4.4 Informative Love

“We’ll begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people and forge a hard- earned peace in Afghanistan.” – President Barack Obama, Inaugural Address

President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.  Many questioned whether his presidency had done anything worthy of such a prestigious award.  However, the above quote is perhaps a hint at understanding why it was given.

Obama has done little to create peace in the world, but his words spoke volumes to the people of the world.  Not only did his nation adore and embrace the words he shared in his inaugural address, but the world did.  The world began to see a leader that may make change, igniting dreams of peace and prosperity for all.  Collective thought is even more powerful than individual thought.  So a world dreaming and believing in peace is the first step to creating it.  The belief in a world that could know peace was refreshed in the minds of humanity.  Action speaks louder than words and Obama committed more than 30,000 additional troops to the war effort after his speech, let Us not forget!

The media is incredibly powerful because We are inundated by it constantly.  Whenever We turn on the TV, the radio, internet, open a newspaper or even glance at the headlines in newsstands, what We see and hear composes Our reality and Our beliefs.

This is a major area that will affect Your belief in the dream.  If all You see and all You believe from the media is a warring, cruel and inhumane world, You can easily begin to believe that peace could never be known.  It is important to remember that Our world is in a constant state of change.  One of the only things to remain from generation to generation is the hope for something better.  This is the key to remember.  We get what We ask for.

So, even the bad news is good news.  It’s better if You don’t buy into it, but even if You do, Your subconscious mind knows it is not Love, it is not what We came to know, it is not the paradise We can have.  As the media begins to influence more and more minds around the globe, so too is it contributing to the awakening in conscience.

Believe it or not, there are a lot more good things going on in the world than there are bad.  The media focuses on keeping You in fear.  Economically, the media knows that all it has to do is tell the greater public that there is a recession and it will begin to happen.  People fear the economy is bad and immediately begin to save their money.  This in turn hurts local businesses and eventually creates a snowball effect throughout the economy.  This is how powerful Your thoughts are.  The same is true about creating enemies in the minds of the People by telling You another country has ill fated intentions.

Media is so powerful, that many people believe that the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists.  I am not going to say here that it was not, but I am going to ask You to research this in great detail.  The big question is who is terrorizing You, who are the real terrorists?  Once You are done, begin doing this with every single thing You are told by the media that is of global importance.  There is always another perspective, usually many more.  So educate Yourself independently.  The more information You have, the closer You will get to truth.  For many, the news and mainstream media has become the greatest form of education to the general public and this is extremely dangerous.

There are all kinds of prophecies that talk about the end of the world and the media is going to start circulating them more and more.  Many of these prophecies talk of the end of the world being the darkest time in humanity.  We are already in the darkest of times because We are sleeping at the wheel.  We let the media drive Our conscience.  We need to understand the need for change, prepare for the new world and act more responsibly toward Mother Earth, Her resources and the human family.  Any media that does not reflect this need is something You should question.

Because everything You see, hear, think and feel is critically important, be critical of everything You see, hear, think and feel.  It will literally make a world of difference.

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