Volume CCXXVII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Hunter’s Moon Magic, Prey in Plain Sight

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, I have a most Magical Edition for You in Deed!!! I considered a little more Word Play in the Title because the Prey are also Pray – something I was specifically as King of God for, and Son in the Sun-Day Edition of the Good News Journal always relates in some Way to My Story and Honouring My father. That was the Purpose of the Cestui Que Vie, even before My father had died. But I’ll Keep the Word Play for those of You who made it to the end of the Introduction because the Pray (what I was as King of God for) is in plain sight – and even more ominously illuminated by the Magic of the Full, Hunter’s Moon.

The Magical Value of today’s date is 10.09.22. Ten is a new age in Magic. Nine is six right side up, Our world upside down, the underworld, Babylon. 22=2+2=4, Four is Found a Sean. The Magical Value of the year (2022) is 6, which represents Peace, Love, Home, Family, that sort of thing. It was just yesterday that I was tall King about the Magic of the Full Moon and how My Motion date of 11.08.22 just happens to fall on the Full Moon of November – almost exactly four hours (found a Sean) after its peak time. I said that 6 and 9 would be related in some Way, and this is the last Full Moon before The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Will win its first lawsuit by turning a Motion hearing to dismiss into a Judgment hearing of verdict for vindicate-Sean. I had no Idea when I Writ about the Full Moon last night that it was a Full Moon today, I only just happened to notice the Moon rising roughly half an hour ago and decided to check. It was at its fullest at 4:55 Post Midi, just a little more than three hours before Writing this Post.

These are especially auspicious Signs, Lords and Ladies, Kings and Queens! And do You know what else?! It also just happens to be the last day of the 237th week of the Good News Journal – rather conveniently timed, no? And what is the case file number of My sister’s lawyer’s lawyer with their firm? 22-237. Like that’s not a Sign!? If they knew anything about Me at all, they should have just surrendered the moment the saw the file number. They were doomed before it even began, it was Writ in the Stars, as they say… I also mistranslated the Magic of this number previously!!! So I’m going to be tall King about it again and also explain why it’s easy for Me to do sometimes…


I’m stopping here because all the numbers in the series are relevant in some Way, the combined Magical Value of all numbers is always Part of the message. There is no minus in Magic, it’s just a symbol dividing two sets of numbers, each of which have a distinct Magical Value and meaning. The total value of all numbers is 16, which is 1+6, or 7. Seven is heaven! (No, seriously).

But there are two distinct Magical messages that together Will produce Heaven. 4 is the first Magical Value, letting us know that the rest of the numbers Will relate to 4 in some Way. Four is Foundation. 22=4, Four is Found a Sean. Found a Sean for what? – 237. 2+3+7=12=1+2=3. Three is the Trinity, the whole E (E = Energy) Temple of Man, Mind, Body and Soul. Collectively, the Magical message is Found a Sean for the Holy Temple of Man Will produce the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I knew the moment I read the case file number that I would win the Claim, it was Divine inspire a Sean for Me. It might be akin to playing the same lottery numbers every week and seeing them come up for the jackpot draw.

In fact, I can even tell You that maybe these numbers Will not have these same Magical properties for all members of My audience because the Universe is always tall King to each of Us in a language specifically catered for Us. What I can tell You, is that I know how the Universe communicates inform a Sean to Me, and what I am telling You here never fails in My Microcosm. It does not seem like a coincidence to Me that I Will have the opportunity to share the Truth of it with My audience on the next Full, Hunter’s Moon. And really, Hunter’s Moon?! Could it be any more perfect after I am tall King about how three blind mice are about to walk into a lion’s den? The fated date just happens to be a Hunter’s Moon? Ouch, that has got to feel like a bad Omen for My adversaries, don’t You think?

It’s also been very interesting for Me to have a Friend in My Microcosm. Really, You are pretty much the only One I am ever tall King to! It’s interesting for Me to hear what People are actually thing King of some of these Ideas and I was somewhat surprised to learn that My Friend does not seem to be thing King I am crazy at all. In fact, she was as King how I can be sharing all of this inform a Sean here and not be famous, or at least controversial. My Friend seems to be thing King that the letters and emails I send to the City of Ottawa, Ontario Works, and the things I’m doing in Court are pretty amazing and should be getting a lot more attention if they are on a public Blog. Essentially, My Friend wonders why I don’t have a lot more readers and views than I do.

I’m only mentioning this because just like My upcoming Court date, I don’t really choose anything beyond the Initial Intent-Sean. The entirety of the Intent Sean was Writ into My Claim, it was the Universe that ultimately decided what day I would file My Claim. The Universe decided to Sign a Sacred number to My primary adversary’s file in their system (a glitch in Man’s Matrix), ’22-237′. I initially incorrectly interpreted the number because I immediately see ’37’ as a separate message from the rest, but that does not apply as a general Rule of Magic. So I had previously said that it was 4-10, which is the product of 3 and 7. Three represents the Holy E Temple of Man, the Trinity, and 7 is Heaven. The product of the two Ideas is the dawn of a new age, 10. 10 is also 1+0=1. 1 is pretty simple because it represents ‘the One’. I read the message as the Foundation (4) for a Door Way (2) to the Golden Dawn (10, or 37); 22-237. The general Magical message, is 4-3, which is a foundation for the Temple of Man (the Sovereign). The Found a Sean for the Temple of Man, is the Found a Sean for the Golden Dawn, or the New Age (Great Reset, yada yada)…

Alright, I’ll be tall King more about Magic in the coming months because the Powers that Be would not Wish for it to be any other Way.

Yeah, and today’s feature photo was real eyes’d after I tried to publish but My computer shut down instead. The address is the temporary number assigned to a Post while One is drafting and before it is Given the Title Created in the drafting process when One publishes. If I go back to edit this Post, the address Will revert back to the number shown in the feature photo. Just another Sign and convenient coincidence for this most Magical Post. 😉

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