Volume CLIII: The Super Natural Sun Day Re-View; Ignorance is Bliss

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Re-View, thank King You for joining Me. It has been an eventful week in My Microcosm; I received confirmation My complaint to the city of Ottawa has been received by Ontario Works, after Posting here that I did not have a great deal of confidence in Kristine’s ability to appropriately respond to My complaint I received a second email informing Me that Ontario Works has engaged their legal counsel, Samantha Montreuil, and yesterday I provided some insight regarding My concerns of the Bill and Melinda ‘Gates to Hell’ Foundation as well as a second video by the Toronto Sun expressing concerns for Trudeau’s apparent affinity for Chinese dictatorship. I also Posted some information provided by the CDC in regards to some of the COMMON side effects of receiving the Covid vaccine which include severe allergic reaction. One can click on this sentence to review the CDC’s website for more information regarding the risks associated with the Covid-19 vaccinations that have been ‘approved’ as ‘safe’ by local governments.

I also like to do a little background check when new Characters become a Part of My Story. As I’ve mentioned before, We all have a Role to Play on the world’s stage and I don’t get to choose who those Characters Will be. The Highest authority of Man’s commercial admiralty system of Law, Her Grace, Glory and Majesty Elizabeth II was predetermined long before I ever arrived on this Earth. I certainly didn’t choose to have Trudeau leading Canada’s People into a fascist dictatorship, nor did I select the legal counsel that would be provided to Ontario Works on the city’s behalf. I Will say that had it been Genevieve Langlais I would have protested the decision for conflict of interest as Genevieve has already clearly shown she is more determined to ensure People receive no compensation for harm done to them by the loss of their inherent rights and protect the city of Ottawa’s corporate interests than she is to provide remedy for them. I could potentially even argue that she is aiding, abetting and conspiring with the city of Ottawa to cover up the harm done to Ottawa’s People subject to emergency shelters but the International Public Record speaks for itself.

After ‘Googling’ Samantha Montreuil it was easy to find her LinkedIn profile and discovered she also has a profile on Twitter. Naturally, Twitter is My primary ‘political’ social media platform and is primarily used for People to voice their social and political opinions, so I decided to follow Samantha and see what sort of things she might be Tweeting about. Before I discuss a couple of Tweets I responded to, I do Wish to say that Samantha has an impressive resume and legitimately sounds like a very compassionate individual. She has represented the city of Ottawa before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, so she is not a stranger to issues regarding rights (though her experience may be limited exclusively to the rights afforded by the Ontario Charter rather than Our inherent [God Given] rights contractually protected in Canada). Her LinkedIn profile also indicates she has volunteered her time at the Roger Neilson House which is a palliative care institution for seriously ill children. I find that very inspirational because People don’t donate their time [voluntarily] to institutions like the Roger Neilson House if they are not genuinely interested in making a difference and improving People’s lives. So I remain cautiously optimistic that Samantha Will understand how important it is to Me that the Canadian government respect My inherent rights and determination to live a not for profit, Spiritual Life.

Having said all of that, two of Samantha’s Tweets caught My attention. The first Tweet that really caught My attention was a graphic of the Salvation Army’s New ‘Mega Shelter’ with a caption above reading, ‘The Salvation Army needs to hurry up get the homeless off the streets’. Tweets like that infuriate Me. Since when did it become the Salvation Army’s duty and obligation to provide shelter for Ottawa’s homeless? That is the city of Ottawa’s duty and responsibility and the only reason Ottawa requires any emergency shelters to provide for the homeless is a result of the city’s negligence in providing dignified shelter in the first place. So I responded to the Tweet by advising Samantha that the city pays out $1750/month to place Ottawa’s homeless in shelters (that have no respect for their dignity and worth as individuals) while the cost of single occupancy housing in the city of Ottawa was estimated to be $1252/month in 2019. It would be more cost effective to provide a $1250 housing subsidy to these individuals so they can acquire dignified housing than it would be to continue to contract with emergency shelters. And that is the cost of the dilapidated, run down, not even in compliance with Ottawa’s property standards act (I could cite numerous examples but being overrun with vermin is probably the best example) current Salvation Army, which demonstrably verifies they have no respect for the shelter standards they contractually agreed to maintain in order to be eligible to receive city funding. The new ‘mega shelter’ is estimated to cost the city of Ottawa a whopping $3000/per person or more per month!!! Where is the logic and reason in placing People in shelters when it costs more to do so than it would to provide dignified, single occupancy housing for the same individuals? I Tweeted this Quest-Ion to Samantha.

The other was an article tall King about how a service called ‘Pro Bono’ legal services, an organization that provides free legal advise had been shut down due to lack of government funding. I asked Samantha what the intent was in retweeting the article (as there was no comment attached to it) suggesting it seems a little ironic to be complaining about this while receiving a six figure salary from the city to defend against the complaints of Ottawa’s People for the harm done to them by the city’s negligence. I mentioned I was genuinely interested in knowing her thoughts with respect to these Issues. This was her response:

Ignorance is Bliss

Oh well. Very difficult to dispute logic and reason so I understand why she chose to block Me rather than attempt to provide an explanation. It may also be considered a conflict of interest so I’m not in any Way offended, I just thought it was interesting. It’s not near as interesting as Honourable Justice, Perkins McVey following Me on Twitter within moments after Presenting My first arguments to her in court, but it’s mildly interesting. If Samantha didn’t know I have a presence on social media platforms like Twitter, she knows it now. It also took just over twelve years (as of Friday) to develop a social media following of just over 9k and that’s part of the reason I followed Samantha because developing an audience like that is not an easy task without financial investment – it took a lot of time and hard work. Now I just do what I do and I presume it Will continue to grow as My once radical opinions become more and more a part of the mainstream narrative… Like “You Will own nothing and You Will be happy!!!”, which is one of the latest WEF (World Economic Forum) quotes from Claus Schwab I Will be discussing some time in the very near future.

I hope You are all doing well, feeling Loved and making the most of this time to develop deeper understanding of Our True Purpose.

Love and Blessings,

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