Volume CCXVI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; The Divine Intervent-Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition where I usually do a Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean of a Hollywood film or TV series, but today I Will be sharing more of a Universal Pictures ‘Present-a-Sean’. It is a big Part of My Story and also of the ‘vonDehnVision‘ for My House. This Blog is well over ten years in the making since I Writ Posts like ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe‘, and it is rather interesting to see how those Spiritual ideas and philosophies are war King in My microcosm so many years later. Today, We are at something of a climax in My Story, a critical moment for sure, and one that Will impact Man’s Macrocosm as well as My Microcosm. So that is the Tell a Vision Story I Will be tall King about today, and I Will return for My Matrix IV Resurrections next week for sure. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House.

So what is the critical climax moment in My Microcosm? Court fraud and intent to misrepresent [the Endorsement of] an officer (Justice) of the Court. Yeah, and perpetrated by My Sister, no less! Did I know My Story would be this exciting when I decided I would share it with the world? Well, Truth be told I sorta did, but I never really knew why or what specifically would make My Story worth telling – only that My Words Magically Manifest (that’s still the main reason).

The email was sent to the Court a week ago this morning at 9:10 Avant Midi. There has been no reply yet. What does that mean? Well, if You read the email, You Will know that it appears at least one person at the Courthouse is involved as well. Is it possible that more than one person is involved, or that the person involved is the person who receives email for the Bracebridge Courthouse? My Sister’s lawyer did say she filed it ‘electronically’, and it wasn’t done through the online portal, so maybe the mole at the Courthouse is the one who receives the emails? Perhaps the individual is not keen on the Justice catching wind of what’s going on here? Did I not say that criminals tend to make more and more mistakes as they try to cover their tracks? Are they not thing King that the Justice Will be interested to know how long it takes them to forward the email to her, and why it took so long when she does find out?

Just in case People are wondering what kind of logic and reason I base My considerations on. My belief is that any One who was not involved receiving this email at the Bracebridge Courthouse would not waste any time at all forwarding the email to the Justice to find out about the Endorsement. Keep in Mind that technically, someone is using this Endorsement to unlawfully steal and withhold property – even information (disclosure of Estate details) is a form of property, so withholding it from some One is a form of theft!

So My belief is that the Bracebridge Courthouse has been sitting on the email the same Way they were/are sitting on the Application (while simultaneously providing My Sister’s lawyer with a receipt for filing). So tomorrow morning, the email is scheduled to forward to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and I can pretty much guarantee that Will get the job done. Other considerations were taking the Matter to a Justice of the Peace ‘in the flesh’, or as King of the RCMP to investigate. I’m almost positive the RCMP would mean criminal charges for My Brother and Sister for sure, a Justice of the Peace I’m not so sure and figured it could go either Way. If a Justice of the Peace believes that serious Court fraud is taking place, ‘the Crown’ may Wish to lay criminal charges – I have no Idea if I would have any discretion or if the Justice would, either. There may be an obligation for the Crown to lay charges. So I’m hoping that by just contacting the Minister of Justice and as King of them to forward the email to the Justice directly, I am thing King that is what they Will do. I believe the Justice Will have discretion if she is the One to hear about it first. So this is basically My Plan to get it to her with as little [further] interference as possible.

Although it was never really Planned this Way, the email is scheduled to send for 9:10 AM tomorrow for Lucky Wednesday, so I am thing King there Will be some Magic war King in Man’s Macrocosm tomorrow. I’ll Keep You Posted.

Also, the other reason I’m delaying My Matrix IV Interpret-a-Sean is because I have mentioned that there are coded messages in the film that relate specifically to events taking place in My Microcosm right now. This is one of those moments, so I’d like to see how it Plays out in the Universal Product-Sean before I get back to the film. I anticipate a Resolute-Sean with respect to My father’s Estate Matter reasonably soon.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: Today’s photo is a preview for some Bonsai tips I Will be sharing in the near future…

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