4.3 Destructive Love

Destructive Love

“Down with the government, they don’t speak for Us” – Radiohead, ‘No Surprises’

If We want to know peace We first must understand the root of war and who is commanding the troops.  It is never the people who want war, it is Our leaders convincing the people and commanding troops to do horrific things to neighbouring countries to forward selfish political agendas.

Part one:  Religious War

To put an end to religious war, We must collectively understand that all gospels share one common truth.  Every religion believes that God is Love.  If We can open Our hearts and Our minds to this one common truth, We will be taking the greatest message from any scripture.  We will understand that Love and war are opposite ends of the spectrum and that We have all chosen Our particular faith to know Love.  The difference between Our faith’s becomes inconsequential and We can begin to develop tolerance and compassion knowing that We share a common bond; to know and understand Love.  We are all searching for Love.  We may not fully understand God, but We know Love; Love will bring Us together.  Love will create peace.

Part two:  Political War

The second reason for war is money.  The belief Our politicians invest in money creates an entire myriad of problems that result in war.  Our politician’s primary function in society is to sell ideas to the public.  That is the only reason You will ever be convinced war is necessary – because Your leader is telling You it is.  Very few citizens ever want war.  Politicians are experts in manipulation, they know how powerful thought is and will use Your thoughts to create fear, convincing their nation’s people that another country is the enemy to serve their own political agenda.  In fact, We are well aware that there is a collective desire for peace.  Unfortunately, many of Us believe that war is necessary in the creation of peace.  This is not true; this is a lie that was sold to You somewhere along the way by Your political leader or information presented to You in the media.

The main cause of political war is money.  All the resources that were abundantly made available to Us have all been claimed by countries and their leaders.  Once again the reflection of Our personal experience is reflected in the macrocosm of Our world.  In an effort to compete and stay ahead, countries are essentially committing extortion, withholding resources their country has in abundance and selling them to countries who need them; the greater the need, the greater the price.  This is the very same example We see reflected in Our society as people accumulate and hoard wealth for self, withholding abundance from those who live in poverty.  People in poverty want what another has and resort to criminal behaviour to acquire what they can’t afford.

Because of developments like science and technology it is more difficult to comprehend all of this on an international scale.  However, take a country that is very poor in relation to countries like America.  Our political leaders will tell Us that this country is corrupt, that they have ill fated intentions for Our world and that they must be punished for their actions and impose sanctions.  An already poor country is further oppressed by the sanctions and forced to desperate measures in an effort to compete on the international playing field.  Because We have been told the country is dangerous, they are not allowed to produce the same efficient energy sources as the powers that oppress them or lack the resources or funds to build them (such as a nuclear power plant in recent media).  This causes the leader to treat citizens of its country unjustly, potentially even enforcing slavery of its own citizens in an effort to maximize gross national profits.  As ‘superpower’ countries continue to impose sanctions it becomes even more difficult for the poor country to compete, angering the leader and people – this is the behaviour We see reflected in the media.  Superpower country leaders expose the mistreatment of the poor country’s people and their anger toward their nation, reinforcing belief in the people that this is an enemy needing to be dealt with, continuing national support of war efforts, imposing even more sanctions as the process continues.

This is another very complicated area of discussion that could easily fill a book of its own.  For this Book, to understand the truth of Love that I am trying to express, We must understand that war comes from oppression and that money is the root of greed from which oppression is born.  If We were to offer a poorer country the wealth, infrastructure, technology and resources it needs to flourish, it is highly unlikely the leader would seek to bite the hand that feeds it.  In turn the country would be more than willing to make any excess resources available to the country offering support.

Most importantly, We must understand that We all seek to know Love more than anything else in the world.  Hatred, anger and greed all originate from withholding Love.  The people of the world want peace; it is Our leaders that want war for the sake of personal power and financial gain.  Our leaders are never subject to the senseless murder of innocent soldiers, they are not victimized by the sanctions imposed on a country.  The innocent people of these countries are the ones who suffer; the soldiers are the ones who die while Our leaders continue to seduce You with glorious words as they fly around the world in first class airplanes and are chauffeured to their five diamond hotels by limousine – this is truth! If You think it is necessary for countries to enter into war with other countries in the name of liberation, for the sake of peace…  Know that peace does not come from war and it never will.  Look at the poverty, crime and suffering that exist in Your own country and ask if Your leader knows what morality is.  How can a leader liberate another country when they cannot liberate their own?  Pointing out the shortcomings of other countries is only a political effort to divert Your attention away from the problems at home.  This is exactly what Hitler did, convincing his country that someone else was to blame for the poor condition of his country – somehow they managed to manifest the ‘great war machine’ that soon horrified the world, yet few ask how this poor country managed to finance such a massive machine.  Consider the amount of money the U.S. government has spent on war efforts in the Middle-East and how many people live in poverty in the United States.  How many people could that money feed, how many homeless would be provided shelter?  Last figure I heard was six hundred billion dollars since 9/11 invested in war efforts by the U.S..  But remember, don’t trust Me, educate Yourself.

Soldiers are innocent men killing other innocent men who are doing nothing more than their very best to serve immoral and misguided leaders.

The will of the People shall be realized, We will have peace.

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