Volume CCIV: The Thursday Thing King Edition; The Common Man War King for the Common Law

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Today I am adding some momentum to My Post from Lucky Wednesday where I was tall King about the international criminal investigation into the plandemic and how the #FreedomConvoy is not ‘anti-vax’ but pro freedom of choice – something that also happens to be protected by Canada’s [federal] Charter of rights and [several] Internationally binding Treaty obligations (meaning illegal and unlawful to violate). It’s more of the six equals nine Magic cast into Our world, calling a peaceful and lawful protest of unlawful and illegal mandates an ‘illegal’ occupation. The only criminals here are within Canada’s government which has been usurped by treasonous traitors serving Trudeau.

If People are Truly interested in following along with the international criminal investigation into the plandemic (I was previously referring to it as an investigation into the vaccines but that’s only one very small part of this large investigation), they can click on this sentence. Be advised One Will likely require the ‘Telegram’ application to view the link.

There are a few reasons I decided to follow up on this today. Yesterday was the full Moon and whether People Wish to acknowledge it or not, celestial events (even though celestial typically refers to the movement of astral bodies or stars and constellations, Magically it does include the alignment of planets and the moon, too) like the cycles of the Moon are important dates for the ‘powers that be’ in this world for the conclusion or commencement of events. Serving the #FreedomConvoy truckers with ‘Final Notices’ yesterday was too symbolic to be a coincidence, and I figured it would be worth discovering whether or not the #FreedomConvoy is still holding strong today. Here’s what I was able to find.

Viva covering Live!

And I suppose this is one of the other reasons I haven’t gone down to cover the protest My Self. I might take some cool photos and even interview a few interesting People but I don’t have a ‘GoPro’ camera of any kind, nor is this Blog the ideal place for large video or audio uploads. In short, People like Viva can do a much better job and I had a feeling he would come to Ottawa to cover this story. My biggest motivation to go to the #FreedomConvoy would be to meet Viva Frei!

It does look like a number of protesters have vacated the area but there are plenty of trucks still on site and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere. From what I can gather based on the various coverage I’ve seen from independent YouTuber’s like Viva, the protest is very peaceful and police don’t seem very aggressive at this point (that’s a small pat on the back for police). It appears as though they were mostly concerned with unblocking a major transportation artery in the city which has since been unblocked. I am thing King so long as the #FreedomConvoy isn’t seriously interrupting any major production lines, the occupation Will remain peaceful and arrests Will be minimal.

As far as the international investigation is concerned, I’m ready to say a little bit more about that, too. I hope You Will watch Viva’s video from the street because at one point an individual is as King of Viva ‘as a lawyer’ how the government can impose an Emergency Act or any other legislation without due process of parliament. If I remember correctly, Viva dismisses the Quest-Ion with something like, ‘I don’t know, I don’t have much faith in government.’.

But it’s a valid Quest-Ion and something I have been tall King about for some time. There are a number of codes, statutes and acts that have been through the due process of parliament that still violate Canada’s Charter and Treaty obligations. But if We do not protest (by Writing those responsible for the bill, not yelling and screaming about it outside of parliament), We are presumed to have accepted the Law as a ‘part’ of the Charter.

The Charter is essentially the major ‘Trust’ instrument of the Canadian People, the codes, statutes and acts are additional expressions of that Trust instrument, so they become terms and conditions of the original Trust. That’s what makes it all so complicated, coupled with the fact that most People are complacent with respect to holding elected officials accountable to their Charter and Treaty obligations. It is the People’s job to make sure the public servants are doing their job and SERVING the needs of the People. That’s also why the default status of the citizen is ‘Mister, Master [Mr.] (and the same concept for lady with Madam or Ms./Mrs.), because We are the Masters of Our public servants.

Some People have said to Me that placing People on Notice means nothing. I generally tell People they are wrong and that the very first step in a legal or lawful proceeding is to place an individual on Notice. I stand by this assertion today.

The problem is, People Will sometimes even reference My International Public Notices Page and be as King of Me, ‘if it’s True that these Notices are legally and lawfully binding, then why has nothing happened yet?’. The answer to that is very simple – there has not been any judicial oversight. As it stands now, they are unopposed facts regarding the Notices served. A statement of facts is called an ‘Affidavit’ of facts and is a required to process an ‘information’ necessary to bring criminal charges before a Crown prosecutor. An affidavit of facts is also a document that cannot be disputed by any Court or Judge, which is why the ‘Default Judgment’ awarded against an individual in a Common Law jurisdiction is a FINAL judgment in Truth that cannot be disputed, ‘Res Judicata’ (a Matter adjudicated – already decided). So the Notices and Default Judgment only need to be filed as information with the Court to officially launch criminal proceedings and subject the individuals to the jurisdiction of law to which they are subject by Way of their status and position of office. I’m not ‘sentencing’ any One, that Part is for the Magistrates of the Court to decide relative to the jurisdiction of the individual charged with the offense.

One of the reasons I’m tall King about this now is because I really can’t prove these points until I bring some of these notices before a Justice of the Peace or file them with the Court. As far as Canada’s elected officials are concerned, it is unlikely I Will do so anytime before the mandates are officially lifted and Courts are war King like they were before the pandemic. I don’t Wish to be dealing with ‘virtual Courts’ and ‘Zoom’ meetings where (rumour has it) opposition Will arbitrarily ‘mute’ microphones so People can’t be heard, taking the ‘gaslighting’ game to a whole new level. I wonder if that’s why they call it the ‘BAR’ association? You think maybe they are consistently trying to raise the BAR of deceit? (I could be wrong but I believe it actually means ‘British Approved/Accredited Registry’ association). The other reason I’m not in a rush to bring any of the Notices against state actors into court, is because as long as they are on the international public record, they are there for ANYONE to use!!! They are public information on the international record. This current international investigation can add every Notice and Default Judgment awarded against Canada’s state Actors and file them into the complaint. If nothing else, it absolutely shows irrefutable proof of breach of public Trust, which is VERY serious despite sounding somewhat harmless.

The other reason I’m tall King about the Public Notices process now is because I Wish to bring more People’s attention to what these People behind the international investigation are doing. These are real, accredited/licensed lawyers and well established firms with substantial funding and knowledge of international Common Law principles and so far, they are following exactly the same processes I have been showing You here. Mainstream media also continually try to suggest there is no criminal investigation taking place. That is probably the funniest joke going right now for People in the know, because the International Jury appointed to hear the matter started reviewing the information yesterday, and Will continue today.

I have one final link to share with You today and this is a new publication for Me that I was not previously familiar with called UK Column. There is a long video on the page but there are some very important points to check out and fast forward to. At the 23:00 minute mark, they discuss the number of vaccine injuries and a payout now offered by the NHS of 120,000 pounds in a single lump sum. Not only that, but applying for this payout if One has been injured by a vaccine does not negate any other claims for damages with the government or vaccine companies. This is important because sometimes companies Will do this when they know they have caused serious damage and Wish to make a lump sum payment that absolves them of all other liability – that is NOT the case here.

Other notable stopping points in the video are listed on the page with a description of the topics being discussed including the face of a Man wearing a mask as a new gargoyle by the NHS? Yes, You read that correctly and should really check out the video to learn more, it’s pretty freaky and does scream photoshop but allegedly it is real!!!

And the letter above is 37:00 minutes into the video, though I would humbly suggest that the whole thing is probably worth listening to when One has the time. I found the show to be very insightful, honest and… Dare I say modest? It doesn’t have any of the ‘doom and gloom’ fearmongering One might expect from the screams of some One like Alex Jones, though the Truth they speak is equally deafening and the professionalism provides more credibility (in My opinion). I felt like I was watching a real news broadcast for the first time in a while, not some ‘opinion’ piece from a flashy entertainer posing as a journalism.

Ottawa’s own chief of police tendered his resignation, and this high ranking private investigator from the UK just tendered his resignation because he does not Wish to “trample over the individual’s freedom of choice.”.

When the curtain is finally pulled back all the Way and the state actors are seen for their True colours, much more Will be revealed about these treasonous traitors. There is a section in the video that specifically discusses Canada and how the World Economic Forum, the WHO and other foreign, non government corporations implemented a strategy to usurp the Sovereignty of every country in the world by Way of a pandemic that would allow for ’emergency measures’ to pass illegal, unlawful acts specifically for the purpose of selling pharmaceuticals for their stock holders at any cost to the People, and for the exclusive benefit of the ruling elite and treasonous traitors like Justin Trudeau (who allegedly has stocks in Pfizer and Moderna but I’m still trying to verify). If it proves to be True, the real world Will be almost exactly like the V for Vendetta film… The only thing We are missing is V, though I am thing King that Our world’s ‘V’ is the #FreedomConvoy.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: Some other things to check out that I haven’t shared yet:

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