4.5 Successful Love

“Make sure the fortune that You seek, is the fortune that You need.” – Ben Harper, ‘Diamonds on the Inside’

The truth of Love I am sharing with You in this Book is not new.  It has been discovered by many before Me and is revealed in many ways, I am just trying to put it all together for You.  The problem is Our interpretation of this information and one example is the ideal for success that is imposed upon Us by the media.

“The Secret” was released a few years ago.  It unveils the very same truth I am sharing with You here and I strongly encourage You to watch the movie or read the book.  The information is presented very differently but clearly demonstrates thought as a creative force, though I have one critical problem with it.

Through a series of various examples, ‘The Secret’ demonstrates thought’s incredible power to manifest physical objects into Your reality.  It will show You how creating a firm dream of a house, car, wealth or anything else You can conceive in Your mind will manifest itself in Your reality, so long as You believe.  It even supports the ability to heal Yourself with the power of thought.  The problem for Me was that the movie teaches You how You can have anything You need to be successful simply by dreaming of it, but the movie’s definition of success and My own are very different.

Although the movie teaches You the power of thought, it also teaches You to embrace the reality We know.  It doesn’t suggest that You might be able to use this incredible creative power to manifest a dream for peace, or self awareness.  It doesn’t suggest creating a dream of a world where everyone is happy; it teaches You how to hoard wealth for self, suggesting that this will make You happy and this is a lie.

I am asking You to know truth.  Physical objects You accumulate, whether it’s a house, a fancy car or more money than You could ever possibly spend is not truth.  These things will not make You happy, You will always want more.  If You come into the wisdom of truth, You will only wonder how You were happy in a huge house while others are homeless or how You felt good about wealth when others are poor.  You cannot own anything but Your spirit.  If You don’t realize this now, You will realize when You leave.  Everything is borrowed, You are renting.

Movies like this are great for demonstrating the truth of Our creative ability, but they are not teaching Us to know the true definition of success.  That is why this Book is different.

If You begin to understand the power of Your creative being, then dream of something truly great.  If You know that You can have anything You can dream of, imagine what kind of world You can create!  Watch the movie, it will teach You there is no limit to Your creative capacity; then start painting a picture of a utopian world!  Imagine how successful You will feel when You begin to see that dream unfold!

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