation. The trick is to maintain the status of Man by staying out of commercial courts – they have no authority over Judgments in Truth of Fact.

If You are genuinely interested in the ‘True’ Common Law procedures, please do take a look at the link in the last paragraph as I have been studying this stuff for years and have never found such a comprehensive step by step guide in one place. I strongly recommend checking it out, the individual who posted the information is doing great things to protect the rights and freedoms of Canada’s People.

Love and Blessings,

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