3.2 National Love

National Love

“Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do” – John Lennon, ‘Imagine’

From the moment You were born, You were robbed of Your right to freedom.  You were given a name and a citizenship, making You property of the state, removing You of Your right know Yourself as an equal member of the human family.

Near the end of a three month visit to Japan I had a rapidly expiring tourist visa.  I had done almost everything I could to get a permanent visa but made no progress; despite all My efforts, they would not even let Me apply.  My mother knew how much I loved Japan, how much the children, their families and even the business I taught desperately wanted Me to stay; she was also keenly aware of My belief in freedom and worried that was exactly what I would do, visa or no visa.

I wrote her an e-mail and asked her to try to understand that if I chose to stay I was not a criminal.  I told her that this world was given to Us by God (it is easier for My mom to understand the word God than Love) to share in a spirit of brotherhood with humanity.  Those that sought to keep Us from knowing Our right to enjoy freedom had created laws in ignorance of truth, that this land did not belong to them, it had been stolen from a humanity that seeks to know itself as one.

I asked her to try to understand My truth, to know that I am not crazy, that there are many other enlightened beings who have shared this truth with humanity over the years and that John Lennon was one of them.  I asked her to listen to the song ‘Imagine’ and told Her that the words of the song were truth.  If she did not own the song she would hear it in the car or on the radio, that somehow it would find its way to her; this was how she would know I was guided by truth, that God was taking care of Me.

The next day, My mom wrote Me back, ‘Sean, the strangest thing…’

My stepfather who strongly dislikes the music of Elton John had been downstairs working in the basement.  My mother who loves Elton John knew there was a documentary about him on TV and decided to take the opportunity to watch it while My stepfather was working.  ‘Coincidentally’, he had been good friends with John Lennon and they discussed His tragic death and played one of His songs, ‘Imagine’.

I knew this was no coincidence and I hoped My mom did too.  She told Me that she couldn’t help but worry, though she would support any decision I made.  I tell this story to demonstrate the power of Love, that all things I request in the name of Love are granted.  My girlfriend told Me she loved Me and worried if I stayed that she may not be able to see Me for a long time if I were arrested or deported.  In the name of Love, I reluctantly returned.

But the experience brought to light a very real truth.  Your country literally stole Your freedom from You at birth, calling You property of the state, restricting Your ability to move and know Your freedom.  No person has the right to claim ownership of land that was given freely to all of humanity to be evenly shared.  Governments have stolen land and called it their own, but they had no right to do so.  You are not property, You are Love.

The aboriginal people of Canada know this truth and fought for many years to retain their right to an equal share of the land the Canadian government took from them by force, free from taxes and government control.  They eventually won their right to maintain reservations free from property tax as well as a ‘status card’ that absolves them of provincial and federal tax on many consumer goods.  Unfortunately, the Canada that grew up around them has destroyed much of the once abundant resources that the aboriginal people respectfully relied on and these reservations are often impoverished as a result.

Countries further add to the separation of Our species, the human family that desires to know itself as one.  Without countries there could be no war, who would We attack?  There would be no reason to restrict the distribution of resources for they would belong to all of Us.  This is the way of the future.  People may say that My ideas are ahead of their time but they are not, We are ready to know these truths.  People would have said the same thing to Martin Luthar King Junior and if He’d believed them, African American’s would still be living in segregation.  Now We look back on America one hundred years ago and wonder how We allowed Ourselves to be so misguided, how could We have been so inhumane?  If We never challenge the laws that restrict Us from knowing Ourselves as one being, one humanity, one family, We will never make change.

We are one being, the human being Love.  The world is Your creation to share with the Brothers and Sisters of humanity.  No one had the right to take it from You or make You pay to enjoy it in dignity.  This is a modern day reflection of that which first began the separation from Love, claiming parts of the world as Our own instead of knowing it as one. We are ready to unite Our self.

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