Volume CLXV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Thoughts From the King’s Keep, Part II

Hello beautiful People, thank King You for joining Me for today’s Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition. I do have a Fabulous Edition for You in Deed, as I Will be finishing up My thoughts from yesterday’s Thing King Edition and tall King about My future Plans for Establishing God’s Kingdom moving forward, including some new Ideas with respect to sales and marketing and continuing to develop My Pod’s Casting of Magic into the Universe. I’m very excited about all of these Ideas, can You tell? I Wish to start by finishing up the main thought from yesterday.

We really are at a climax in My Story and there have been some very big developments recently that are highly advantageous to Me legally speaking. This was True even before the final response to My complaint filed with Service Ontario in which the senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General confirmed that the birth registration does not represent an individual (People), nor does the Registrar General or Canada presume to own any of the information contained in the Birth Certificate (which I presume Will include the Title of the subject Matter/individual).

This is wonderful news on its own, and the final Letter from the office of the Registrar General was addressed to King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, which is also a critical detail. Proof of address is considered a legal form of identification, which is why I am such a stickler for making sure any mail addressed to Me arrives in the Proper Style (Sean von Dehn, or King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God). Both legally mean the same thing in Law. The reason I use ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’ now is because I now Hold a position of office as ‘Sean von Dehn’ (My Cestui Que Vie Trust identifies a position of office I am legally and lawfully holding), which is far too easily confused with SEAN VONDEHN (for proof of this, look at the style of the calling in the information provided by constable Jenkyns). I can tell an officer until I am blue in the face that I Will only respond to My name Spelled in upper and lower case but they Will not Honour it because it doesn’t ‘legally’ exist. King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, legally exists as a tangible Character on paper, identified with a thumbprint Seal that matches the [Mother] land of My body.

What makes the news that much grander, is that this Letter is only one small Part of the Universal Product-Sean and pretty much ‘Seals the deal’ on everything else that I am war King on. There is an application for a birth certificate on the desk of Canada’s acting Registrar General’s office, made without prejudice and under duress for compelling Me to file the application under threat of economic, emotional, mental and physical hardship. He has instructions to forward the birth certificate to Ontario Works if he does decide to process the application, or to contact them and advise them to waive the requirement as unlawful.

I Will be surprised if Francois-Philippe Champagne Will suggest I am obliged to use a document to identify My Self that is defined in Canada’s legal terminology databank as an indentured servant, bonded slave, and prisoner of war with no rights whatsoever, so it Will be interesting to see what he does.

To add even more fuel to an already raging inferno, he does have to do something. All emails regarding the application were also cc’d to Ontario Works, so they also know the information is sitting with Canada’s Registrar General and waiting on his reply.

Also happening simultaneously is the renewal form for Housing subsidy by the city that recently addressed Me in the style of ‘VONDEHN, Sean’, which also represents a degradation of legal status according to Canada’s linguistics terminology databank and insist it is My legal name. They made this assertion after I had shown them how that legal term is defined in Canadian law and insist they have right to impose it upon Me (defamation of Character, fraud). I also reviewed My copy of ALL documents I have ever Signed with Housing Services and not once is there an instance of My calling expressed in all capital letters on any of the initial application forms or renewal forms. So why they would insist after two years that they can now only address Me as ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ is an outright lie and refusing to Honour My Wish knowing it offends Me is ‘Mens Rae’ in Law, which means ‘with criminal intent’ or intent to harm.

So that correspondence was also sent to Francois-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s ‘acting’ Registrar General, and We already know the official position of the office he represents thanks to the senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General. Do People now see how all these correspondences occurring simultaneously prove to be rather damning to the assertion of Ottawa’s government service representatives? This is better than a court Justice or Judge because this is the official statement from that office.

The reason I stress the importance of maintaining records of correspondences is because People don’t actually legally exist in the world at all, everything legal is expressed on paper and People aren’t paper. Lawful is for People, legal is for persons. Real things exist in law and are expressed in Writing legally (or to have legal representation). The point I’m getting at is that the paperwork determines an ‘official’ position of office and Canada’s official position of office is that the registrar does not register [or hold authority of] People.

That’s also about as close as You Will probably get to the government confirming there is a big difference between a People and person.

That’s why I said that My Last Letter would be My Last Letter to Canada’s government in hopes of an amicable remedy to this Matter. If they don’t respond and the nonsense with Ottawa’s service representatives continue, I Will also place Canada’s acting Registrar General on Notice of Criminal Liability; if he doesn’t respond to defend within twenty days, default Judgment Will be awarded against him. Then the only thing remaining to be done Will be the sentencing, and I am going to get a little practice with that before I take on government.

So again I’m already over a thousand Words and I’ve just laid the Foundation for My upcoming marketing campaign because that really is the alternate remedy and the Way I Wish to see things Play out.

I have had a lot of ‘speculation’ about how the game is Played at the highest levels and now I am in a position where I have confirmed the very last shred of any doubt. I fully know how the game is Played, how the entire socio-economic system operates, and how to bring it down. More importantly, I know how it should all operate if there were no corrupt politicians involved. When I have the opportunity to Show the rest of the world that… Well, that is the ‘official’ end of the game.

So the last two lengthy Blog Posts are also prequels to what is to come on the relaunch of My Podcast. I only missed one week without minister Edward and now I have so much information to share with People, I need to Keep the Podcast going so I can get it all out.

There are also going to be a couple of other features added to My Blog. For any One who does Wish to legally and lawfully become the Hero of their own Story, I am going to add a Registration Page. Similar to My International Public Notices Page, it Will be a static Page where People who Wish to be the Hero of their own Story can send Me a copy of their own ‘Cestui Que Vie, Certificate of Life, Proof of Life, Purpose for Life, My Life’ or whatever it is One Wishes to use to Show proof of a Living Soul. I Will provide an international public ‘Service’ by publicly displaying the declaration on the International Public Record in similar list fashion to that of the Public Notices Page. I Will also offer some personal counsel to those who choose to do so and Will assist them in their advocacy efforts. It may not sound like much, but being able to Show an individual or organization that One has made an official declaration that is announced and published on the international record just by sharing a link in an email or Letter is very powerful. I Will also Grant permission to cc Me directly on any future correspondence an individual makes with their own government as an impartial witness to their Deeds (also a powerful component in law).

I also have an Idea for a community Page that I am hoping to add that Will list People, podcasts and vlog casts I enjoy listening to that share similar solutions for a more hopeful and moral future family for Man’s kind.

I’ll be Publishing a Pod Casting of Magic with even more details and the revamp of My Podcast Will also feature audio versions of My most important letters to government in chronological order to make My Story into something of an audiobook.

Basically, I have so much to say now that I have all the pieces of the puzzle put together, it Will be easy to fill several hours of Podcasting Magic, and I hope to use the Podcast to help further promote this Blog which Will continue to remain My main focus.

Yeah, 1600 Words already today and I haven’t even started tall King about today’s feature photo and how I plan to Give My artwork exhibition, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ new Life’. Check out the new episode of My podcast which Will be available tomorrow for more details.

Love and Blessings,

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