5.1 Creative Love

One of the most undeniable examples of nothing and thought demonstrating their incredible creative power is reflected in Our physical reality.  All things are born from nothing and created with thought.

I was sitting on a patio with My parents one evening just after finishing the first section of My Book, The Book of Truth.  I explained how everything had come from nothing; that thought was the creative force of the universe.  So great was its creative potential that it could not help but feel overwhelmed with bliss, the truest, most pure form of Love, the source of all creation.  I used the model of creation as it has been explained here and how the example is reflected in Our own being through conception, starting as nothing and becoming the great beings We are.

My stepfather smiled at Me and said, “You can’t create something from nothing with thought.”

“Yes you can.  In fact, it is the only way You can create anything.  All things come from nothing.”

Again he smiled at Me, pointed to an empty spot on Our back lawn and said, “So show me how thought can create a shed from nothing.”

I smiled back at him and said, “You have already proven My philosophy.  There is nothing there, but You have thought of a shed.  Should I get a paper and pen and start writing down dimensions?  We will make a blueprint, gather the materials, size them up and begin construction.  Soon You will have a shed where there was once nothing, all from an idea, created by thought.  And such is the way all things You can conceive of have been created, even this great house and patio on which We now sit.”

As an architect, I figured My stepfather would find this example rather obvious and he smiled back at Me as if I had played some clever trick on him, not really convinced I had given him any proof at all.  In fact, now that I think of it I believe he actually smirked and said, “You’re clever, I’ll give You that much.”

But this is truth, the power of Our creation.  All things begin with thought.  There is not a single thing that humanity invented, created or constructed that did not first start with an idea and was not born from nothing.  As undeniable as this example is, no amount of effort can help My parents understand this philosophy, though they have witnessed countless, even miraculous examples of the truth I share in this Book.

The same night as We were eating dinner, I leaned forward in My chair and placed the back of My hand on the patio deck.  A few moments later My stepfather noticed and asked Me what I was doing.  I motioned with My other hand for him to keep quiet, but it was too late, he had drawn My mother’s attention.  She let out a shriek as she noticed a spider crawling toward Me under the table We were eating at.

I tried to calm her, “Don’t worry, don’t kill it…  I’m calling it to Me, the spider knows I am Love”.

My mother and stepfather watched in what looked like a combination of horror and awe as the spider crawled directly toward Me and climbed on My extended hand.  I casually stood up, walked through the house and set it outside in the front garden.

When I returned, My stepfather just looked at Me, shook his head and said nothing as I sat down to resume My meal.  You cannot show people what they do not want to see.

Ask the painter how much He loves the fresh canvas; or the sculptor how much She loves the unmolded block.  Nothing is the unlimited potential of imagination, waiting to become anything.  The dream is the unfettered possibility of imagination.

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