1. Genesis: Love is Conceived

Logical Love

To find Our own truth, We first have to forget everything We think We know.  If You know everything, I can teach You nothing.  If You can pretend to know nothing, I can teach You everything.  You once knew nothing; You have learned everything You know now.

There is much debate over creation theories.  But if We choose to forget everything We think We know and apply Our own wisdom to the debate We can find a very logical truth.  Too often We are told something and immediately accept it; We don’t take the time to apply Our own wisdom.  It is far more convenient to accept the truth of others than to figure things out for Ourselves.  Day to day life has enough problems; You don’t need to trouble Yourself with the meaning of life.  And if there is no clear answer, there will always be someone like Me hoping to find the answer and reveal it to the world.  Well, here it is.

To explain the origin of the universe We must first consider the origin of everything We know.  Our logic is based on everything We know now and determines Our ability to solve the problem.  At the same time, everything We know has kept Us from realizing the truth We keep finding.  Our logical reasoning is based on what We observe around Us:  the flower comes from the seed; the baby comes from its mother, the egg from the chicken, the chicken from the egg.  Everything We know came from something else.

In this way We trace all things back to one thing from which We believe all other things must have come.  Two of the most popular ideas are the ‘Big Bang’ theory and ‘God’.  The ‘Big Bang’ theory simplified suggests that the universe originated from one finite source of energy that is continually expanding.  The ‘God’ theory suggests that the universe, earth, humanity and all things in existence were created by a powerful entity that has always been and always will be.

However, each of these philosophies faces critical problems.  The Big Bang theory cannot account for the placement of the original energy source from which all other things sprang forth.  The God theory faces the same challenge because We immediately want to know where God came from.  God faces additional problems in that God is very vague, having many opposing definitions and names determined by Our faith and religious background.  The very logic that dictates all things come from something does not conform to either model.  Our perception of the world around Us does not allow logic to confirm either finding.

We can’t solve the problem using Our current system of logic because We believe We already know the answer.  Our thoughts and beliefs are incredibly powerful creative tools.  So long as We continue to believe that all things come from something else We can never know truth; something interferes with Our understanding because even the first something must always have come from something else.  Looking for something is an endless quest, so logic and reason beg us to remove something from the equation.

When We remove something, We are left with nothing.  Nothing is the finite source We are looking for and We can’t find it because We are too busy looking for something.  We do not believe that something can come out of nothing but We have never really considered the possibility.  The moment We begin to entertain the idea that all things come from nothing, Our own world and reality begin to change dramatically.

The concept supports both scientific and spiritualist creation theories.  Scientists will stop trying to break things down knowing there can be nothing smaller or more finite than nothing and nothing (or anti-matter to scientists) will be revealed as an infinite source of energy.  Spiritualists will agree that before there was God there was nothing, intrinsically and metaphorically representing that God has existed since the beginning of time and from God all other things were created.

Nothing is also undeniably reflected in the microcosm of personal experience.  The moment We change Our perception We see things differently.  The flower was nothing before the seed was created; the baby was nothing before it was conceived, the egg was nothing before the chicken created it, and the chicken was nothing before the egg was created.  The very same truth can be observed in Our own reality by a mere shift in perception.

There really is no other logical explanation.  Nothing as the source of creation lays the groundwork to further understanding a relationship that exists between science and spirituality while giving reason and purpose to Our own existence.  Nothing is essentially the absence of something; it cannot be broken down or divided any further, it can never be anything less than it already is; there can be no more finite a source.  When science accepts this as the source of creation, of matter itself, they will finally be satisfied that they will not find anything smaller.  Nothing as the starting point of all creation actually supports the spiritualist ideology!  Spirituality claims  God has unlimited creative potential, has always been and always will be; that there was nothing before God.

Even though this theory fits beautifully, scientists and spiritualists alike will still want to know how nothing can be such an infinite source of energy and why it spontaneously decided to create the universe.  It still offers little to explain Our purpose and existence.  We will want to know what happened to nothing.  Only when We accept nothing as the source can We begin looking for the catalyst to explain this immense force of creation – We can begin to ask why. Again, We must use Our own divine wisdom to answer this question.

By acknowledging nothing as the source of creation, We give life to the very essence of nothing; nothing becomes something.  This is also the first clue in understanding its infinite creative potential.  When We seek to understand what that something is, We find Love.

Thoughtful Love

“I think, therefore I am” – Descartes

The catalyst to nothing’s creative power is thought.  The most humble thing in existence knew it was there!  This may at first sound highly improbable, yet spiritualists will not argue that some great unseen God had incredible ability to manifest Our universe from nothing and most certainly knew it was there.  Similarly, new discoveries in quantum physics have recently revealed that tiny particles not only have sentience, but are aware of being observed!  We now know that even some of the smallest particles, electrons, not only know when they are being watched but behave differently!  Once again, previous observations of Our world have prevented Us from being able to fully understand the implications of Our greatest scientific achievements.  We have all the answers now; We just need to put them together.  We cannot open nothing because We are already inside it!  We will have to open Our minds if We want to know truth.

We must understand that not even ‘nothing’ could exist until it was aware of itself!  As I was explaining this to My friend at work, He told Me that the theory sounds great but repeats the chicken versus egg scenario.  He has recently noticed that songs We talk about seem to play on the radio soon after and is very supportive of My philosophies (I didn’t bother to tell Him I had used the chicken versus egg scenario the previous day).  I told him that it is not like the chicken versus egg scenario in that there is no sequence of events.  It doesn’t matter if nothing was there before thought because without knowing of itself (and without anything else to know of it) it could not exist!  This is the first event, there was nothing before it; there could be nothing before it, but it had not yet happened.  Time is the measurement of events and nothing had not yet happened; so time did not exist.  The very first thought to come out of nothing was a feeling; the simplest, most modest desire ‘to be’.  In that instant, nothing happened, nothing was conceived…  The nothing that could became something; the something was Love.

As a writer, truth has a great sense of humour.  The reason We can’t answer the riddle of creation is because as long as We are looking for something We will always find it but it won’t answer Our question because We should be looking for nothing.  But if We start looking for nothing and find nothing, We’re disappointed.  Similarly, I could say that thought is the source of creation and You would say that nothing can come from thought alone; and You would be right, nothing can come from thought alone!  Only when We acknowledge that nothing is something, the something, can We begin to appreciate it.  Just as thought allowed nothing to know it was something, so too will lending thought to the possibility of nothing allow Us to understand its infinite potential as the source of creation.  Until then, We are very much limited by Our perception of what things are.

The purest, most finite nature of nothing is in itself the explanation for its infinite potential.  Thought gave life to nothing, allowed it to know it was something, the first thing, the only thing.  And this is why the something is Love.   ‘To be’ even the most modest thing, ‘to be’ nothing is infinitely greater than not being anything.

Feeling Love

‘To be, or not to be, that is the question’ – W. Shakespeare

I am often emphatically sharing My ideas with others and many people introduce Me to other authors they feel share My philosophies.  One such writer is Eckhart Tolle and I was introduced to His book A New Earth; Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose as I was in the final editing stages of this Book. His words clearly echo My belief in an evolutionary shift in conscience and I would like to take a moment here to acknowledge some of His wisdom as it pertains to this work.

Tolle debunks Descartes philosophy and explains that the mechanics of thinking are the root of the ego and humanity’s problems.  However, the statement ‘I think, therefor I am’ was what Descartes called primary truth in answer to his question “Is there anything I can know with absolute certainty?”  In answer to the question posed, I am compelled to agree with Descartes, though I do not disagree with Tolle.  The primary principle to understand here is that Tolle is speaking of varying levels of thought, or conciousness.  Awareness of self is the root thought and the truth of Our being, the force of creation.  Thoughts We attach to the identity of self form the ego as it is described in Tolle’s A New Earth. My hope is to develop deeper understanding of the Divine Principle while keeping the material as simple as possible, presenting thought as two essential components of conscience that explain where We are now in relation to the Divine Principle.

If one can conceive that the nothing from which We all came knew it was there, We can begin to understand what Love is.  In the instant of self awareness, nothing was infinitely greater than it had been, for until nothing knew it was there, it did not exist at all.  This euphoric experience of self awareness (being) is the driving force of creation.  This is why creation is Love.  The first thought was sentience, the purest, most blissful feeling.

This may be the most difficult concept in the entire book to comprehend and yet it is perhaps the single most critical element in understanding what We truly are and why We are here.  Thought, sentience, even of nothing is the most euphoric, blissful experience and the source of all creation, the greatest thing there is to know.  It could be nothing less, for it was the first thing, there was nothing else!  The grandest, highest thought in existence, the most sublime feeling was to know self, to be…  And yet there was no way to know just how grand and sublime this feeling was because it was the only feeling.  Love was aware of itself, it knew it was there and that was great; but there was nothing else to know!

This is where the law of duality comes into play, the ‘Yin and Yang’ of life:  night and day, dark and light, black and white, male and female, up and down, big and small, nothing and everything…  None of these things can know what they are without the other.  In order for Love to know what Love was, It needed an opposing object of reference – Love would have to create something that was not Love.  Of course, this was impossible because Love is everything and could never be less.

However, because Love is thought, Love’s creative potential is the infinite possibility of imagination.  Every new thought, every new idea was immediately realized.  When Love wondered what it was to be this great nothing, Love immediately realized it was everything.  This discovery was even more euphoric than knowing only nothing.  In wondering what it was to be everything, Love became many things and thus Love’s creative potential was realized and such was the nature of Love’s growth, becoming continuously grander with each new understanding of self, growing greater in every moment, more blissful with every question …  This was the key to solving Love’s law of duality dilemma.

Time as We understand it, is a measure of the sequence of events, so time was created when Love was conceived.  Time and Love had begun, but neither one could ever end.  Because Love could never be less than it was and would only become greater in every moment, each new event would only increase the measure of time.  Time had begun, but it was synchronized with Love, so it too could have no end.  In this way, time was irrelevant to Love, Love was endless…  But time allowed for Love’s evolution, the sequence of events that would be Love’s continuous quest to know self.

Each part of Love shared Love’s properties, for each part was Love, unlimited creative potential becoming ever greater with each new understanding of self.  Each part of Love was also integral to Love’s complete understanding of self, so no part of Love was any more or less significant than another.  Wet to know dry, hard to know soft, round to know square…  Similarly, no part of Love could ever be greater than the totality of Love, for it would always be only one fraction of Love.  As parts of Love became greater with each new understanding of self, just as Love did, each part could only eventually evolve to become like Love, for Love was (and always would be) the greatest thing.

As these parts of Love became like Love, they felt just as Love did, overwhelmed with the bliss of their own divinity.  This caused these parts of Love to desire to remain apart from Love, free to forever experience the bliss of their existence believing nothing could be greater.  Time would force them to remember and Love would know how grand it truly is.

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