Volume CCLI: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Politics, Peterson and Pierre Poilievre

Hello every One and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Moral Highness is always welcome. Yesterday I was tall King about how the treasonous Trudeau government is now attempting to weaponize educational institutions to further his political agenda and compelled ‘right think’ mentality. If One is forbidden from using a Word, One Will eventually forget its meaning, so compelled speech is actually a psychological operation, or a tactic used against enemy combatants in times of war referred to typically as ‘psy-ops’. Welcome to treasonous Trudeau’s version of Huxley’s Brave New World.

One of the Ways the Canadian and U.S. government State Actors are changing the Way People are thing King about things is by changing the Words People are allowed to use by demonizing and weaponizing regular everyday Words like ‘he’ and ‘she’ as hate speech. One can no longer make the argument that they referred to an individual as ‘he’ or ‘she’ because the individual was clearly a biological male or female because under the Trudeau government, there is no such thing as a biological male and female of Man’s kind – it is entirely subjective and determined by the perspective of the individual! Follow the science, right?

Ellen Chang-Richardson of the Ontario Superior Court currently identifies as ‘they/them’, but if I refuse to address Ellen (an individual) as a collective group of People, ‘they’ Will get angry with Me and suggest that I am using hateful language insensitive to her multiple personality disorder, undermining their very serious mental condition. I would do this anyway because such a mentally unstable individual who self identifies as several individuals is not mentally competent enough to be war King as a registrar for Ontario’s Superior Court. Ellen Chang-Richardson can feel free to comment and explain themselves if they Wish, but I hope they Will be clear about how many of them there are so I can have some kind of reasonable Idea which one of them I am tall King with and how many complaints I might expect to receive. I don’t think any of them should be war King for the Courts – if they don’t have enough common sense to know if they are an individual, what sex they are, or how many People they are (or that an individual is not a ‘they’ or ‘them’) then they don’t have sufficient cognitive logic and reasoning functionality to be war King for a Courthouse and are making a mockery of those that do. She is making a mockery of the Courts and People who have basic common sense and basic mental health, and insulting their intelligence to ingratiate her fragile ego (presumably because she sees her Self as much more than an individual).

I wonder if I could win the next election based on the same logic. Suppose I just decide that I’m going to self identify as 37 million Canadians and vote for My Self! I’d be unstoppable and any One who tries to stand in My Way I Will just have them arrested under Canada’s new criminal code for hate speech, right? Am I a genius, or did I just reveal how insane the common People and Ellen Chang-Richardson have become? She definitely has some kind of mental health issue and should not be war King for the Court. I may quite seriously be as King to have her removed for mental health issues, but I’m going to wait until after My next case conference on Jan. 25th. At some point, preferred pronouns need to be eliminated from Court correspondences, it is nothing but political posturing which the Courts have no business getting involved in as ‘impartial’ judicial bodies. An officer of the Court is an officer of the Court so long as they are war King for the Court and have no other identity that is relevant. I don’t care how many People Ellen identifies as in her private time, but I’m not addressing her as a group of People in any court situation because I’m the one who Will appear mental for suggesting such a thing is acceptable and not pandering to some mental health issue or personal insecurity that is irrelevant to her duties to the Court.

Controlled opposition, Pierre Poilievre…

I’m not sure what’s happening here because I can still see the video, has it been removed for the rest of Canada’s People? The Title of the video is, “Here’s the thing about free speech”, hopefully it Will show up in a search result if You can’t watch it here. It appears the thought police are everywhere!!!

Okay, so this is something I haven’t been tall King about yet – controlled opposition. I know, most People are thing King Pierre is the ‘Good guy’. All We have to do is vote Trudeau out, get Pierre in, and Canada Will be restored to glory. It Will NEVER happen.

First, the whole plan here is for Trudeau to do so many ridiculous, treasonous Acts that the People Truly can’t stand him anymore and need to vote some One else in. Pierre deliberately speaks out on topics Trudeau is implementing like the carbon tax, anti lock down policy, freedom of choice with respect to vaccines, yada, yada. The ONLY thing One really needs to look at to know if One is controlled opposition, is to look at their stance on foreign policy. Pierre is all about ‘standing with Ukraine’ and that’s the ONLY issue that matters on the world stage because standing with Ukraine is equal to waging war on Russia. They don’t Wish to tell You that, but that’s what it is. And Ukraine is a neo-nazi regime that is financed by Canada and the U.S. so that they can secretly be war King on the very same gain of function research responsible for the recent pandemic and eventual vaccines that are now killing ten to forty percent more People than would otherwise be dead today.

It doesn’t even matter if You don’t believe Me because as much as mainstream media Will try to cover up the scandal and excess deaths that coincidentally happen to be perfectly timed with the vaccine roll out, a forty percent increase in ‘SADS’ (sudden adult death syndrome – something You’ve probably never heard of before but Will begin to hear all over the place soon enough because it’s now pretty common) is something that is costing insurance companies unsustainable claims. Insurance companies rely almost exclusively on data and statistics, so if deaths suddenly spike for some unknown reason, insurance companies pay out far more than they were expecting to pay and Will go bankrupt. So the insurance companies are the ones sounding the alarm because vaccinated individuals are now having a hard time getting life insurance! That’s something the government can’t hide.

Despite My criticisms of Pierre, I shared the video because I support every Word he says in this particular video, I just don’t Wish for People to be any more duped by him than they were by Trudeau. If any of these State Actors were serious about their job, more than half the house of Commons would be arrested for treason for following directives from the WEF and the WHO – it’s really that simple. I don’t care how offensive some One’s ideas are, they have the right to express them. I support the right to offend, and the right to be offended. If sticks and stones are causing One harm, they need to grow the fuck up and rent a spine. There is real harm happening in the world, no One cares about the hurt feelings of melting snowflakes.

I hope You are all having an eye opening new year, enjoy the Apocalypse, it’s going to be a Good one!!! Oh, and here’s an ex military officer from the U.S. tall King about the conflict in Ukraine, and I don’t even think he knows about the gain of function labs that Canada and U.S. are secretly funding over there…

6 is 9, everything You’ve been told is a lie – well, except the shape of the earth, it’s round like a ball, not flat like a plate. But otherwise, pretty much everything You’ve been told is a lie. The real flat earth is a metaphor for the legal fiction, a world that doesn’t exist anywhere except in flatland, ‘on paper’.

Pay special attention to what he has to say about Putin. I’m telling You, Putin is the Good guy, Trudeau is today’s Hitler – and the death toll is climbing, You just can’t see it yet, but it Will dwarf what was done in Germany by the time his crimes are real eyes’d and his criminal cabal is apprehended. I am thing King they might even bring the guillotine back just for Trudeau and his cronies…

Putin is the Man they model the James Bond Character after…

Love and Blessings,


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