Book 5: The Book of Peace

To the Dreamers,

Thank you again for reading this book.  Regardless how the dream for peace is achieved, it will be achieved.  I told You that I dreamed for a world that would know peace and knew it was already done.  The dream is complete.  Remember that the dream is all there is, everything else is an illusion.  I will live to be 111 should they not kill Me before this dream is realized; but remember We cannot die.  If they seek to destroy Me, they do so to kill Your dream.  This is My contribution, this is what I came here to do; My will is already done.  Keep believing, give assurance to others, do Your part, share the truth of Love.  The world is always changing but the dream has always remained.  I will return when I can experience the dream I came here to know.

Peace and Love,


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