4.1 Mathematical Love

Just to give You a very short example of how powerful Our beliefs really are, mathematics can reveal a lie most of Us learn to accept almost immediately.

A mathematics fanatic will tell You they love math because it is the perfect science; there is no room for error, an equation is either right or wrong.  I told You I have questioned virtually everything, mathematics was no exception.  I remember sitting in math class as the teacher was introducing negative and positive numbers and a student asked why We had to learn them.  The teacher told the student that if they ever wanted to be an accountant they would need to understand positive and negative values.  I raised My hand.

“Doesn’t that just prove that money isn’t real?”

The teacher only looked at Me as if I were nuts and said, “Of course money is real, what are you talking about?”

A few of the other students laughed and I then I replied, “Well, I know it is real, but it isn’t natural.  I mean, there is no way that negative values can exist in the natural world.  If I have ten apples, You can’t take away twelve.  You can’t ever have less than nothing.  Doesn’t that prove that money isn’t natural?”

Now the students were speechless and so was the teacher.  He stammered, “They are necessary for scientific formulas too.  You will need this information later.”

Negative numbers may be used for complex scientific formulas, I really don’t know, I’ve never needed them.  But I do know they do not exist in nature.  A negative value, even in a scientific equation is only representing an opposite, not a negative.  We call magnetic poles positive and negative but the force of the negative pole has just as much pull as the positive pole, We simply need another name for it.  Sea level is also commonly reflected by negative values but there is no such thing as a negative number of feet; negative feet implies a positive measure in the opposite direction.  But it makes a very clear point.  Negative numbers were never used by any of the ancient civilizations that somehow managed to know exactly how many light years stars were from Our planet, something only recent technology has allowed Us to do.  The teacher also jumped to accounting immediately, indicating that negative numbers in Our society are primarily used to measure debt, something that does not exist in nature – period.  And this is the foundation of Our society; it’s not natural.


  1. Sean:

    Ignorance is not really a good thing. Take for example your comments about mathematics: the model doesn’t make sense to you, and you may readily reject mathematical concepts as being unnatural and irrelevant to your worldview. Too bad. You are really missing out on some key understandings.

    I had to laugh at your comments about quantum theory: on the interpretation of the particle-wave duality theory, you completely misunderstand what is happening. Quantum theory relies on statistics which is based in mathematics, which you have already rejected as unnatural.

    While mathematics is but a tool invented by mankind, it models the real world very nicely — negative numbers and all — and a passing understanding of mathematical theory is an essential foundation for understanding the natural world. We often say, ‘When am I ever going to use [some concept]?’ and the answer is perhaps never, but your exposure to the concepts adds depth to your overall education.

    If nobody challenges your ideas, you might wonder why.


    “Real listening is a willingness to let the other person change you.” — Alan Alda

    1. Bud, I will admit that it is difficult to discuss things with You. I think the quote You sent is very appropriate. I don’t feel You are really listening. Again, if You read the Book from the beginning, You would understand that these philosophies and ideas are designed to make You think. At no point did I discredit mathematics, only the concept of negative numbers. As I stated in the section itself, negative numbers CANNOT exist in nature, that is quite literally why We call REAL numbers real numbers. In science or any other field that uses negative values, they are not reflecting something that is less than nothing because it doesn’t exist. Like the example provided, a negative pole has just as much magnetic field as a positive one.
      I use math every day of My life without even thinking about it and I certainly have more than a ‘passing’ understanding of the concepts. You say that mathematics reflects the real world very nicely, negative numbers and all. Would it be too much for Me to ask You for an example?

      In many cases You are getting stuck on ideas You have already made Your mind up about. Quantum theory may be heavily based on mathematics, but its results have clearly demonstrated that some of the smallest particles known to humanity behave differently when they are being watched; they are aware of themselves! That is the point I was trying to make because it supports the thesis of the Book, which You have not read yet! (I know because I see what pages have been visited and how often.)

      I don’t mind criticism, but please be more specific. If I am completely misunderstanding the dual-slit theory, please enlighten Me, though I did My homework before publishing that page and even included a link in the original version to help people educate themselves. Scientists who discovered this don’t seem to be able to conclusively explain exactly what is going on yet or why, I am just offering a philosophy.


      Okay, so I added a video link to the quantum study I am referring to. In My original research, the only difference was that the particles acted as physical matter the first time the scientists observed the experiment, which was exactly what they had expected. In the original study (which I can’t find now) the only difference was that the particles behaved as scientists thought they should until they left the room… Then things changed and We get back to the results of the study found in the video above.

    2. By the way, Bud… I am not ignorant and it is with grace that I am able to write a blog like this and respond to such insults without being offended. If You want to back up any of Your opinions with tangible evidence or explanation, I will give them a great deal more merit and consideration.

      “Real listening is a willingness to let the other person change You.” – Alan Alda

      “If You know everything, I can teach You nothing.” – vonDehn

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