3.4 Financial Love

Financial Love

“I don’t know how someone controlled You,

they bought and sold You.” – The Beatles, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’

The Beatles were undoubtedly awake and there are countless examples of how they have used their own creative genius to share truth with the world.  The above quote refers to Love.  The timing of the re-release of their complete digitally re-mastered works could not be more perfect.  You are being controlled because You allowed Your Love to be bought and sold…  How so?

You are Love.  You created the entire universe as You know it now before You created Yourself. You created a world abundant in resources with everything You could ever need to enjoy the wondrous experience of being Love.  All of this was stolen from You at birth by the belief of generations preceding You.  Thought is the creative force, You created Yourself from thoughts, but they were not Your own.

When You were born, You were purchased by Your country and became a national citizen.  This nation stole from You the world You created, told You they owned the land and that You were property of the land.  You did not know better for You were still creating Yourself, so You believed them.  You were taught that You must learn to accept the world Your nation has created and again You believed them.  You became educated so You could work and buy back a piece of Your world, further solidifying the self they were creating.  The abundance of resources You created for Yourself were also stolen from You and You believed You must work to buy them back, to maintain Your right to live in dignity, to feed Yourself and cloth Yourself.  And this is the self Your parents, teachers and the world around You have created, but this is not Your-self. You were born free to create whatever self You choose to know and You are free to know Your self as Love.  You are free to know better.

This world is Yours.  It was created by You, for You, to share with the Brothers and Sisters of humanity; to create whatever glorious world You can manifest in Your mind.  It was created so You could know and take delight in the experience of Your wondrous creation.  All this was taken from You and look at the world they offer You!  And for a price!  How long will We continue to corrupt Our children?  Surely they deserve better?

Money is the greatest illusion humanity has learned to accept.  We may question the existence of a divine being, yet few will deny the existence of money, most even call it a necessity.  We have learned to value money more than Love.  Even now, though My philosophies are widely embraced by those I speak with, I lose most listeners when I speak of the illusion of money.  I may not be able to deny its existence, but I can assure You it is not the way of the future.

We believe in money and that is the only reason it exists; it is essential because You believe it is, collectively We believe it is.  It is literally the root of all Our greatest problems, money enslaves Us.  If You do not think this is true, quit Your job and tell Me how long You can continue living a dignified life without it.  The illusion of the apparent necessity for money is the reason most can’t understand how We could live without it.  We are all so busy spending ninety percent of Our life (and the very best years of it) working or preparing Ourselves for work through educational institutions, We have no time to contemplate Our existence, to know Our self, to enjoy life.

All the institutions I have mentioned have become motivated by money which is why they remove Us from truth.  A comedian once said that he hated going to the doctor because he wasn’t sure if he could trust anything the doctor said.  If the doctor said he needed to have a kidney removed, he wasn’t sure if he really needed to have a kidney removed or if the doctor just wanted a new yacht (I believe this is from Michael Moore’s movie ‘Sicko’, actually).  And this is what money does to us.  It is the motivation behind the educational institutions, religion, medicine and corporations that will favour pollution over profit loss – all in the name of money.  This is why money is the greatest evil; it has nothing to do with anything We actually need and is the motivation behind most immoral acts.

Consider the warnings on cigarette packages knowing that Our thoughts are creative.  I use this example because the governments of Our world know that thought is the creative force.  I would be willing to bet that the increase in cancer victims due to cigarette smoking is synonymous with the warnings on packages.  The government realized this and decided that they should also include a picture on the package so You can not only worry about what might happen to You, but You can actually visualize it happening in Your body.  Then the government tells You that these warning are to protect You, yet they do nothing to restrict the amount of unnecessary toxins that the tobacco companies add to the cigarettes to make them more addictive and destructive to Your health.  Increased cancer patients means more medical bills, more medical bills means more money and more money means more law suits blaming the tobacco companies for making people sick which means more money for the government that it will not spend on healthcare.  I am also a smoker and I am incredibly healthy because I don’t worry about it, never have, never will.  Maybe one day I will get cancer; but I have always known I am living to die, so I do what makes Me happy.

Pay tribute to the churches and shrines and the gods will bless You.  Pay lots of money and You can buy a great education and get a high paying job.  Money, money, money….

If You think that money is not the greatest illusion You have learned to accept, consider what You might be able to do if You were to take some of the sophisticated tools We have available to Us, found a quiet natural paradise somewhere with a few of Your closest friends and began building Your own homes, hunting and foraging Your own food, drinking crystal clear free flowing water from springs and streams that are found virtually everywhere in nature.  Then come back and tell Me how refreshing the experience was to be at one with nature and tell Me that anyone had a right to make You pay for the abundance You provided for Yourself.  Then consider what kind of communities We could have if all of the most efficient tools and renewable energy sources were utilized to their full potential, implementing the greatest minds of developers and city planners.

Nothing costs anything!  The only reason that a thing has a dollar value is because We give it one.  At the end of this Book, I will tell You how We could exist without money.  For now, forget about who is working to supply, but consider what it would be like if nobody charged anybody for anything.  There is plenty of stuff in the world.  Consider how many cars sit on car lots waiting to be purchased.  There are enough for everyone.  Think about how much food sits on grocery store shelves while people die of starvation (worse still, think of how many millions of pounds of food are added to landfills every day in North America for the sake of always fresh).  Think about how much land is available, how many vacant homes and hotel rooms there are in any given city while the homeless sleep in the streets.  This applies to everything You can think of, including clothes, luxury items, computers, construction vehicles and supplies…  If all things were made available to everyone, We would almost instantaneously stop hoarding things for self.  We wouldn’t worry about sharing Our stuff, not even Our homes!  We would be free to move around, exchange homes with someone half way across the world to experience another part of Our wondrous creation.  We would finally be free to enjoy the gift of life We gave Ourselves.  Money is the only thing between You and abundance, no matter where You look.

The elimination of money would also put an end to the separation between humanity by removing want that causes oppression, division by social class and finally, war.  We could have peace.

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