Volume CCLXI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; A Milton Estates Fraud Product-Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is a Gift of Royal, moral highness in My House. Sadly, not so much can be said about My depraved brother and sister, or the liars they’ve paid to be deviling in My family’s business. If Satan rules the underworld, would it not make sense that all the People war King in his Courts Will be devils? I mean, what else is there in hell, anyway? It’s just devils and the damned, right? Everything else is just brimstone and fire?

Yeah, well… When One is tall King as much about mundane things like the Rule of Law as I do, I have to find unique and interesting Ways to Keep things Magical and My audience Spell bound.

“Words are weapons, sharper than knives…”

Michael Hutchence (INXS)

So two lawyers/liars from the Ottawa based firm, ‘Milton Estates Law’ are Willfully and knowingly perpetrating fraud on an Ontario Superior Court of Record with malicious intent to defame the Character of the Trustee and the nature of a Trust Claim motivated exclusively by their intent to unfairly influence Justice, and for all the world to see! And they appear to be absolutely shameless about it!!! It really is Mind numbing but I suppose the motive for doing so must be to save the Repute a Sean of their firm, no? So today We are Giving them some Publicity, courtesy of this Public a Sean. These remarkable (like in a Cain (re-mark-able) kind of Way) Characters are Hala Tabl and Neil Milton of Milton Estates Law. Avoid at all cost, pun with intent Sean.

I said that I’m going to be dealing with these criminals in something of a unique Way. I Will be implementing elements of the Rules of Civil Procedure, but I’m going to be demonstrating (or hoping to demonstrate) how the Rules of Civil Procedure are basically just Rules of Etiquette for Common Law Life. They literally (just Wish to emphasize that I am using Words very specifically here) provide a road map of instruct Sean for reaching resolution between two or more parties. They’ve legislated so many laws that it can seem very complicated but the basic Principles are very simple. If One does wrong to another, another can Give One Notice of their wrongdoing and be as King of them to ‘fix what they broke’ (to simplify). In an Honourable world, presuming wrong doing was done and the responding party was responsible and agreed to fix what they broke, that would be the end of it, and that is what the Rule of Law expects of Honourable People. Needless to say, not all People are Honourable, not all People Wish to fix what they broke, and some People might even Wish to have things fixed that were never broken. I Trust every One is picking up the analogy I’m laying down here?..

Well, I shared Neil Milton’s motion materials for My sister in the ‘Son’ day Edition (a Tribute to My Father’s Estate and My Father in Heaven) as well as a few of My initial thoughts. The Real reply is the email to the Respondents of the Claim. It’s only fair that I do send the email to the Respondents first before Publishing here so that they have time to respond in the event that they Wish to resolve this Matter off the Record, preserve their Repute a Sean (or what might be left of it). You can check the time of the email Your Self, but it was sent very early Monday Morning.

It appears I forgot the last ‘l’ of My brother’s name in the Title. Otherwise, this email should be sufficient for any intelligent lawyer to know they are done. Should be. But also be Mindful that I do say any reasonably intelligent Man. Neil has no Idea what a Trust is, apparently, and also has no Idea that even in Neil’s legal fiction, Trusts in the province of Ontario are governed by the Trustee Act of Ontario (and the Succession Law Reform Act of Ontario). Also worth considering that they are trying to simultaneously argue that the Law of succession does not apply, while relying on the Succession Law Reform Act to make the argument!

Please also Trust that this email is worth reading, even if You are One who typically does not read documents. It’s important to know that everything I do state in the email is absolutely True. I have detailed correspondences with the Barrie Courthouse that I have not shared here (though I have shared some and plenty that are relevant in the past). Even if Neil were to try to continue to insist that documents were processed (filed) with the Court on March 24th, I have one hundred percent confirm a Sean that no Application had been filed with the Court as late as May 2nd, 2022. The Application sent by email on the 24th of March was either rejected or never processed (accepted) at all. I have been telling the Respondents this for a long time and I know I’ve shared at least one of the emails here.

Also Keep in Mind that the email was sent more than twenty-four hours ago, no Word in reply yet. Tanja and Michael both knew about Tiffany and her belief in the validity of the testamentary instrument she was holding; they kept that inform a Sean from the Court in the first and second Application! They may not have a legal obligation to tell the Court about Tiffany’s Will if they don’t believe the Will is valid, but they absolutely have a legal duty to tell Tiffany about the Application if they don’t. All interested parties are entitled to receive Notice of any legal or lawful Matter where the outcome concerns their interest. Again, it’s a Principle in Law and it’s pretty self explanatory, really. Wouldn’t really make sense to make rulings and judgments against a Man who is not able to defend her Self. If Tiffany believes she has a valid Will, she has a right to be heard, regardless how any One might feel about it. I also have a Will, and I carry the Will of My Father in Heaven in My Heart (He-Art).

Mr. Christopher Crisman-Cox Will be next and he Will be the most Fun because his is equally bad. I honestly can’t say who’s is worse because they each have their jaw-dropping absurdities. For example, one of the very first Statements My brother swears to be a fact in his Affidavit (number 5 to be exact), is that he has no knowledge of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean or what it has to do with his father’s Estate.

The date of that email is May 29th, 2022, and the email version includes two attachments – the ‘Cestui Que Vie‘ Trust Instrument, and ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ Trust Declaration which explains the Purpose of the Trust in explicit detail. My baby brother is developing dementia early, apparently. That, or Court fraud is contagious and catchy.

In the same paragraph, My dear little brother explains that his ‘understanding of this Trust, even assuming it exists, would not be a legally distinct entity capable of commencing this Claim’.

That’s fraud example number two, by the Way. First of all, if My brother did say those Words, it’s because Christopher Crisman-Cox Writ them down on a piece of paper for him to read back to him when prompted with a very specific question like say,

“and what is Your understanding of this Trust, assuming it does exist, with respect to its ability to commence this Claim against You.”

Christopher Crisman-Cox, potential interview Quest-ion of Mr. von Dehn?

It’s not Good when One is beginning One’s Affidavit of facts with an easily provable lie. What I haven’t mentioned yet, is that One of the reasons I’m not going to be formally responding to either of these Motions, is because neither of them addresses the Act of fraud that each of them know has been perpetrated on the Court with intent to influence Justice and defame My Character and the nature of the Claim. They are doing exactly the same thing in these materials, both by Way of the antagonistic Style of the documents referring to Me as the ‘plaintiff’, ‘self-represented’, when I have repeatedly been as King of them to respect the Trust. It is also patently unreasonable to expect Me to believe that any lawyer does not know what a Trust is, or what makes One lawfully binding. If I haven’t said so before, one of the tricks lawyer may try and Play is to say that Trusts have not been legislated as legal entities in Canada. That was done by Susan Sacks in this case at our Rule 21 Motion hearing. I didn’t answer to it at the Motion hearing again because I addressed the point in My Reply Factum. The trick Word is legislation because the Trust Instrument IS the document that Gives the Trust legal recognition, not government. Otherwise, it is provided for in Canadian Law by Way of the Trustee Act, and again these are points clearly covered in My Reply Factum which every single legal and lawful Respondent failed to rebut. So why would I waste My time responding to another 249 pages if they can’t even respond to the Reply Factum I already Writ?

Alright, People, that’s all for today. I still need to Write Christopher Crisman-Cox and I did tell him I’d Write him today, so I’d like to be Good to My Word and it’s getting late.

Love and Blessings, watch out for criminals posing as lawyers


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