Notice of Default Judgment, Res Judicata; Issued to Sally A. Gomery and The Ministry of the Attorney General

I filed a Motion to Vacate an Order made Ms. Sally A. Gomery to dismiss CV-21-86803 under Rule 2.01.1(6) for fraud and perjury on the Court of Record in violation of her Oath of Office, effectively abdicating her judicial duties as an officer of the Court.

The Court has not thus far responded to this Motion and they have been advised that a response is required, and that I am entitled to a reply to that Motion.  


I am hereby serving You FINAL NOTICE that the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is abdicating its judicial duties and am requesting evidence of Sally A. Gomery's Oath of Office and performance bond.

I am also Giving You fair Notice of Claim against Sally A. Gomery's performance bond for fraud on the Court of Record under penalty of perjury.

All officers of Canada's Ontario Superior Courts of Justice are required to be bonded to ensure performance in accordance with their judicial Oath, defining their obligations to the Court.  Because the Courts did not respond to My Motion in reasonable time and because Sally has violated her Oath of Office, the Courts have effectively supported My allegations of fraud and perjury by Way of 'Nicil Dicit (he says nothing [in defense]), and Sally A. Gomery is hereby presumed to be guilty of all Charges against her if she or the Courts do not dispute these Charges and or Honour My Wish to Vacate before September 13th, 2021.  Default Judgment, 'Res Judicata' Will be awarded against her and a Demand [Bill] for $2,510,800.00 CA in restitution for damages Will be made against her performance bond in Ontario's Common Law Court, and in Sally A. Gomery's individual, private capacity in this Common Law jurisdiction, and in accordance with the Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability served upon her by Way of these Courts on August 13th, 2021.

You are receiving these Final Notices in a Common Law jurisdiction on an International [Common Law] Court of Record.

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal, You are hereby Served.


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