Volume CLXIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Letter of Reply, Office of the Registrar General

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Truly a Thrilling Thursday for You today because I have received a formal reply from the Office of the Registrar General! It also confirms what I have been suggesting for a very long time – the birth registration has nothing to do with People! I know, sounds too improbable to be both True and provable, that’s why this Thursday is so Thrilling. Before We get into it any further, let’s take a look at the Letter!!!

This is so beautiful. Yesterday I was tall King about how the certificate that proves the registration of a birth (Birth Certificate) is used to create an artificial person that is frozen in time. I also said that it (allegedly) represents a claim of right to One’s ‘birthright’ because it evidences proof that the Record of Live Birth was registered with the state. Why was I using the Word ‘allegedly’ in brackets? Because it has nothing to do with the individual at all!!!

Now You can probably begin to comprehend why some People lose more than ten years of their Life trying to figure out what is really going on here. Christine Debruyne knows what she is tall King about and Will not be using Words randomly. Notice the use of the Word People? Notice there is no mention of person? People can be persons but persons cannot be People. “The ORG does not register or hold authority of People.”

Parents and children alike can relax because there is absolutely nothing on planet earth [that exists on paper] to connect Me as a Living Man to any contract the government might have ‘over’ Me or any of My intellectual property. Living Men and womb-Men do not enter the world of commerce ‘legally’ at all. It’s all in Our head.

The government only has authority over paper dolls, false I [am] dolls, a paper fiction made of paper persons. Two events take place at the hospital. A child enters the world and afterbirth material is born and registered as a ‘Live Birth’ and decedent (because it’s dying despite the organic Matter fitting the legal definition of ‘living’ matter at the time of the event). The event tells a Story and the Story is ‘Titled’ with the Calling the individual was Given by God but Magically Spelled in all capital Letters to distinguish between the two entities in Law. True Story.

A Man is not born into the world, a Man is conceived by God, a concept-Ion. A unit of Energy Given the breath of Life by God. I was conceived of My father in Heaven – He ‘Art’ (Create) [Me] in Heaven, the cosmic Mind of the Universe. That is My origin, and that is why the Way I am doing things is so different, this is the first official (from the Office of the Registrar, the ‘source’ of authority on the Matter) ‘proof’ that I am correct. The registration of birth has nothing to do with People!

This is why I say making a claim for that registered document (the ‘Genuine Article Record of Live Birth) is the wrong play (though kudo’s to any who have done this as trailblazers for others on their Quest). By doing so, One is actually claiming to not be a People and insisting they are the ‘artificial person’ and a Living Man simultaneously. If those individuals knew they were as King to be a piece of paper, a statute creation, they would probably reconsider.

Like I’ve said many times before, the People that set up this game were far too smart to leave a paper trail. The greatest ‘trick’ is the ‘immaculate conception’, the perfect Idea. People think the documents registered with their government represent the individual in some Way – they don’t. Not at all. The only connection between the registration of birth with a state and the individual, is the belief there is a connection between the two.

The real question is, if the registration has nothing to do with People, and the People don’t exist as legal entities at all, then how does a Living Man legally exist in a fictional world?

It becomes very easy to see how they like to Play both sides of the game. ‘Legally’ (facts on paper) the state concedes and admits it “does not register (or hold authority of) People.” So then why would a People be required to have proof of registration to exist in the world if the registration has nothing to do with People? People don’t require a person to exist in the world, We choose to accept a slave title in place of Our Calling.

This is why I Created a Cestui Que Vie, ‘proof of Life’ Created by My own Hand. Like the Birth Certificate, it evidences proof of a Living Man, a People (because only a People could have the conscience to author such a Writ). It evidences My Life and My People. That Gift was Given to Me by God before any One else ever became a Part of My Story. My Sacred Calling was also Given Me by God before the state ever entered the picture, so I also hold the Supreme Claim of right upon My Calling.

“Hallowed be My name.”

Cestui Que Vie Trust

That’s why it’s Called a name day in Game of Thrones, People. Coming of age is not about remembering the completely dependent infant that existed so many years ago, it is about celebrating One’s unique Calling under God and making sure that name makes its mark on the world as God intended. That is God’s Gift to You and anyone who decides to profit from using that name against Your Will and consent can be charged for damages for defaming Your Character (under God as God’s servant).

If One reads the first document I Write to Canada’s Registrar General and Attorney General You Will know I do not make any claims upon anything that was registered by My parents, I simply advise the Registrar General that any presumption that any event that took place on that day has anything to do with Me, is a grand misunderstanding I hope to permanently remedy. The Registrar General is hereby endorsing these facts.

You Will also notice how I am addressed by the Senior Advisor to the Deputy Registrar General. Senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General? You can bet this lady knows what she is tall King about. Is Canada’s senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General suggesting I am not King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God? Uh, no. Quite the contrary. I’m being told very politely and diplomatically that the Canadian government is not presuming to have any registration or authority concerning People. They are also not suggesting I am not King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.

This now Shows the International Public Record that the Birth Certificate I am being asked by Canada’s service representatives to apply for does not have anything to do with the registration of People.

Although I know We all have the right to equal treatment as a person in law, I also reserve the right to be no respecter of persons in law and be recognized as a People of the world, equal in rights, dignity and Value to My fell-low Man (of either sex/kind).

It Will be interesting to see how the actual registrar responds to Me now because it is very clear that the Canadian government most certainly Wishes for Me to associate the registration of birth as relevant to My Life; if not My Life, then most certainly My Calling because the government of Canada can’t seem to stop using it without Spelling the Magic of it incorrectly. There is no more wicked a Magical Spell One can Cast on One’s Self than to use the Magic of a Spell without knowing the Power of its Magic. ‘SEAN VON DEHN’ is akin to the People shining the Bat symbol over Gotham City when there is serious trouble. People who do that to My Sacred Calling do not know what kind of wicked Curse (using this Lord’s name in vein) they are Casting upon their (real, Living) Self.

It’s a Thrilling Thursday for thing King because this Will be another powerful His Story-Call document for the House of von Dehn family Manor Roll.

I told You My Last Letter Will be My most famous and it’s not because it Will be the best, it’s because this isn’t the end of My Story yet. However, this is the senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General’s Office. Notice how everything on the document is in capitus deminutio minimus (‘Proper’ English, upper and lower case letters). This is the proper Common Law (Natural Law) jurisdiction and the Registrar’s Office recognizes My position of office – they are doing so deliberately. Remember, not one Word in a document Writ by a legal professional Will be arbitrary, and this individual Will know the terminology she is using perfectly. This is another ‘Gift’ for Me to use in court to prove that My Cestui Que Vie is lawful proof of a Living Man, as the birth registration has nothing to do with ‘People‘.

I am also excited because it was just yesterday I was tall King about how I just know, intuitively that this is absolutely related to My Letter to the Registrar General. Oh, yeah… I guess I didn’t even explain that yet. This isn’t a reply to My Letter to the acting Registrar General and Member of Parliament, Francois Philippe Champagne, this is a final reply from Service Ontario! I’ll be Posting it (the email) to the Page later this evening (or early tomorrow).

So My belief is that when My Letter was received by Francois, he contacted someone at the office over at Service Ontario or vice-versa. Somehow, Francois found out about the correspondence between Us and is using it as a means of answering as many Questions in My Letter as he can without having to respond to Me directly. He wants to try to debunk as many of My arguments as possible before responding to Me, which also Gives him an opportunity to see how I respond, and how much I know.

So this ‘Last Letter’ from Service Ontario is also a Thrilling Gift. Honestly, read it a couple of times, it is a new ‘House of von Dehn’ family heir-loom because this is the Office of the Registrar of Ontario’s courts addressing Me as King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God and confirming some facts.

When I say it was diplomatically Writ, I am being both honest and sincere because there is no point in replying to this Letter; unanswered Quest-Ions Will remain unanswered, this is their ‘final Word’ on this Matter. ‘This Matter’ specifically relates to My complaint filed with Service Ontario and the Verification and Services branch of the Registrar General’s office.

It clearly states that the registration is only a record of an event and that Canada does not register People. Now a fact, thanks to Your investigative journalist, though there Will be no further comment on why an individual would be required to register a birth if it isn’t a People, or why it would be a big deal to have the event ‘unregistered’ if it has nothing to do with People or authority of People?

The diplomatic Part is that Canada’s highest levels of government do Honour the King thing, some more than others. Ontario’s courts are certainly never going to try to suggest I am not King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God if I am compelled to file an official law suit – the Registrar General has addressed Me as such in a formal Letter. Canada is not disputing My right of Self determination as a governing body (only individuals in positions of service).

Okay, I have to go or I Will never get this Posted in time! Can You tell I’m excited!!! Told You Magic is happening! 😉

Love and Blessings,

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