Volume CC: The Super Natural Sunday Edition; Criminal Investigation into Vaccines, Government, Media and More

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. I have a very exciting Edition for You today to wrap up this week. Big things are taking place in the world, the international criminal cabal is beginning to fall, and I received a reply to My press request regarding the investigation into the vaccines taking place in the UK. I Will be including this information in today’s Post for You to view for Your Self and I Will also include with any future Notices of Criminal Liability I may Issue to Canada’s State Actors. It is always a Pleasure to have You in My House, let’s get into it!

To start things off, I’d like to include the link to Telegram where One can receive regular updates regarding the efforts of others to bring this information to Honourable members of government (if any One out there is lucky enough to find any). The below PDF is just one of three I received in response to My information request regarding this investigation today which describes the nature of the charges which include;

“Willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health — Examples include the forced use of masks, the closing of doctors’ offices, the COVID jab mandates, the use of psychological warfare, the use of economic warfare, the use of biological warfare, denial of effective medicines, suppression of alternative treatments, use of ventilators despite evidence of harm, and euthanizing elderly COVID patients with midazolam.”

MERCOLA analysis, Dr. Joseph Mercola

The really Good News is that this investigation is taking place in many countries around the world and more information Will be provided as it comes available to Me. Currently, the state of Texas, U.S.A., has been kind enough to provide Me with a copy of their Claim filed with the Texas office of the Attorney General, Ken Paxton. You can read that claim here.

I was also sent a copy of the criminal investigation that has been launched in the state of Texas, which One can find here.

Now, despite the fact that these are clearly legitimate documents, People Will always be skeptical. I was disappointed that a case file has not been assigned to the Texas filing I’m sharing with You today, though it is entirely possible that the draft is more readily available and that the copy filed with the court has not been scanned and converted into PDF format yet. My Claim against the City of Ottawa and their dis-Honourable ‘state actors’, Sana Abou-Arraj, Christine Amaro and Celia North, does not show the Court Seal or the case file number, either, though We know the suit was filed with the Court and the city of Ottawa bribed Sally A. Gomery to dismiss the case without any Court filings or Notice to Me (second time the city has perverted the course of justice with intent to interfere with My opportunity to a fair and impartial hearing). We know by the consequent actions of the city that the case was filed and People can view that Matter here, along with a photo of the filing also showing that My Oath to God and the Queen is also on Canada’s Superior Court of Record (though strangely it does not appear to have been entered onto the case file with that claim, so I’m very curious to know what the incompetent Registrar, Steven Pardou might have done with that document – but he probably has no Idea I’m maintaining an International Public Record of his crimes and or negligence as a Court registrar, and that this Will one day come back to bite him in the ass).

But here at the Good News Journal, We don’t believe in coincidences, and ‘coincidentally’ Boris Johnson has revoked all vaccine and mask mandates, and the W.H.O. is now advising other countries to do the same. How conveniently timed for those who do Wish to believe these events are coincidence.

I also thought a YouTube video celebrating these developments would make for a great Tribute to these events (depending on how long it remains before the criminals over at YouTube try to silence the information because it’s bad publicity for their criminal cabal buddies at the W.E.F.). However, because all of these criminal Acts are being exposed, I figure by posting the video, if it IS removed by YouTube, this information can be added to the lawsuit and contributes to ‘Mens Rea’, showing ‘criminal intent’ to suppress the facts and information concerning this very serious matter.

One of the things I’m most pleased to read regarding these allegations and criminal investigation, is the use of propaganda to incite fear and terror in the general population, effectively resulting in terrorism against a global populace. Did I not say that mainstream media is guilty of terrorism for inciting fear? I LOVE to see My Words Magically Manifest, and I guarantee You Will see more and more of it as We bring this criminal cabal to its knees.

People are getting very nervous. Many democrats are abdicating their position of office, though many are speculating that’s because of Biden’s incompetence and unrelated to their criminal involvement concerning the mandated genocide. The claim is very interesting to read and includes information regarding Anthony Fauci in particular and how long he’s been trying to legislate immunity from liability for the vaccines he’s Creating with his gain of function research (biological weapon) under the guise of ’emergency use’ so that companies like Pfizer can skip their trials and experiment on a global population without recourse from their victims. Fauci is going down for sure, and My guess is that he Will inform on all his fascist Friends when push comes to shove when the only bargaining chip he Will have left is a reduced sentence for crimes against humanity. The man’s a fossil any Way, so even with a reduced sentence he Will spend the remainder of his Life in prison.

There are all kinds of Good things taking place, including a hospital that Will no longer provide vaccines at all. Of course, they cite other reasons for their decision, not quite ready to be Truthful and transparent with the People yet, but at least they are no longer participating in mass genocide. Most People like to believe that when they go to a hospital they Will be cared for, not injected with an experimental gene therapy. It Will take a long time to re-establish public Trust once these crimes are fully exposed.

Vaccine passports are also being all but abolished in Ireland with the exception of health care workers even though they are continuing to mandate masks. My belief is that this is something of a compromise for those who know they are in hot water – so they are choosing to terminate the most destructive and lethal policies they’ve imposed on the People while maintaining the less harmful policies. Lying about the efficacy of masks is more about control and compliance, rather than manslaughter, murder and genocide. It’s like picking the lesser of two evils in the face of defeat.

The British Medical Journal is also using its Voice of influence and reason to demand full transparency of the vaccine contents. Yes, can You believe that while Our governments assure Us these vaccines are ‘perfectly safe’, they have no Idea what is in them yet? Yeah, that’s the reality folks. Pfizer was trying to suppress freedom of information requests for as long as seventy-five years! Thankfully, SCOTUS said that was unacceptable and is demanding 55,000 pages of data per month compared to the 5,000 pages of data per month proposed by Pfizer (estimating numbers, please read the full BMJ report for exact figures).

Okay, We are well over 1000 Words and that’s an awful lot of Good News for this week in a single Post. It’s also somewhat heavy and serious, but it really is the beginning of the end for these tyrannical medical technocrats attempting to turn Man’s kind into some hybrid of human with built in nano technology for tracking their victims. Sounds a little like the modern day version of the Komodo Dragon’s killing technique which I discussed earlier this week; poison one’s victim, then track them till they die (and then use the dead for organ harvesting and ritual Magic?).

So to end this on a more comical, otherwise unrelated note, JP Spears has become one of My favourite influencers of the moment and is a great example of how to use One’s unique Gifts to #Bethechange One Wishes to see in the world. People are often as King Me about bitcoin and why I’m never tall King about it. The reason is because it’s nonsense and Will disappear the same Way money Will – it’s like cutting off the head of a hydra knowing one Will grow back in its place. JP Spears sums up My every thought on the Issue in typical JP satirical fashion.

Love and Blessings,

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