Volume CLXII: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; All the World’s a Stage, God Cast the Characters

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Today’s Simple Solution Edition is something of a Part II to yesterday’s ‘All the World’s a Stage, You’re the Star of the Show‘ and elaborating on those Ideas.

I haven’t started Writing My Last Letter yet but it is coming together in My Mind. The ultimate Simple Solution Will be contained in that Letter, which is why it Will prove to be the most Magical Spell I have Cast since the Foundation of God’s Kingdom was Established by Way of My Cestui Que Vie Trust. That’s the introduction to My Story. The rest is how it all Plays out. The Characters are Cast by God, I don’t get to choose who I Write, I am Writing individuals who ‘Hold’ a particular position of Office within Canada’s Ministries. A Ministry typically refers to a Spiritual Idea:

Ministry, definition; min·is·try/ˈminəstrē/

  1. 1.the work or vocation of a minister of religion.”he is training for the ministry “Similar: holy orders, the priesthood, the cloth, the church.”
  2. 2.(in certain countries) a government department headed by a minister of state. “the Ministry of Agriculture”

And how is a ‘minister’ of a state defined?


  1. 1.a member of the clergy, especially in Protestant churches. Similar: clergyman, clergywoman, cleric, ecclesiastic, pastor, vicar, rector, priest, parson, father, man/woman of the cloth, man/woman of God, church man, churchwoman, curate, chaplain, curé, divine, evangelist, preacher, kirk man, reverend, padre, Holy Joe sky, pilot, josser
  2. 2.(in certain countries) a head of a government department. “Britain’s defense minister”

Is there any suggestion here that both definitions do not apply to the same Word? See how much One can learn by seeing what is not seen, reading what is not Writ? It does not say ‘or’ between the two definitions. I would suggest it’s both because government is no less a belief system than a place of worship; government is just another form of organized religion, group think. Is it not possible that this is precisely the reason the Word is used to describe the ‘head’ of a government department in ‘Crown’ countries, do they not also represent the Crown and Her Majesty? Could it be that their primary job is to defend the Faith in Her Majesty’s Honour? Of course it is!

Anywhere Her Majesty is considered to be the Head of State such as Canada, Her Grace is also considered to be God’s representative and the ultimate defender of the Faith; ‘Faith’ represents the Story of Christ. I don’t think Catholic or Protestant Matters so much, I believe it is the Ten Commandments Her Majesty is Sworn (and anointed by God) to protect. That’s also why I believe the expression ‘set in stone’ is so well known, something of a hint, a Secret ‘tell’. Those are the Laws that were set in stone by God and Given to Moses on two tablets, that was the ‘Covenant’ Man made with God, a ‘legal’ contract. The Bible is accepted as Truth in any Common Law Court which is why I’m making these references because that also happens to be the legal Jurisdiction of Her Majesty.

My Last Letter Will be very different from all the rest because I Will be making it perfectly clear to the Ministries of the Canadian government that I have no ill intent for any One, even those who have done Me harm in the past – I just Wish to see it stop. I don’t even Wish to argue about whether or not the Birth Certificate represents the commercial Value of an individual, it represents the commercial Value of something. Everything I have ever Created in My Life is technically ‘My’ intellectual property. That includes every paper submitted to schools, transcripts, medical records – some how that stuff is all connected to Me, yet it remains in the custody of the Canadian government as Creations of the certified, artificial, ‘legal’ person created by the state.

The reason I have no interest in arguing about it because I don’t even believe in ‘intellectual property rights’. The rest of the world picks up on Good Ideas whether We like it or not because Our DNA are continuously broad-Casting Magic for others to receive. We do this subconsciously whether We know it or not. That’s more or less what ‘intuition’ is all about.

My intention is to dedicate My Life to sharing the Gifts I was Given by God with the rest of the world. I don’t claim owner ship of anything except Supreme custodial rights over My physical body. The more access I have to the resources the world has available, the greater benefit I can be to My fellow Man (of either sex) and the more interesting this Blog Will become.

So far this year, I’ve published 120,000 Words on WordPress. 37 Posts in 30 days last month! To put that in perspective a little more, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is roughly 40,000 Words. The equivalent of three short novels and it’s not even summer yet. I am contributing something to the ‘Great Work’ and all I am as King for is to be recognized as a legitimate, not for profit, Spiritual entity, and to be able to discharge any costs for Minding My Spiritual ‘business’ expenses. Beyond that, I don’t really care what Canada does with the artificial legal entity it has Created from My name, so long as it is understood it has nothing to do with Me.

On a more practical level, let Me Give You an Idea of some of the things I am tall King about. If I could justify spending $60-$120 on paint, I would repaint the walls of My apartment. There are countless other ‘little’ jobs like that I could do and have the skills to do well – I just don’t have the resources. My intent is that the apartment Will increase in Value the longer I live here.

The same is True with respect to this Blog as an entrepreneurial venture. I would never Wish to make My readers pay to read this Blog. I don’t ‘care’ about profits but apparently the Canadian government does! If they do, strictly from a financial perspective, it would make sense to promote My work by investing in it and Writing off the costs the same Way they Write off their costs to the Salvation Army for providing shelter every month.

The original Idea behind painting politicians was that I didn’t really expect that I would experience as much resistance as I have. The intent of the paintings are ‘por’ (for) traits of each of the Characters for their role on the world stage. The paintings are intended to be Gifts for each of the individuals for fulling their duties and responsibilities associated with their Ministry under God to Canada’s People as representatives of the Crown. That’s why the Pope and the Queen are the first two Por-Traits that were painted.

The Canadian government can do whatever they Wish with their paintings once they have them. So the Simple Solution this Saturday is to let You know that I am once again motivated to continue My “Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean” painting exhibit-Sean. I have a wall perfect for hanging the portraits as I complete them and I am thing King I may even have enough canvases for repurposing.

The best Part of My Story is that the Last Chapter can’t end without a few more co-Stars entering Universal Pictures Greatest Product-Sean. Some One gets to be a Hero in this Story, become a Part of ‘His Story’, too. We Will accomplish Peace in 6 days but We Will do it together, it Will take a great deal of cooperate, Sean. And it Will begin with just One individual who responds to My Letter appropriately and connects Me with the appropriate People to make things happen.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November, 6 days later Will be Remembrance Day. Each of Us Will discover Our True Purpose and the Golden Dawn of Man Will break.

Love and Blessings,

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